Do Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations? (Love’s, Pilot, 76)

Many apps find RV-friendly gas stations and part of that friendly service includes dump stations. There are probably more apps that locate the latter than the former. That is good news when your tanks are full.

Some gas stations do but you will find more truck stops that have dump stations than regular gas stations throughout the off-roads and small towns. Love’s, Pilot, Flying J, TA, and other national chains provide this service but usually for a small fee unless you have a rewards card.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to find the dump station along your route. Dumping often will help you save on fuel expenses as full or even half fuel tanks are very heavy. Take a few minutes to see how this information will make your RV trip better.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is as up-to-date as it possibly can be at the time of writing. Things change as do dump locations if they are open or not, and so on. To get up-to-date information make sure to do your own research at the time you are about to embark on your vacation

Do Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations?


Some do and some don’t. It will all depend on the space a gas station has available as well as the brand’s policies. Not to mention any city county or state regulations that govern this important topic.

Generally, you will find truck stops, and some highway gas stations will be RV friendly and install dump stations for your use. There is more good news. There are plenty of RV apps to help you find their locations. These apps specialize in finding campgrounds, dump stations, and other RV solutions.

They are worth downloading and using if you are technology-friendly. We cannot vouch or guarantee the accuracy of this information but merely state that there are some out there that are intended to help you.

Three recommended ones are Allstays, RV dump sites & Campendium. We cannot guarantee that these apps include dump station locations at truck stops, etc. You would have to check the different truck stop websites for further information.

Do Truck Stops Have RV Dump Stations?

Like gas stations, this will depend on the brand’s policies and their desire to serve the RV traveling community. We know of different nation truck stop chains that have installed dump stations and some charge a small fee for their use.

If you have a rewards or loyalty card, that fee may be waived. Again, we would recommend that you go to the different truck stop websites to see which of their locations offer this service. They may be adding to the total all the time as RV-friendly services are good business practices.

These locations may or may not be on your route which is why you should do the specific research. You can find the best locations that will not have you making any detours along the way.

We will put a list of links at the end of this article of the different truck stops and gas companies that have dump stations. Use their locator web page to find the exact locations of those outlets. If they have one.

Do Love's Truck Stops Have RV Dump Stations?

Love’s operates over 500 truck stops in 41 states but not all of their locations will have a dump station. On their website, you need to click on the locations & fuel prices link at the top left of the landing page to get to their RV services.

After clicking on that link, we were sent to another page that listed about 6 locations off the bat and at least one had a dump station. A further investigation into the locations near your route will be needed to see if there are more dump stations at these Truck stops.

The last word we heard about this national chain is that it is hit and miss when it comes to being RV-friendly. The older outlets may not really want your business but the newer ones seem to have a different attitude now.

Do Pilot Travel Centers Have RV Dump Stations?


This truck stop brand is owned by the Flying J national truck stop chain and both have over 800 locations in Canada and America combined. They also have a special app to help you find a location near you.

While the word is that both Pilot and Flying J are very RV friendly, their website does not mention anything about RV services. We know that many of their locations do have dump stations and they also will charge a nominal $10 fee unless you have a Good Sam’s card or a FlyingJ/Pilot rewards card.

It is also said that not all of these locations will charge a fee. It will depend on the store manager. Check out their website and contact the company if you do not find any good results.

Do Buc-ee's Have RV Dump Stations?

This is a company that prides itself on NOT being a truck stop. In fact, they post signs saying that 18 wheelers are not allowed. Whether this prohibition extends to RVs and travel trailers is not known. Buc-ee's wants to be known as a family-friendly outlet.

In perusing their FAQs it seems that this company is not RV-friendly. They do not sell propane and they do not allow for overnight parking or even parking for a little rest. They cite security as their reason for not allowing these activities.

In looking at the different photos on their website, we did not see one RV or travel trailer in them. Most of the images focused on what was inside their stores and not outside. While this company mainly builds large gas station areas, it is not very RV-friendly. Their stores are mainly in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Do Meijer Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations?

We could not access this company’s website due to technical difficulties at the time however, we still linked to it so you can give it a try and see what services this company provides RVers of all stripes.

Any website we checked did not mention their stores or gas stations having dump stations. You can make your investigation if you are traveling in one of the 6 states this company operates a store or a gas station. There are over 200 locations ready to sell you products but they may not be that RV friendly.

The states they are located in are Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. If you are traveling in those states it may be best to avoid those outlets and find more RV-friendly brands to do business with.

It would be bad if you drove out of your way to one of their gas stations and did not find the services you needed.

Do 76 Gas Stations Have an RV Dump?


The best we can say is that there are some of these gas stations outfitted with a dump station. We know of one in Gilbert, Arizona near Phoenix but it does not come with a good reputation.

The gas station charges $15 and they want lots of i.d.s, your license plate # and it seems they leave that information exposed so just about anyone can copy it down. The second best thing we can say is to use the link and contact the company directly.

They would have an up-to-date list of all their stations that have a dump station you can use. Plus, they may be able to fill you in on their requirements so you do not get surprised. They do have a station locator web page service but if it indicates which stations have a dump facility is not known at this time.

Keep in mind that Conoco and Phillips 66 stations are owned by 76. You can check those stations as well.

Does Maverick Have RV Dump Stations?

In the west, there seem to be a few of these company’s gas stations that have dump stations. Some may even be free. Unfortunately, you may have to go on a state-by-state search or an individual basis to find out which ones have these facilities and which ones do not.

Like Meijer, Maverik websites are hard to access even when using a VPN. That is not good for business but you may have better luck. The second link we provided for this company is a dumpsite location website that offers locations no matter the company in all 50 states.

Does Conoco Have RV Dump Stations?

This company is owned by 76 but it does have its own website. However, that website looks almost exactly like 76’s website and has the same gas station locator web page. Like the 76 results page, you may not get all the information you need even though there are Conoco gas stations with dump stations.

We suggest using that second Maverik link to find a Conoco station near you that offers dumping facilities. Usually, those stations that are near tourist sites will have some sort of dumping capability but nothing is certain. We know some may be closed but an individual search turned one up in Montana and another in Colorado.

Does Flying J Have RV Dump Stations?


Yes, they do, and check the Pilot section above to see many of the details. This section will focus on how the system works when you get to it. The key to using a Flying J or Pilot dump station is that everything is timed.

You need to have your RV ready to dump including hooking up the hose before you go inside and make your payment. Some truck stops may not be automatic and you will need to have the attendant come out and unlock the padlock for you before you can dump.

Also, do not let the lid close before you are done. If it does, it will relock and you will need another code to open it again.

How Much Does it Cost to Dump an RV at Flying J?

Prices start at around $10 per dump and that may be for the automatic system found at many of these truck stops. However, if you have a Good Sam’s card or a Flying J loyalty card, you can probably get a discount.

Some owners reported paying the attendant $5 to unlock the manual dump stations. That tells everyone that you need to check the price at the individual truck stops to get an accurate fee amount.

What Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations?

This is a very long list but rest assured not every gas station will offer this service. Even the ones by the interstate may not have a dump station even though they have large parking facilities for RVs and travel trailers.

The second link on the Maverik line in our list below offers you a good website where you can find dump stations state by state. If you are looking for brand names besides truck stops, Shell, Chevron, 76, Conoco and other brands will have limited options.

We linked to TA’s web page listing all of their locations with dump stations. That page also lists the ones for Petrol stations.

Some Final Words

When you are in an area where there are no campgrounds or rest stops with dump stations, look to the gas station near you. This is hit and miss but if you plan your route out well, you should not be far from one that offers this service.

Use the websites listed below to help you find the right locations for your trip.

Websites for further research






Maverik or here


Flying J


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