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Route 81 From Connecticut To Florida (81 to 77 to 26 to 95)

The choice is yours. It seems that you have to take a combination of highways to use Highway 81 from Connecticut to Florida. However, those combinations may add more miles to your trip, up to 200 miles

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RV Dinette With Seat Belts: Can You Add Seat belts To an RV?

Safety is always a concern. It seems that not all models of self-drive RVs come with enough seat belts. While there are enough for all passengers, some areas only get one when 3 or 4 people want to sit

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Garden State Parkway Height Restrictions (Trucks and RVs)

RVs are an exception. While there are many restrictions on the Garden State Parkway, if your RV is under a certain weight and height, you should have no problem driving this Parkway. Most of the restrictions

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RT 4 Vermont and NH With RV: Is Route 4 In Vermont Scenic?

RV travel can be exciting. Think of all the great places you can go, the great people you will meet and to top it off, the great scenery that brightens your traveling day. Not all roads bring all three

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List Of Gas Stations On Highway 50 in Nevada (What Towns?)

It is called the loneliest road. Even though Highway 50 has been known as the backbone of America, once it reaches Nevada its nickname changes to the loneliest road. The reason for the name change is that

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I-40 Elevation Map: What Is The Highest Elevation On I-40?

As you already know, the odd-numbered interstate highways run North & South, while the even-numbered interstate highways run east and west. In many cases, the East-West highways have you driving through

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Hwy 82 New Mexico Road Conditions: Is US 82 RV Friendly?

Road maps only provide an idea. When you look at a road map you will only see different colored lines. These lines only present you with an idea of how the road will be once you are on it. Actual road

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Best Driving Route From Massachusetts to Florida (RV, Scenic)

This is a very complicated area to navigate due to the many large metropolises in the region. Finding the best routes can be difficult as there are a lot of interstates you can take, as well as many different

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I-65 or I-75 to Florida: Drive to Florida Avoiding Mountains

Everyone has their preference. When you travel, you will find that just about everyone who owns an RV has their own road preference. What one person doesn’t like on I-65 another will. Sometimes, you

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Alternate Route Around Nashville (Best Time To Avoid Traffic)

It is all about traffic. Nashville is not as large as say Chicago or Detroit, thus traffic issues may not be as severe in this city as it is in those examples. However, if you are on a schedule finding

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What Is Trailer Reverse Steering Control On a RAM 1500?

Sometimes there can be too much technology on a vehicle and the joy of driving plus enhancing one’s driving skills are lost. Trailer reverse steering control may be one of these technological items that

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Safe-T Plus Steering Stabilizer Complaints and Review

There are always good inventions. The trick is finding one before spending any money on inferior products that crowd the parts store’s shelves. Getting help steering when those wind gusts come up or

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Bypass Chicago: Best Route To Avoid Chicago Traffic

If it isn’t traffic… then it may be construction. When you get around the larger cities, it may be possible to avoid one but not the other. When you ask people for the best route be prepared to sort

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How-To-Get-a-Non-CDL-Class C-License-Illinois-(Cost-+-Tips)

How To Get a Non CDL Class C License Illinois (Cost + Tips)

State licensing requirements can be stressful. But if you read the book carefully, study hard as well as practice, you should be able to pass the requirements and walk out of the DMV with your new non-CDL

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Ferry To Alaska With RV: How Much Does It Cost? (Guide)

It is not an easy drive. Traveling to Alaska by the road, yes, there is only two of them, is not something everyone will enjoy. Gas stations are few and far in between, and the pavement ends in the middle

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What-Does-ATC-Light-Mean (2)

Warning ATC Light On Dash: What Does ATC Light Mean? (Guide)

It is easy to get confused when certain warning lights come on. It is even more confusing when the repair does not make any sense at all but worksThe letters stand for auto traction control and it is one

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How To Find The Flattest Route For RVs on Google Maps (Guide)

Many RV owners want to save. They feel that if they can save even 1 mpg, they are ahead of the game. Because they have that attitude, they look for the flattest routes possible. They will use Google maps

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What Does Uneven Lanes Mean? (FDOT Uneven Lanes Sign)

Some road signs may have you scratching your head and wishing you had taken that advanced degree in college. But the uneven lane sign is very clear and leaves little to the imagination.The uneven lane

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Mountain Passes On I-90 in Montana and Idaho (Highest Pass)

Driving the mountains is not always a fun activity, especially when you are towing a trailer. The steep grades can really affect your gas mileage and put a lot of wear and tear on your brakes, engine,

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Where Does The Time Zone Change In Tennessee On I-40? (MAP)

Traveling takes its toll. It is not the length of time that produces the wear and tear you feel. It is also the ever-changing time zones. When you are driving, you are lucky to cross only one time zone

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Ram 2500 Gas vs Diesel Mpg: Is Ram 2500 Gas or Diesel Better?

Diesel has more power. There should be no debate about which is better to tow a trailer. While some gas engines do a good job, a diesel just does it better. It may get better gas mileage than the gas engine

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How To Adjust a Torsion Axle (Dexter Torsion Axle Adjustment)

There may be a problem. Torsion axles may not be made to be adjusted. Those unadjustable axles may have been models that were made back in the early 2000s. Dexter does not mention this option on its web

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Torsion Axle Repair Guide (Torsion Axle Replacement Cost)

Replacement is often the best choice. When parts get old or start to go bad, it may be tempting to simply repair them instead of replacing the whole axle. But some axles may not be repairable and you are

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Air Dryer Purging Every 30 Seconds (Keeps Popping Off)

The air dryer may or may not be in your RV but when it is, it performs an important task. Its job is to keep the air tanks for your air brakes free of moisture. The good news is that they do not have to

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Travel Trailer Set My Gain Higher: What Should It Be Set At?

It is strange terminology. When you buy your first RV or trailer, you are entering a world with its own terminology and language. The gain is an important term that is used for trailer brakes. It may sound

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What Is The Emergency Stab Braking Method? (Snub vs Stab)

Braking on steep inclines. There are many different methods you can use when going down steep mountain roads and through hairpin curves. Not all the methods are good to use and everyone will have their

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Best RV To Drive To Alaska (Pulling a Fifth Wheel to Alaska)

We are not going to cop out. There are probably some RVs or trailers that are better than others for this trip. You will get mixed responses from those owners who have done it and survived. The best trailer

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Pulling Travel Trailer In Snow (Can You Tow In The Snow?)

When you get caught in the snow it is okay to continue towing. The key is to adjust your driving so you do not put yourself in a risky situation. Road conditions are always an issue you have to watch out

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GM Navigation Hack: Do You Have To Pay For GM Navigation?

Many issues come with using a navigational system and GM’s product is not immune to those issues. One of those issues is you do not have to pay for the upgrades to a paper map but you usually do with

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Trailer Hitch Bottoming Out: Can I Bottom Out The Hitch?

When it comes to trailer hitches you can expect to encounter different problems. It just goes with the territory. It is not that the hitches are badly designed or that it is always user error. Sometimes

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Traile-Axle-Flip-Pros-and-Cons-Is-Flipping-an-Axle-Safe- (1)

How Much Does It Cost To Flip Trailer Axles? (Axle Flip Kit)

Flipping trailer axles is a common act as many people feel they get better clearance when they pull their trailers. Better clearance is needed in some situations as the normal axle installation can be

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How to Adjust Drum Trailer Brakes (Electric, Mechanical)

Some people get confused when trying to adjust their brakes. Often they listen to the wrong people and have their brakes adjusted in the wrong manner. Unless the brake shoe is touching the drum, it will

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Bilstein 4600 vs 5100 For Towing (Difference, Ride Quality)

The name may be different. That is one thing you should come to expect in the RV world. The product names may not be the same but in the end, they are the same product. This happens with RV antifreeze

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What Should The Transmission Temp Be On a Silverado? (Range)

You may not be aware of it but even fluids have their limits. These are not magical liquids that can perform at any temperature. You have to watch how hot they get or you could damage a vital part like

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Blue Ox Sway Pro vs Equalizer: Is Blue Ox Any Good? (Review)

It is up to your preference. Most things are set-up that way. If you like an integrated hitch, then you go with the Equalizer. If you prefer a chain hitch, then you go with the Blue Ox. Both options seem

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Furrion Backup Camera Reset, Pairing, and Troubleshooting

Sometimes it can make life easier and sometimes it can make life very frustrating. For example, technology has developed backup cameras, however, getting them to work right may not be as simple as the

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Why Is My Backup Camera So Dark? (Troubleshooting Problems)

Technology does fail. You may see this more often than not with an RV. There are so many technological advances that some devices make it through to the consumer without the bugs ironed out. This can be

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First Time Pulling a 5th Wheel: Tips, Mistakes, Speed, More

Any activity always looks easy. Doing it is another thing. Watching others do it does not make you an expert but it will give you an idea of what to do. Then practice, practice, & practice before hitting

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List-of-RVs-With-6-Seat-Belts-(5, 7,-8-Seat-Belts-Guide)

List of RVs With 6 Seat Belts (5, 7, 8 Seat Belts Guide)

Many RVers travel part-time with their kids and grandkids. This means they are looking for RVs with seat belts to keep everyone secure and safe while driving. RVs do come with these devices, just not as

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Waze-Google Maps Low Clearance: How Do You Avoid Low Bridges?

No one wants to hit a low bridge. Not only is it embarrassing but you also create a lot of damage that your insurance company may not pay for. Be like a Boy Scout and be prepared for whatever comes your

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The SRW vs DRW Difference (Towing, Ride, Traction, Mpg, Snow)

Sometimes more is better and sometimes less is better. When it comes to coffee, less sugar is better than more. When it comes to trucks 2 wheels may be better than 1. Which way you go will depend on the

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Non Commercial Class A License Texas: Requirements, Cost, Test

When you use your RV or tow a larger trailer, you are not doing it to make money. That is called personal use. When you are using your RV, etc., to make money, then it is classified as commercial use.

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How To Disable Collision Mitigation System Peterbilt/Kenworth

With the continual technological upgrades, turning features on or off can be a pain sometimes. They are not designed to be easy but that may be for safety reasons. Some features take longer to be turned

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F250 vs F350 Ride Quality And Height (Helpful Guide)

You may not feel a difference. Auto makers try to keep costs down, so they use the same parts on different models of cars and trucks. The biggest difference between the F250 and F350 is the heavy-duty

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What Does Check ACC/CMS System Mean? (What Is ACC/CMS System)

If you have not run into these acronyms before, these systems are part of the Wabco RADAR unit that goes from there at the front to the back where the Cummins ECM and Allison transmission reside. They

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Quick Temporary Fix For Stuck Brake Caliper (How To Unstick)

When in doubt, use a hammer. There are two ways to fix a problem. The first way is to use the correct method. The second way is to use a hammer. Don’t laugh, a hammer has fixed many stuck objects in

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Purpose of High Idle Switch: What Does High Idle Do?

Owners use this switch for different reasons and they are all valid. You want the high idle switch on to protect your engine when you are not moving down the road but sitting still for a long period of

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What Does WT-L-BHP Mean On a Florida Title? (Fill Out Guide)

Your guess is as good as ours. Every state has its own way of registering vehicles and RVs. Florida is no exception and often you will find some of its codes confusing. Like this one. However, the state

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How Do I Reduce Wind Noise In My RV? Class A Side View Window

Trying to have a conversation is not always a possibility when you are in an RV. The wind noise can get so loud that shouting is your only way to be heard. This is a common problem and many RV owners experience

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Travel Trailer Lift Blocks: Can You Put Lift Blocks On RVs?

The danger of towing a trailer into a campground is that the access road is not one of the best. There are usually bumps, holes, and other obstacles that can damage low-lying components. One solution is

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Full-Exhaust-Brake-vs-Automatic-When-to-Use-On a-RAM-2500

Full Exhaust Brake vs Automatic: When to Use On a RAM 2500

Modern technology has created different ways for vehicles to stop. Sometimes they are good methods and other times they can be confusing. For example, when do you apply the full or automatic setting, and

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Jayco VIN Number Location: How To Find The VIN Number On RVs

This is a good question. Because of a theft problem, there is at least one public location for the VIN number and multiple non-public locations which only the police and possibly the DMV will know the

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5th Wheel Axle Upgrades: Can I Upgrade Axles In My 5th Wheel?

If there is a cheaper part available, you can bet that the different RV manufacturers will choose that part over a better-quality one. You may get a smooth ride with the stock axles but once you hit a

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Where and How To Install a Camper License Plate Holder

You will find as you make your way through the RV world, and life, that just about anything that is on the road needs a license. Whether needed or not, licenses add revenue and make sure you are legal

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School Bus in Snow: Are School Buses Good In Snow? (Safety)

The different school buses have different weights to them. The heavier the bus the better the traction. Also, they are supposed to have very deep treads on the tires for better grip. However, most people

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Why Put Bags Over Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone?

Forget about it. If you want to advertise that you are traveling alone, just go ahead and do just that. You can put plastic bags over your mirrors but not just when you are traveling alone. There are logical

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Jayco RV Leaf Spring Upgrade Guide (Maintenance Tips)

Leaf springs are essential. These little unseen devices play a major role in how your RV or trailer handles or rides. Since they are made from steel, they do not need a lot of maintenance but that construction

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Safe T Plus vs Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer (Review)

You may find that your current steering situation is not all that it could be. That is because RV makers do not always use top-quality parts or components. However, it is possible to improve on your steering

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Recurve R3 Hitch Problems and Adjustment (Review and Tips)

Crosswinds are not fun. In fact, they are the bane of every trucker’s and RVer’s existence. You can get crosswinds from traffic passing you or from nature. The trick is to make sure you are prepared

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Finding RV Friendly Gas Stations Locations (Truck Stop App)

When you take your RV out for a holiday the need to find RV-friendly gas stations is great. Finding places to fill up becomes quite a challenge especially when you are traveling in the different cities

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Common Grand Design Axle Issues (Lippert Axles vs Dexter)

It is hit and miss. When you buy an RV, especially a travel trailer, you never know if you are getting quality parts even when it comes to the axles. Because RV makers look for the cheapest parts possible,

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Trailer Axle Flip Pros and Cons (Is Flipping an Axle Safe?)

There is a debate on this topic. Some experts say that the axle will flatten out and decrease its capacity. others say that this is a good idea because they avoid damage to the undercarriage. You may have

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Tips for Pulling a Camper Up a Steep Driveway (DIY RV Ramps)

Keeping it on the level is going to be something you may find hard to do with some driveways. Private property comes in all angles and backing your trailer up a driveway may give you trouble. It's a good

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Backup Camera Prep: Travel Trailers Backup Camera Ready

While you may think you know what a claim by an RV maker is saying, the terms may be referring to something completely different. That is the way it goes as the makers of RVs are trying to outdo their

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NC Weighted Tag Cost, Requirements, Form (Helpful Guide)

Government language is not always clear. Sometimes it is hard to understand what the government is saying because they revert to legalese or special government language. Many questions arise because people

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Electric Trailer Brakes Not Working (Fixing Common Problems)

The way they design RVs these days, nothing is easy. You won’t find this out until you have a small little problem that takes less than 5 minutes to fix but takes you 5 hours to find it. This can happen

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Tag Axle RV: What Is a Tag Axle? (Pros and Cons Explained)

These types of axles appeared first on semi-trucks. They are flexible in that they can be raised when the truck driver did not need to use them. By keeping them raised, they save don wear and tear and

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Find Rental Trucks For Towing Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel

Not everyone has one. There will be times when you run across people who have a towable RV yet do not own a vehicle to tow it. It happens more often than not. Or their tow vehicle has broken down and need

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Free Battery Check and Charge: Does AutoZone Test Batteries?

One way to protect your family is to make sure your car battery is fully charged and in top working order. There is not much effort or investment in doing this as you can get your battery checked in a

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Does Walmart Take Used Oil? (Used Motor Oil Disposal Recycle)

Don’t listen to the rumors. When you hear someone say that Walmart recycles old oil, it does not mean that they reuse the old oil in other people’s cars. That is a myth of gigantic proportions. What

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Is The Maxxforce 7 Diesel Engine a Piece of Junk? (Problems)

Not everything engineers make is golden or will pass the consumer test. What some people think is a good idea or a great upgrade, just doesn’t work out that way. All you have to do is look at Microsoft

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Green Engine Light on Freightliner (What Does That Mean?)

Symbols are shorthand for many warnings and instructions. Modern vehicles come with so many symbols that a driver needs a college course to learn what they all mean. Rigs are no different and when the

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Orange Brake Dust on Wheels: How To Remove and Prevent

Take your pick when you have a strange color around your rims you could be looking at brake dust, rust, or even decomposing tire gel. All three are good candidates for making your tires look worse than

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6.8 Ford Triton V10 Specs: Motorhome Performance

When you are driving an RV or hauling a travel trailer, the engine matters. When you are going on your next vacation, make sure the engine in your truck or RV has the power and performance you need to

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Driver’s License: Can I Drive a Motorhome With a Car License?

Driving they say is a privilege. Yet very few people hold that viewpoint. For many, especially young teenagers, it is a right of passage. The defining line between childhood and adult status. Getting your

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RV First Time Driver: Is It Hard to Drive a Motorhome?

Everyone and everything has a first time. And it is understandable that you would be nervous when you take the wheel of an RV for the first time. Your nerves are going to go off and make you wonder if

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Traffic Detour: Alternate Routes to Avoid Atlanta GA

Driving your RVcan be a time for relaxing when you have nothing but the open road between you and your destination. It can also be a very stressful time when you have to drive through heavy traffic as

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Drinking in a Motorhome Laws: Can You Drink in a Moving RV?

Driving an RV is hot and hard work. It stands to reason that when the temperature rises, you want to reach for a cold one to stay alert and fresh. But if you are driving that cold one better be juice,

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How To Find RV State Inspection Near Me (Helpful Guide)

Just to make sure everything is okay, state and other government officials like to make sure vehicles are safe to operate and be on the road. That is the reasoning behind the different inspections RV owners

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