Finding a 1057 Bulb Substitute (GE 1057 Bulb Cross Reference)

Older RVs may be nice and have the perfect floor plan for you and your spouse but there is one thing that keeps them from being perfect. You may not get replacement parts as they are discontinued.

This may be hard to do as the 1057 is supposed to have been discontinued some years ago. The 1157 was the replacement for this light bulb so you may have to find a replacement for the 1157 and see if that works in your RV.

To learn more about this topic and find a good replacement bulb, just keep reading our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can keep the taillights burning nice and bright.

What is a 1057 Bulb?


This is a single filament light bulb that was designed to operate the Sop/Tail lights and Backup lights. It is a standard-looking light bulb with the bubble at the end.

Believe it or not, this may not have been the original light bulb for that duty. The original was the 1034 and the 1057 replaced that one. Now the 1157 is the proper replacement for the 1057.

If you want to find a replacement, then you need a light bulb that is compatible with the 1157 option.

GE 1057 Bulb Cross Reference

We checked several different bulb finder guides and they did not turn up any cross reference for the 1057 light bulb. That may be because those light bulbs were phased out many years ago.

We did find compatible light bulbs for the 1157 though and those numbers are- 1034, 1178A, 2057A, 2357NA, 2357A, 1157A, 7528, 2057, 1016, 2357, 1196, 1157, 1142, 94, 3496, 2397, 2357ALL, 2057ALL, 7528L, 1157ST, 3496LL, 1034LL, 2397LL, 1157LL, 2057ST, 2357LL, 1157ALL, 2057LL, 7528LL

Notice that the original light bulb, the 1034, is still listed but the 1057 is not. We point that out due to the information we just gave you.

1057 Bulb Wattage


The answer we got was 21 watts. However, it will be hard to find this light bulb version as it is basically obsolete according to one owner. The 1073 would be a better replacement as it uses less wattage but maintains the same brightness level.

Another 1057 light bulb made by a different company is said to be 26.88 watts. They are still available costing you about $1.19 per light bulb when purchased in a pack of ten

Finding a GE 1057F Bulb Replacement

You may not be able to find the 1057 anymore but you may be able to find the 1034 which the 1057 replaced. Or you would have to go to the 1157 and any light bulb that would be compatible with that option.

GE and other companies have a bulb finder web page but we found those complicated and awkward to use. Especially GE’s, it was not user-friendly at all, and when you type in the number 1057, you do not get any real replacement options.

There are some compatible light bulbs at Amazon but they will be the LED design and not the incandescent design.

1057 Bulb Substitute


The best option will be the 1157 and one owner has stated he has used this replacement for decades. Other owners have gone to the auto parts stores and ordered an 1157 but when they pulled it out of the package, they saw stamped on the base the number 1057.

The numbers we gave you above will help you find a good replacement. The key is not to go too small. If you do, you could burn out or melt the replacement bulb.

Are 1057 And 1157 Bulbs Interchangeable?

Yes, they are and you will find many cross references for the 1157. The former light bulb is supposed to be discontinued as it is an obsolete design. But you may still find some being made, not by GE though.

Your lighting supply store should have a good cross reference index they can use to help you find the right replacement bulb. The 1157 is supposed to have a 32 candle power rating for the turn signal and brake light and a 3 candle power for the reverse light.

1057 Bulb vs 1156


The 1156 is supposed to be brighter than the 1057. That may be due to the amount of wattage it uses when turned on. The 1156 is supposed to be 25 watts with a 3.2 candle power rating.

It is said that if the 1057 and 1157 are the same then the 1156 is not interchangeable with the 1057. Of course, there will be those that will disagree with this but in every resource we found, the 1157 not the 1156 was the replacement for the 1057.

1057 Bulb vs 7506

No one is comparing these two light bulbs. Instead, they are comparing the 1156 and 1157 with the 7506 and 7507 light bulbs. In their comparison, they are saying that these 4 options are not compatible and not interchangeable.

The 1057 is not in any conversation we looked at. The best advice to follow is if your manual states you need a 7506 light bulb, then stick with the 7506. The lesser light bulb numbers will have problems in those sockets.

They can melt the posts and the filament because the wattage is different for these different light bulb options.

Some Final Words

When you need a light bulb for your older RV or trailer, it is best to go to the auto parts store or lighting supply outlets and use their cross reference indexes.

That way you know you are getting the right bulb even though it does not say GE 1057 or something else. Technology continues to upgrade light bulbs for every spot light bulbs are needed. RV light bulbs are not excluded from those upgrades.

Talk to the professionals before you take someone’s word for it as the wrong wattage can create a major repair for you.

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