How To Fix: No Power To Leveling Jacks Control Panel

This is a common problem. Leveling jacks, if they are not manually operated, run on electricity. When there is no power your only option is to lower or raise them manually till you figure out the problem. Many RV owners experience this type of issue at least once in their RV life.

When it comes to powered leveling jacks, one of the first places to look is to see if you are following the instructions correctly. Some leveling jacks models do not operate when your RV is not in Park. Also, make sure the key is turned to ‘on’.

To learn more about this problem just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can troubleshoot the issue when it happens to you. Some of the sources are easy to repair.

No Power To Leveling Jacks Cause


There are common sources for all makes and models of leveling jacks. Here are a few of them

1. Fuses- these can blow at any time and often they do not look like they blew. Make sure to double-check with a meter to see if power is coming through this part or not. There may be one or more that are the wrong size. Change the ones that are to the correct size.

2. Battery- batteries can lose power anywhere. Or the battery disconnect may be pointing in the wrong direction and no power is getting through to the leveling jacks. Makes sure your batteries have power and the system is set right.

3. Wires- check to make sure there are no loose connections or broken wires and that the ground wire is solidly attached to the frame.

4. Switches- this is a common problem because there are different switches that influence the leveling jack system. One owner had a problem with his parking brake switch. That problem shut off the power to his leveling jacks.

5. Relays- some RV systems have the jacks and the generator sharing the same relay. Make sure these are working and in top condition.

6. Control panel- this will shut down your leveling jacks if it is not receiving any power. The battery, fuses, and breakers may all be good but sometimes a ground wire to a pump motor can interfere with the power transfer.

7. Low hydraulic fluid- even automatic levelers need this fluid. If the fluid is low, then the jacks will not work.

8. Not following the process- some models need to have a power switch at the door turned on, the ignition key turned to on, the engine not running, and other steps you need to take to get those leveling jacks to work. Check your instructions to make sure you are following all the steps correctly.

This is just a short list of the sources that could cause this problem. Sometimes, an owner will put the fuse in the wrong spot. Some fuse slots are right next to each other and it is an easy and simple mistake to make.

1998 Holiday Rambler no Power To Leveling Jacks


The above list would be some of the first places to start looking. These systems are basically the same no matter which model of RV they are placed in. Since it is an electrical problem, for the most part, the sources will be the same.

One source not mentioned above would be the solenoid. If that is malfunctioning on you then that could cause an interruption to the electrical supply. When that happens, your leveling jacks won’t move.

Next, make sure all your coach and starting batteries are at full power. A slight drop in voltage could stop the leveling jacks from getting any power to work right. Also, check any wires connected to your hydraulic pump.

If they are loose, broken, or corroded they may not let the power through and the pump won’t work. Also, check the breakers to make sure something hasn’t tripped them.

You need to check the manual to make sure you are following the correct procedure. For some Ramblers, you need to set the parking brake, put the RV in neutral, turn off the ignition, set your wheels straight, and extend your slides.

This may not work for all Holiday Rambler models but make sure you are doing what your manual says for your specific model. Of course, you should do a reset first before you start checking parts.

For some Holiday Ramblers, to reset the system, you just hold the power button for 10 seconds. The panel will beep letting you know it has been reset.

No Power To Power Gear leveling Jacks Panel


For the Power Gear levelers to work, you need to have your RV in Park, the ignition off, and the brake set. If any one of these components is not where it should be then power is not sent to the levelers.

These are all safety systems to protect you from anyone activating the levelers when you are in the wrong place at the time. The problem could be something simple like a wire coming off the brake. Or the switch is acting up.

In other situations, it could be that the breaker tripped on you. It is usually near the generator if you have a built-in model. Then, there are two resettable breakers inside the battery control center area. Press the little button to reset them and everything should work fine again if those were the problem.

Some Additional Words

Losing your leveling jacks can be a frustrating thing, especially after a long day of traveling. When this happens to you, most of the sources are very easy to fix and get those jacks back to normal.

The trouble is, you may have to do a lot of searching before finding the right source. Especially, when they are hidden in the battery control center. Watch those breakers and fuses as they are hidden in unique spots and often hard to find.

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