Do All Cabela’s Have Dump Stations? (Hours, Locations, Tips)

Not all do. There may be some Cabella outdoor stores in malls. They will not have a dump station or overnight parking. Finding which ones have a dump station may take a store-by-store search as they do not mention this convenience on their website we have found

Yes, some Cabelas have a dump station. But not all do as at least one closed down because of how many RV owners treated the site. One just dumped on the ground and left so it is understandable if the store closes or closed its dump stations.

To learn more about this convenience, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can check the Cabela’s on your route. If you make a purchase you do not have to pay the dump fee.

Does Cabela's Have an RV Dump Station?

Does Cabela's Have an RV Dump Station

The best answer that can be given is that there may be a few Cabela outlets that still have their dump station. It usually costs $5 to use unless they raised the price recently.

To find which store has a dump station, you should check the Cabela’s store on your planned route. You can do that by clicking this link which takes you to their store finder.

We will provide some of the individual stores' information further on in this article so keep reading. We may list one that is on your route or near your camping ground. For those who do not find the one near them, use the link to find out if there is a location near you at all.

There were only supposed to be about 80 Cabela stores in the chain and we have not heard if that number has increased or decreased.

Cabela's Truck Parking

The truck parking is the same as the parking for RVs. Many Cabela outlets have this separate area in the back of their store, depending on their geographical design.

According to one RV owner, the parking signs are very good, clear, easy to read, and direct you very well to where you can park your truck or RV. Many Cabela’s has this feature but not all will.

You will need to check with the individual stores to find out what they still offer and what has been shut down. The one we looked at was in Hamburg, PA and it is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Also, some of these stores allow overnight parking so you can rest from your day’s journey at some of these locations. Keep in mind that Cabela’s is now owned by Bass Pro Shop so things may be slightly different once you check them out.

Cabelas Dump Station Hours

There may not be any dump station hours anymore. It seems that Cabela's has been closing their dum stations for some time and at last word only a handful still had one operating.

The story is the same as anything else that is a good act gets shut down. There were too many people abusing the feature and leaving messes where they should not be. So Cabela’s has been closing dump stations all over the country.

Even those with new card pays have been removed. The expense of cleaning up the different messes has taken its toll on this nice convenience for RV owners.

Also, overnight stays have always been up to the local managers of each outlet but because people abuse the nice gesture, there are many Cabelas that are not allowing overnight stays anymore.

This is a simple case where some people have ruined it for everyone else. You would think people would know better once they got into their later years.

Do All Cabela's Have Dump Stations?


No, and the number that does is dwindling. As we explained in the last section, too many RV owners could care less about others or the rules and ruined it for everyone else.

You can get the news from this link which was written in 2022 so it is the most recent information we have come across. But that is not all the bad news as people are spoiling overnight stays for everyone else as well.

Their misuse of the property, land, and so on has caused many other outlets other than Cabela’s to stop allowing RV owners the chance to stay overnight on their property.

We do not know why so many people like to abuse a privilege and good gesture. But it happens and stores must protect their property as well as stop extra expenses from taking place. Thus, the goodwill gesture and convenience go away.

Finding a Cabela's With Dump Stations

All we can say is that this will be a very difficult search. If there are any Cabelas with a dump station still open, the only way to find out is to use the link above.

We have checked 4 individual Cabela’s and they all said their dump stations are closed. How many are left open depends on how many you check on their website. That can take some time to do.

Some people have blamed Bass Pro Shop for the change in dump station policy. They say the Cabela outfit was more concerned about its customers while Bass Pro Shop is only concerned about its bottom line.

This attitude along with the people who have abused the kind gestures has ruined it for those in need of a place to stay for one night and to dump their tanks.

The fee was very reasonable and it was often waived when you made a purchase in their stores or became a member. Use the website to track down any remaining Cabelas with a dump station.

Cabelas Dump Station Reno

This outlet’s website does not mention that they still have or ever had a dump station. While they still allow RV parking, there is no dump station listed in the services they provide.

In fact, one RV owner who stayed overnight asked about the dump station, and it was closed because of the aforementioned abuse of the kind gesture. That news came in January of this year.

So if you are going that way, you can forget about dumping your tanks there. Just look for a rest stop or other outlet that offers this service. Hopefully, other RV owners have not ruined it for everyone else at those alternative locations as well.

Cabelas Dump Station Dundee MI


It is going to be hard to say. If they do have dump service, it would operate during its open hours of 9 to 9 M-F and 10 to 7 on Sunday. But we looked at the list of services offered.

The company does offer RV parking but no mention of whether it has a dump station or not. There is an e-mail address you can use to contact the store on the individual web pages to get further information.

There is no mention if the dump station is closed or not as other individual websites have said. If this store is on your planned route, send them an e-mail to find out for sure. If it is still open do not abuse the privilege and ruin it for someone else.

Hamburg Dump Station

The story is going to be the same at this location. There is no listing for a dump station in the services provided and no other mention of a dump station on its web pages.

The only difference between this outlet and the previous ones is that it opens on Sunday at 9 a.m. instead of 10. But it still closes at 7 p.m. The rest of the week it is a 9 to 9 store.

The good news is that this and other outlets are very dog friendly and offer pet restroom services. They also offer archery if you want to get some target practice in.

Keep in mind that some Cabela locations may be in city limits or other jurisdictions that do not allow overnight camping. Or the crime rate is so high, overnight camping will not be safe.

Cabela's Rogers Dump Station

You are going to have to call or e-mail this outlet as well. There is RV parking listed in the services but no mention of any dump station. Its hours of operation are the same as Hamburg’s operation hours so you should be able to reach them and get an answer quickly.

Now, we can only say what is on their service list. If there is a dump station, but it is not mentioned on their web pages, then we cannot tell you if there is one or not.

But from our research, these dump stations have been closing very quickly and there may not be many left. If you stay the night, the parking lot is supposed to be well lit and there is security nearby.

We can’t say that for every Cabela's RV parking lots though.

Acworth Dump Station


We can’t say anything different here either. The company’s web page for this outlet does not mention any dump station on the premises. It does have RV parking though and you can take advantage of any other service this company offers.

There is supposed to be an aquarium, a pet area, an archery service as well as a gun library, and some pre-owned guns for sale. It is a 9 to 9 store with their Sunday hours at 10 to 7.

The sad thing is that many of the dump stations at Cabela’s were brand new. They just changed policy and paved them over.

Cabela's Scarborough Dump Station

According to the Sani Dump website, this was the company that Cabela’s used, this dump station is closed as well. Every time we check the Sani Dump website, we get the same response- Dump Station is closed and all the information has a line through it.

The service list has basically the same services as the other outlets except this one has an archery range. There is RV parking listed but that is as far as it goes. Also, its hours of operation are the same as the previous store’s hours.

As far as we can see, you will be hard-pressed to find a Cabela with an open dump station.

Cabela's Woodbury Dump Station

It is bad news for this outlet as well. There is no longer any dump station you can use at this store’s location. There is even more bad news. There is no RV parking listed for this location.

We do not know the reason why but it may be due to the location of the store. It seems to be in a very high commercial populated area. Or they may not be allowed to have overnight parking due to city regulations.

According to the map, it has a very large parking lot and it is very close to a freeway entrance. Other than that it does have an aquarium and an archery range.

Cabela's Thornton Dump Station


If it had one, it is now closed. At least according to the Sani Dump website. Plus, there is no listing for a dump station on Cabela’s Thornton website. This is going to be an ongoing problem for those that like this outlet.

You may be lucky to find one that still has a dump station open. As you can see by our searches, there will be very few and they will be far in between if you find any that has an open dump station.

We have only investigated a few of the 80 possible outlets so there may still be some hope.

Some Final Words

Other people ruin it for everyone. It has been this way since elementary school throughout the ages. Do not expect the RV world to be any different. People are people and they will do what they want even though it is a goodwill gesture on the part of a store or other outlet.

Just try to be different and help keep places like Cabela’s open with the proper treatment of their facilities.

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