List of Travel Trailers With Auto Leveling (Can You Add It?)

The words are used interchangeably. However, stabilizers and leveling jacks are not the same nor have the same purpose. The stabilizers do not level the trailer, they just keep it steady so it does not rock on you. Levelers only add a little stability after getting your trailer level so all appliances can be used right.

One of these trailers is the Jayco Eagle. It comes with an auto-leveling system and a lot of other features. However, it weighs around 10,000 pounds and only comes in a 40-foot length. This trailer may be too big and heavy for some people.

To learn about more travel trailers that have the built-in auto leveling system, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find the perfect travel trailer for your journeys.

Do Any Travel Trailers Come With Auto Leveling?


Yes, this is a feature that you will find on a variety of travel trailers. But you should be forewarned that not every trailer model will have this system built into it. You would have to talk with the dealers or read the brochures to find out which models and brands have this feature.

Also, auto-leveling may not be a standard feature. It may be listed as optional equipment so make sure to read all areas of the specs sheets to find out if this is so.

The reason you are finding more travel trailers with auto leveling systems or optional equipment is that many people do not want to do the hard work of setting up their campsite.

According to the CEO of Lippert Components, RV owners are now expecting to simply push a button and have their camp set up for them instead of spending 35 to 40 minutes doing it themselves.

They want to enjoy their camping time not spend it working to get it set up properly. Whether that is a good or bad attitude is a topic for some other time.

List Of Travel Trailers With Automatic Leveling

This is not going to be an exhaustive list as there are probably far more trailers with auto leveling than the ones we place here. This list will include those models that have auto leveling as an optional feature.

1. Jayco Eagle- this model of the trailer only comes in a 40-foot length and costs about $75,000. You can get this trailer in one of 3 floor plans and its standout feature is the spacious kitchen.

Auto leveling takes a back seat to that room as well as the 21 cubic foot fridge. Auto leveling is an optional feature as are the power jacks & automatic stabilizers.

Just a push of a button should have all of these systems working together to make sure your trailer is stable and level. Because it is large and heavy, it may be too much trailer for your tow vehicle.

2. Forest River Rockwood- 7 floor plans make your interior decision a bit more difficult to make. But the good news is that this trailer option comes in sizes between 29 and 37 feet.

Auto leveling is also optional equipment on these models of the Rockwood as are solar panels, air conditioning, and a lot more. How you dress it up is up to you and you get plenty of options to make your camping time more comfortable.

There are also a few added slide-outs to add to your living space and give you room to breathe.

3. Forest River Flagstaff- this is a sturdy trailer that is built with up to 7 different floor plans. This trailer does weigh slightly under 10,000 pounds but it is packed full of everything you need.

Auto leveling is not standard on any of these floor plans either. So if you want it, you have to order it and add the price to your overall costs for the trailer. What makes this trailer unique is that you can buy one design if there are just the two of you or you can buy another if you have kids.

4. KZ Sportsmen- when you want length, this is the RV trailer brand to buy. This model ranges between 40 and 41 feet in length and comes with a variety of floor plans to meet your daily living needs.

If you want guests to stay over or have the kids along for the holiday, then this model can sleep between 4 and 10 people. You won’t find auto leveling mentioned in videos or brochures about this trailer as it is an optional feature as well.

Just make sure to order it when you decide to buy along with other optional features you would enjoy.

5. Keystone Outback- weighing around 8000 pounds in each of its 7 floor plans, you are getting a great trailer that should be easy to tow. Each floor plan has its own unique features like washer and dryer prep areas, king size beds, and so on.

Like all the other trailers on this list, auto leveling is not standard but optional. There may be a good reason why this is the current trend and that reason may be due to the fact that not everyone wants it.

Some people like setting up the old-fashioned way. It is still a good trailer with or without auto-leveling.

6. Venture RV SportTrek Touring- All of the 9 floor plans available for this model are under 39 feet in length. That shorter length does not stop the company from making this trailer to sleep up to 12 people.

The weight class for these trailer sizes is in the 7000 to 9000-pound category. This should make for more comfortable towing. However, auto leveling is also not a standard feature on this trailer model.

The drawback to this trailer is its high price. You may not want to add the auto leveling system once you see how much the trailer costs.

7. Keystone Cougar Half-Ton- Your tow vehicle should be able to handle all of the models in this series. The weight of the trailer is between 5000 and 8000 pounds and you have 23 floor plans to choose from.

The overall lengths of this model series are between 27 and 37 feet. Despite the wide variety in size, floor plans, and weight, auto leveling is still an optional feature. This system would be a good feature to add as it makes sure your investment is protected.

On top of all this, you can sleep up to 12 in some of those floor plans.

If you know of any travel trailer that has auto leveling as a standard feature let us know in the comment section.

Can You Add Auto-Leveling To a Travel Trailer?


Yes, this is possible and some owners have already done this. LCI or Lippert Components also makes an auto-leveling system you can have installed after you make your purchase.

If you are good with tools and know how to do drill, installation should not be an all-day chore. But in most cases, it is probably best to let experienced professional hands handle this task.

They will have all the tools and accessories needed and can make a difficult job seem easy. Check around to see who else, besides LCI, makes and sells this much needed RV equipment.

Keeping your trailer level is important as your fridge depends on being level to work right, as do other appliances. All the instructions should be included in your purchase so you can get the auto leveling system set up right.

The key to adding your own will be to make sure your trailer is not too heavy. Lippert’s system seems to have a 10,000-pound weight limit.

Adding Auto Leveling To Travel Trailer

This is one of the keys to adding an auto-leveling system to your trailer. You have to watch for the weight limit. These systems are not built for every trailer and there will be some that are just too heavy for the auto levelers to do their job.

Lippert sells 2 models of this system. One can hold up to 15,500pounds and is made for 5th wheel trailers. The other one has a capacity of 10,000 pounds and is made for most small trailers.

The cost of these systems will be the biggest problem. They are priced at approx. $4700 and $4400 respectively. There may be variations of these two models at Lippert as well.

You may be able to find systems cheaper than the price at Lippert’s store but you should expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1000 for installation, no matter the system.

Adding this feature may save you a lot of work but it is also another big investment. It is a lot of money to put out for one system.

Why Install an Auto Leveling System


This is a very big question as the investment in one of these systems can really ding your bank account. No matter their cost and the price of installation, they are a big help when you made a bigger investment in your RV or trailer.

The main reason anyone gets these systems is that it saves time and frustration. Everything is done for you at a touch of a button. There is no step by step procedures to follow anymore.

These systems are designed to get to the perfect level every time. The only drawback is that the ground may not cooperate all the time. If the slope is too much, you may need to put pads down so that the jacks are not over extended.

Adding them to your travel trailer shouldn’t take more than one day so you won’t lose any travel time. Just be aware that the process may be slow from start to finish.

The slow speed is necessary to make sure the system does not break on you when it hits some rough ground. By rough ground, we mean uneven ground that can make it difficult to level any trailer.

Features That Come With An Auto-Leveling System

If you are considering buying one of these systems, here are some features you can expect to find with your purchase:

- Ease of use

- No hydraulics to worry about

- Hands-free operation

- Hitch recognition

- Easy to read control panel, LCD screen & buttons

- Wall mounted touch pad controller

- Strong steel construction

- and more

The Benefits Of Using An Auto-Leveler System


- Once installed, this is a no-hassle system

- Adapts to all campsite logistics, including uneven ground

- Helps stabilize slide-outs

- Saves you and your body a lot of wear and tear

- Makes camping easier and more fun

- Saves you lots of time

- One button operation

Finding Replacement Parts

These systems are built to last a long time. However, that does not mean that they are the perfect product. There will be a time when the system has a failed part that needs replacing.

The good news about this is that you can easily find replacement parts through the different companies that make these systems. When will you need to find replacement parts?

That is something that is never known but you can plan ahead and have a couple of key pieces on hand or a list of parts and accessory outlets that stock the parts you will need.

Some Final Words

While auto leveling systems make camping a lot easier, not everyone can afford them. They are high priced items and you will need to assess your RV situation. If you are permanently set up, then you may not need this system at all.

However, if you are the wandering type that camps in different places for a short time, then these systems will help you out and make your camp life a lot easier. They should pay for themselves eventually.

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