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Ford 6.7 DEF Reductant Heater Increased Warranty Coverage

In some cases, there may be a little $1 plastic part that fails. The bad news is that it can’t be replaced. You have to pay for a new reductant heater which can be very expensive. Thankfully, there was

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10 Speed Allison Transmission Problems and Review (Any Good?)

Is a 10-speed transmission worth it? That is the question as there are many complaints about how these new transmissions operate on the road and while towing. The Allison may be the best of the bunch

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What Should The Transmission Temp Be On a Silverado? (Range)

You may not be aware of it but even fluids have their limits. These are not magical liquids that can perform at any temperature. You have to watch how hot they get or you could damage a vital part like

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Is There a Recall On The CP4 Pump? (2019 RAM CP4 Recall)

It is a mess. Whoever thought to green-light the CP4 pump certainly made a mistake and created a legal mess for different automakers and Bosch. Of course, not covering warranty secure repairs was another

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2019 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Mpg (6.4 vs 5.7 Hemi Mpg Guide)

Usually, when you get a powerful engine, it drinks up the fuel very quickly. The more power the fewer miles per gallon. That has been the standard procedure ever since the first cars were built. It takes

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How Much Oil Does a ISC Cummins Hold? (350, 450 Capacity)

Lubrication is king. Without proper lubrication, no matter how powerful your motor is, it just won’t run. With the lubrication filled to capacity, you should be able to reap the benefits of that top

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Daily Driving a Diesel Truck: Can a Diesel Be a Daily Driver?

Prospective owners wonder about driving a diesel engine for daily errands. Since it is not gas and is more powerful than a gas engine, they think that doing daily drives is not good for the motor. They

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Message Engine Power Reduced Duramax (Why And How To Fix)

Modern engines come with modern problems. Technology has been used to upgrade a variety of engines. The trouble is that owners cannot keep up with all the possible error codes or problems created by technology’s

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DEF Head Problems, Sensors, and Failure (What Is a DEF Head?)

It is thought of as one way to lower emissions. When the DEF system breaks down it does its job. No one can drive anywhere thus lowering emissions. Repair shops may not be that helpful as they get booked

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Tractor vs Reefer Fuel: Difference Between Reefer And Tractor

A tractor can be a farm vehicle or a semi-trailer truck cab. A reefer can be a marijuana cigarette or a refrigerator semi-trailer. When it comes to fuel, those definitions may confuse you when there is

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