Power Gear Leveling System Reset: How To Reset – Recalibrate

When you look at the owner’s manual for this leveling system, there should be no difficulty in operating these leveling jacks. However, no matter how easy it is to understand the instructions mechanical and electrical parts do not always cooperate.

The manual is quite clear in its resetting process. All you have to do is “To reset the system, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.” That is the only instruction we found for this system in their manual.

To learn more about the Power Gear leveling system, just continue to read our article. The reset and other operating features seem easy to do and very easy to understand. Take a few moments to see how this important information can help you out of a jam.

Power Gear Leveling System Reset


Let’s get to the main point of this article right away. The reset instructions are as simple and easy to follow as the operating instructions. All you have to do is follow this one simple statement and your system should be reset.

To reset the system, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds” If you have a problem after following this simple instruction, and it can happen, just contact the company or its authorized dealers for extra help.

There is some extra information you should know about as well. The manual states- ALL NORMAL FEATURES ARE DISABLED IN ERROR MODE. Capitals are the company’s idea of making sure you notice this important bit of information.

Other important information you should know comes right after that bold statement- “The intent of this mode is to allow the user or service technician to individually drive the jacks, in order to isolate the error. Please note that all additional error detection is disabled in this mode.”

The manual is only 4 pages long and while a bit crowded content-wise, it is important to read all the sentences before taking any action. Pay special attention to the warnings, etc.

How To Reset a Power Gear Leveling System


There is a little bit more to resetting this system than we have already told you. There is one extra step you need to take to get this system operating like it was designed to do. The first sentence in the following instructions is the same as the instructions in the previous section:

Once the cause of the error has been eliminated, you can exit error mode by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, then to retract the jacks by pressing the ALL JACKS RETRACT button. If all the jacks retract and all lights stop blinking then the system has been successfully reset”

If you do this, there are two things you need to know first before thinking you have successfully reset the system: “If the error has been eliminated, the jacks will fully retract and the Touch Pad will return back to normal.

If the error has not been eliminated, the system will return back to error mode. You need to make sure that the problem has been resolved before you can operate this device normally.

You will know the problem is fixed when you can operate the device like you did before the error code was illuminated. As we said, this is a very easy manual and set of instructions to understand and follow.

If you have further trouble, it may be wise to contact a technician to help solve the problem.

How do you Recalibrate a Power Gear Leveling System?


The first step in this process is to start your engine. Then step two have you waiting for the Power Gear leveling system to do its pre-check. Wait till the lights go out and then turn the system on.

Next, wait till the ‘wait’ button turns off then press the ‘front’ button 5 times. Within 10 seconds push the ‘rear’ button 5 times. What these steps do is put the system into calibration or recalibration mode.

When you press the rear button, you should do it almost immediately after pressing the front button the 5th time. Once you have done all of this all the lights should start to blink.

With the lights flashing, bring the front levelers down first, then bring the rear down second. The level screen should show the front and the rear at 0.00 which indicates level.

Leave the system with its lights flashing and use a bubble level to check the actual level and it should be just right. You can try the bathroom door method as well and it should not move if you did the calibration correctly.

At this stage, you need to press the retract all button 3 times. All lights should go off at this time except for the wait button and the on/off button. When you see the middle green light flashing, that means you have successfully recalibrated your levelers.

If you want to see a video on this process just watch below. The video is as easy to follow and understand as the manual is.

Power Gear Error Codes


This system relies on the flashing light system. That means you have to watch carefully to find the right code and its meaning. There are a lot of flashing lights in this system.

However, not all flashing lights are an indication of a problem. Sometimes those flashing lights tell you that everything is okay and the levelers have been recalibrated.

Here are a couple of important notes to know and they are found at this link. The link takes you to the troubleshooting guide which should help you out of many difficult situations without calling a tech.

Note: An error code is indicated by certain lights (on the touch pad) flashing in a given pattern. Find the pattern you are seeing (under “Indication”) in the chart below to find the mode. Then find the Mode in the paragraphs that follow to find a fix for the problem.

Note: It is possible to have a combination of 2 or more error codes flashing at the same time. If the error code you are seeing is not listed here, look for a combination of 2 error codes. For example, if On/Off & Wait & the Power Gear Logo are all flashing, there are 2 modes at the same time (Already Level mode and Transmission mode).

In this particular case, there are 3 pages of troubleshooting tips and directions. We cannot produce them all here for you so just go to that link and read them at your leisure.

Power Gear Manual


We have come across two sources for manuals for this leveling system. The first link will take you to the actual manual for the Electric Jack with Automatic Leveling. Click here to read it.

The second link will take you to LCI’s manual page for their hydraulic leveling systems under the Power Gear brand name. Just click here to get to it. We checked their website and there is only one manual for the electrical leveling system while the hydraulic manual web page has about 30 manuals.

The manual for this electric system is quite informative even though it is quite short. They have instructions for manual leveling as well as using the manual override. Here are a couple of warnings that come from the page for the manual override section:

Before overriding an electric jack, keep all body parts clear of any

pinch points, such as between the wheel well opening and the top of the tire or the bottom of the luggage compartment and the ground. Anytime you are under the coach proper caution must be taken to keep clear of these pinch points. Failure to be aware of this could result in serious injury or death.”


Releasing the brake will result in the jack retracting while under load. The coach may immediately begin to lower. Make certain that you are clear of any pinch points before rotating the brake release handle. Failure to be aware of this condition could result in serious bodily injury or death.”

They are very serious about these warnings and want to make sure you are aware of the risks when using these features. The rest of the instructions for manual operation and override systems can be read at your leisure.

This is a very straight forward and simple system to operate as you can see by all the instructions given above.

Some Additional Words

Just because a leveling system says it is automatic or electronic doe sit mean it is complicated or hard to operate. Seeing this system in action tells you how simple and easy it is to operate a.

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