What Hotels Allow RV Parking Overnight? (RV Friendly Hotels)

While some RVers advocate that you sneak in and sneak out of a hotel parking lot, you would be committing a crime if you do. You will need clear permission from the hotel manager or owner before you can legally park in their parking lot.

Finding a hotel or motel that lets you park in their parking lots may be a bit difficult. Not that there are none but that it depends on the chain and the state you are in. There is no consistent information that says all hotels in these chains will allow it. Some do and some don’t.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find a safe place to park when on the road. Most hotels save their parking for paying guests.

Do Hotels Allow RV Parking?


This can be a complex question as we cannot speak for individual hotels or motels. Many hotels and motels have large parking lots, especially those along the freeways and highways. But not all allow overnight RV parking.

We have a website that we will link to in a moment and it will give you a map with all the hotels and motels that do offer this service. But there will be a catch. Each hotel or motel will have its own rules concerning overnight RV parking.

Before you pull into their parking lot, you do need to go inside and ask permission first. There may be a slight fee since you are not using any facilities or they may do it as a service for customer relations purposes.

It is all up to the manager of the hotel or motel you want to stay at. Keep in mind that many urban areas and counties may have laws governing this issue. The hotel or motel may have a large parking lot but is prohibited from letting RVs stay there.

What Hotels Allow RV Parking Overnight?

It is impossible to list all the hotels and motels that offer this service. Policies change so one year one motel in one city may do it and the next they can’t. The same goes for laws.

Any lists can go out of date very quickly. What we can do is recommend that you go to this link or any similar website and see what hotels and motels offer this service. The map provided covers the country and shows you the exact location of each motel, etc.

Then you should contact the motel on your route and talk to them before heading their way. As we said earlier, policies change and these types of maps and lists can go out of date very quickly.

That link also has a wide assortment of maps for campgrounds, rest stops, and more. It is worth checking out when you are planning your next trip.

RV Friendly Hotels


According to the map on the Allstays website, there are a variety of hotels you can stay at. The list begins with well-known hotels and motels like Days Inn, Red Roof, Motel 6, Super 8, Quality Inn, Travelodge, and so on.

Some may be lesser hotels and motels are Artesia Inn, Sleep inn, Microtel, and so on. Those two lists are just for New Mexico. The lists for other states will be a lot longer, for example, Texas has far too many hotels and motels that offer this service.

That is what you are going to have to do when you are looking for a safe stopping point for the night. You will have to go state by state along your route and see what is available.

Keep in mind that there are other RVers doing the same thing so you may have to make a reservation and not just drop in that night.

Hotels With RV Hookups

If you are in Nevada, and Las Vegas specifically, then you will have to look to the casino hotels for this type of stay. There are about 9 locations in this city and they are as follows:

- Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

- Main Street Station Hotel & Casino

- Bally’s Hotel & Casino

- Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall

- Arizona Charlie’s Boulder

- Strat Hotel & Casino

- Excalibur Hotel & Casino

- The Mirage

- Orleans Hotel & Casino

You can read all the details about these hotels and RV parks at this link. As you know, hotels and motels are in business to make money and they may charge fees for their hookups as well as your overnight stay no matter where you stop.

Space is limited so you should call well in advance as you will not be the only one trying to book a spot at any one of these hotels and casinos.

Finding Hotels With RV Parking Near Me


We have already provided one link for you. It is a very thorough website that should cover all your concerns when it comes to RV parking at hotels near you.

Another website you can try would be

Hotel Guides. You may have to do some searching to find the right web page but it seems to be of some help. Or you can try Tripadvisor or any similar travel website. They should be able to help you find a hotel with RV parking near you.

If you use Tripadvisor make sure to put the city name in your search box. There have been several individual searches that have popped up with specific locations in their title. For example Chicago, San Diego, and so on.

Be specific in your search terms so you can filter out any non-local options. This will take some time as you would still have to contact the individual hotels about reservations and other details.

Las Vegas Hotels With RV Parking

The list we provided above is not that long and the list for hotels with RV parking seems to be even shorter. The Linq Hotel and Casino, Caesar’s Palace, and Palace Station can be added to that list.

What we have found out is that parking at these hotels and casinos, even if you are a guest in a room, may not be free. Caesar palace charges roughly $25 a night for oversized vehicles.

Each hotel will have its own requirements and fees. That is why you need to contact them as what you pay will depend on the size of your RV and if you are going to stay in the hotel or not.

Do not try to park on the street in that city. There is a city ordinance prohibiting that action. There may be more hotels and motels that we listed here as the Allstays website indicates there is 1 Comfort Inn in the city that allows it. The rest are out of town.

Excalibur Hotel RV Parking


This hotel seems to be part of the MGM casino and hotel family and MGM has posted its parking rules for all hotels on one web page. You can read them all at this link.

No matter which hotel and casino you are staying in, your oversized vehicle has to be parked at the Excalibur oversized vehicle parking lot. One thing to note is that the free self-parking does not apply to oversized vehicles.

The fees at Excalibur are-- #1. Vehicles under 30 feet in length: $30 per 24-hour period (or a fraction thereof) per vehicle

2. Vehicles 30 feet in length and over: $50 per 24-hour period (or fraction thereof) per vehicle

This information is found at the link above and there are other details you should be aware of on that website.

Disneyland Hotels With RV Parking

These words are found on the Disney website- “There are various parking locations at the theme parks and hotels of the Disneyland Resort, as well as the Downtown Disney District.”

Those words may only concern the Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. But you will find all the parking information at that link. There are 3 parking structures available and they have different parking regulations and fees.

Although, oversized vehicles may be charged $40 no matter where you go. The company defines oversized vehicles as the following:

- Buses

- Dually trucks

- Motor homes

- Passenger vehicles with a trailer

- Recreational vehicles (RV)

- RV campers

- Tractor-trailers

The web page is very specific about their parking rules, costs, and directions. But if you have any questions, just call the company and ask them.

Nashville Hotels With RV Parking


According to the Allstays website, you can find a few in this city. They are few in number but at least there are some. The Super 8 chain has one in the city and 2 in the suburbs.

Then Millennium Maxwell House has one in downtown or near downtown Nashville. The rest listed on that website are in the outlying areas on the main highways in and out of town.

You can try the Hotels.com website to see if there are any more listed. In looking at the photos of these hotels, it may be a fruitless search though. There may be other hotel finder websites that will provide more information for you.

When you get to the cities, remember that space for parking is limited with these hotels. Not every establishment has the space to accommodate RVers when they want a break from their RV life.

Reno Hotels With RV Parking

There may be even fewer hotels in Reno that offer this service. We found a Super 8 and a Boomtown Casino and Hotel in Reno that does this through the Allstays website.

There may be more but the Yellow Page website only lists hotels in the downtown area. They may offer RV parking and they may not. It is hard to say.

In reading some of the reviews, you may not want to stay at some of those hotels. The ads will say parking but they do not mention if RVs are welcome or not. It will be a tough search as more do not allow RV overnight parking than allow it.

However, there is plenty of RV campgrounds in the area which may be just as convenient for you. The same goes for Las Vegas. The best thing to do with Reno and other cities is to make a list of hotels that you would want to stay at and call them up and ask.

Flagstaff Hotels With RV Parking


This city has a lot of great cheap motels along some highways but whether they allow RV parking is another story. So far, we found a Super 8 and a Ramada Inn that does. The latter is a little way out of town though.

So is the Day’s Inn that allows RV parking but it is closer to the city than the Ramada Inn. One of the things that you can do is use this link and its list of hotels to contact them and ask.

The reason we provide this link is that these hotels offer truck parking. If they offer truck parking that means they have parking lots big enough for RVs. All you can do is ask and it does not hurt if they say no.

You just move on to the next hotel on the list till you find one that does. The Budget Inn on that list was said to allow RV parking.

Some Final Words

Finding RV parking at a hotel is not always going to be easy. There is just too little space in some areas to allow those big RVs a chance to park. But if you look at the hotels that allow truck parking, you should be able to find more options than were listed here.

Not every hotel will advertise they allow RV parking so it takes some emailing or phone calls to find them and then make a reservation. Talking to the hotels directly is the best way to go.

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