Jayco Replacement Interior Light (Light Bulb Size For Jayco)

You will find that when you go searching for a new light bulb that there will be many replacement options to choose from. That is because different brands make the same type of light bulb but give it a different serial or part number.

Replacing the entire light fixture is easy. There are many options for that. But finding the right light bulb may be confusing because some lights will fit one fixture but another fixture will need a different light bulb.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It provides the information you need to know about so you do not have to spend a long time searching for a good source for replacement bulbs. Take a few minutes to see how this content helps you.

Jayco Replacement Interior Light


If we are just talking about the entire light, then e-trailer has replacements on sale right now. The key to finding one that fits your specific model is to have your RV or trailer’s model number, VIN, and the parts number for the light fixture.

Don’t forget the year of your RV either. The more information you can provide, the easier it is to find the replacement. Of course, if you want to change the look of the room, it is always possible to change the fixture to a non-Jayco design.

Just as long as it can run on 12-volt power. Then it is a matter of wiring the new fixture in place. There will be other outlets that will have Jayco replacement lights. However, many of them may not be near you so a good internet search will turn up a lot of choices.

You will have more choices than you know what to do with. But that number of opportunities will give you a good chance to do some comparison shopping. Getting the right price is as important as getting the right light fixture.

RV Interior Light Bulb Size


There are different numbers associated with light bulbs. Some of the more common light bulbs will have the standard A19 shape and come with the E26 screw base. They will also come with different names like candelabra, incandescent, wedge, and so on.

Then like everything else with light bulbs is that they come in different sizes. You can find the right size just by holding the bad bulb next to the one you want to buy and seeing if they are the same.

You will need to check the base to make sure it is a single contact or a dual contact, wedge, and so on. The numbers are what you have to focus on. If the bulb does not match the number on your old bulb and is not on the compatibility list, then it won’t work.

This is the key to replacing light bulbs. You can put in a larger bulb or a smaller one as long as the base is compatible with the one you are replacing. While hunting for light bulbs can be confusing, it is also very simple.

Match the numbers and the base and you are good to go.

Finding Light Bulbs For Jayco Travel Trailers


There are two things to discuss with this topic. The first is outlets. When you use your search engine to find a Jayco replacement light bulb, and you use those words in the search box, you may not find too many websites popping up.

We didn’t even see Jayco parts (brand) or Wide World RV (an authorized Jayco parts outlet) come up in our results. The reason may be that most sellers of light bulbs do not put brand names in their ads. Or list the light bulbs by brand.

When we did a search using RV replacement light bulbs, we came up with a myriad of outlets on our results page. Amazon took up the first 4 slots with its many options.

That is how you will find the right outlet for any replacement light bulb even for your Jayco trailer. This brings us to the second thing that needs to be talked about.

Those stores, electrical supply, hardware, Amazon, and so on, sell light bulbs by the base number, serial number, or the compatible parts number. They do not sell by the brand name.

For example on one Amazon web page the description includes this bit of information-- Fits: 921 912 T10 922 904 904NA 906 906NA 916 916NA 917 920 158 160 161 161B 168 168A 168NA 175 193 194 194B 194G 194NA 194R 2821 2825 2827 2886X 3652 558 579 658 W5WB etc.

We put the word ‘fits’ in bold so it can be seen easily. Notice all the different light bulbs one will replace. When you start searching for a replacement light bulb, that is the information you need to look for not the brand name.

Light bulbs are generic and used by many different RV makers. When you do your search you should see a variety of brand names popping up. Those brand names are for the company that makes the light bulbs.

That information is not as important as the compatibility numbers. If you prefer a specific brand, by all means, buy those light bulbs. But they may all be made in China anyways and you are getting the same thing under a different name.

Some Final Words

Finding a Jayco replacement light or light bulb relies on knowing where to look. If it is the complete light fixture, then look for companies that sell Jayco parts. Unless you want a complete change.

If it is light bulbs you need, then simply look under RV replacement light bulbs. This product is very generic and not brand specific. The only difference you need to worry about will be the part number, the compatibility number, and the base.

That is not hard as most stores do list the compatibility numbers so you can find what you are looking for fast.

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