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What Is Fault Code SPN 639 FMI 9? (Cummins, Freightliner)

While fault codes help you with the diagnosis, there are just too many of them. But without them, you wouldn’t know where to begin when fixing your engine.The SPN 639 FMI 9 fault code equals Cummins

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Complete Freightliner Fault Code List (PID, MID, SID)

Once the electronic and technological age took over, there had to be a method to guide repairs. The simplest solution was to create fault codes. Some are easy to understand and others are not. It is a

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3251 FMI 16? (Cummins, Freightliner)

That is the way it is with new systems or any system for that matter. Once you understand how they work, they become very easy. The same can be said for finding what fault codes mean. Once you understand

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Cat C7 Oil Pressure Sensor Location (Helpful Guide)

With all the new diesel regulations and standards finding the small parts can get tough. They are usually placed in out-of-the-way spots and are often hard to view as other larger parts block your view.

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Complete Cummins Fault Codes List (Cummins SPN Codes PDF)

Over the years the SAE has developed a fault code system to help mechanics and DIY mechanics figure out what was wrong with their modern engines. This system is supposed to make repair work a little easier

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What-Is-Code-SPN-1209-FMI 2-(Cummins-SPN-1209-FMI-3,-4,-18)

What Is Code SPN 1209 FMI 2? (Cummins SPN 1209 FMI 3, 4, 18)

There are a myriad of fault codes. That is one thing about these modern engines. The regulations engine makers have to meet are astronomical. Thus the engines themselves have far too many parts that can

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How To Clear Cummins Fault Codes (How To Read SPN Codes)

No matter who is to blame, the car or truck owner is stuck with clearing those fault codes that let them know what is wrong with their vehicle.To clear fault codes, you would need a code reader, a scanner,

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Detroit 60 Series Oil Capacity, Oil Type, and Change Inverval

When you are looking at buying a Detroit 60 series engine, you will find that there are three types to choose from. The 11.1, the 12.7, and the 14 L are the models that are available but they do not always

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What Is SPN 5246 FMI 15 Code? (Cascadia, Volvo, Cat)

It seems that whoever made up this code system, decided to put a code for the codes. What that means is if you are driving under another code too far, this code will appear and tell you that you are in

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Allison Transmission Fault Code SPN 2003 FMI 31

It seems that all Allison fault codes begin with a P. At least they do with the 1000 and 2000 series transmissions. This change makes it hard to find the real problem. One mechanic needed the MID number

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Cummins 53 Block Guide: What Years, Recall, Failures, Review

Don’t be surprised if Cummins is not forthcoming about the 53 block it used to build. It was a travesty from the start and who n their right mind would acknowledge this issue? It was not a pretty picture

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Cummins ISC 8.3 Belt Routing (Serpentine Belt Diagram)

One of the facts of engine life is that belts will stretch and need to be replaced. This is an easy task if all you are doing is replacing the belts on a regular engine. It becomes more difficult when

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How To Tell If You Have a 53 Block Cummins (Number Location)

Identifying the block is not going to be a hard task as there were only about 100,000 of them made at the time. Unfortunately, these problem blocks went beyond the Dodge Ram trucks and just about anyone

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FMI Codes List: What Does FMI Stand For In Trucking? (Guide)

It used to be that you could sit in the engine compartment of your pickup truck and work on the engine. Today, after all the technological upgrades, you are lucky if you can see half the engine. Technology

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What To Do When High Exhaust Temp Light Comes On (DEF Temp)

The vehicles that have a diesel engine under the hood have lots of devices to be worried about. These devices all come with their own sensors and warning lights. The key is not to get confused or you may

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How Much Horsepower Does a C10 Cat Have? (Full Specs Guide)

Bigger isn’t always better. There are many RV or trailer owners who like the biggest size possible. They feel that having more room and more features is the best way to go. However, when they go big,

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How To Turn Up a Cat C7: Horsepower Upgrade (Helpful Guide)

Many RV owners want to squeeze more power out of their CAT engines. They look for just about any trick they can use to boost their power and tow more weight. This behavior may not be as simple as some

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6.7 Cummins Coolant Temp Sensor Location (Level Sensor Guide)

When it comes time to look for a specific sensor, you need to be aware that there are 9 of them in all and they are all over the engine. Sometimes it takes a treasure map to find their locations.The coolant

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Can You Turbo a Ford V10? (Ford V10 Turbo Kit Options)

Getting more power has been the goal of gearheads since muscle cars were first introduced. The owners of these cars looked high and low for those parts that would give them an extra 5 or 10 or more HP.

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What Is The Cummins Fault Code SPN 3031 FMI 9? (Helpful Guide)

Do not be alarmed if you do not find this code on other lists you have checked. There are too many, along with the different FMI codes to include on every error code list. Kind of makes this a tough system

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What Is Freightliner J1587 Code? (Data Link Troubleshooting)

Fault codes seem to be the brainchild of the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE. This is the group that has designed the fault code system and it is not done in simple, easy-to-understand English.In

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5.3 Vortec vs 3.5 EcoBoost: Reliability and Towing Comparison

Automakers strive to make great motors that will satisfy their customers and outdo the competition. This means that they will use the technology available to produce a great engine, most of the time. Which

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Cat 3126 Fuel System Diagram (HEUI Pump Diagram)

When you are finding evidence of leaks, those leaking spots can be difficult to find. All you have is a puddle of fuel and a few drops to go by to start your search. Finding the actual leak will take some

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Aisin Transmission vs 68RFE: Differences and Which Is Better

It seems that Dodge had decided to build their transmissions to work with specific motors only. The Aisin transmission works with the high-output 6.7-liter Cummins I6 turbo-diesel. The 68RFE is attached

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Troubleshooting Allison Transmission Shift Selector Problems

It may not always be a simple problem. Usually, you start with all the simple possibilities to fix a problem. This spares you the embarrassment of paying a technician for something you could have fixed

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DEXRON IIE vs DEXRON III: Finding a DEXRON IIE Replacement

It is supposed to be compatible, that is the most recent word on this topic. Transmission fluids have changed over the years and now the Dexron number may be up to VI. But VI is supposed to harm the seals

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8.1 Vortec Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a 8.1 Vortec Take?

When it comes to RV and tow vehicle engines, it is nice to have the information where you can reach it quickly. Especially when you are trying to know how much oil you need to buy for an oil change. Having

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What Is Cummins Fault Code SPN 3058 FMI 16 (FMI 10, 0, 9)

When you see a fault code, there could be a variety of sources that trigger a specific one. Figuring out what is wrong takes a little work and requires you to have a fault code guide handy to look up the

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8.1 Vortec Transmission Options (Allison Transmission Specs)

While a lot of attention is given to the motor under the hood, it is important to pay attention to the type of transmission handling the gears. With a bad transmission, your engine will not perform up

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Chevy 6.0 vs 6.6 Gas Mpg: What Is The Mpg On a Chevy 6.6 Gas?

The 6.0 is a top Chevy engine that has seen an over 20-year production run. If it was bad, it would not have lasted as long as it has. With recent production models about $2000 less than the newer 6.6,

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Is There a Supercharger For-Triton-V10-(Whipple,-Kenne-Bell)

Is There a Supercharger For Triton V10? (Whipple, Kenne Bell)

The jury is still out. There are some people singing the praises of supercharging your RV’s Triton V10 engine. Others are not so enthusiastic as they wonder if it is a good idea to supercharge an engine

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VW 1600 Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a Beetle Take? (Type)

When it comes to smaller engines like the Beetle’s 1600 cc motor, you won’t be talking about quarts and gallons when it comes to oil. That is because the amount of oil this motor needs is listed in

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How Long Do Diesel Engines Last? (Why Do Diesels Last Longer)

When you compare diesel engines to gas ones, you will always be told that the former will outlast the latter. That is not hype but a statement of fact. Diesel motors do last longer than gas engines. There

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What Oil Temp Is Too Hot For a 6.7 Cummins? (Temp Sensor)

If you have a newer motor, you may see an oil temperature gauge on your dash. However, according to some owners, there is no oil temperature sensor and the gauge may just be estimating what the actual

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What Is The Cummins Fault Code SPN 5585 FMI 18? (How To Fix)

Error codes are not always clear. Some are very hard to understand. They refer to parts you may not know you had under the hood of your RV. Another problem is that the company you think is responsible

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Ram 2500 Gas vs Diesel Mpg: Is Ram 2500 Gas or Diesel Better?

Diesel has more power. There should be no debate about which is better to tow a trailer. While some gas engines do a good job, a diesel just does it better. It may get better gas mileage than the gas engine

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F250 Powerboost vs Powerstroke: Differences + Pros and Cons

It is getting to be a confusing world in the automotive industry. In today’s world, you have one brand that uses two different but top technologies to run their vehicles. The problem is these technologies

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Do Thorton Performance Chips Work? (Reviews + Install Guide)

Some people swear by it. With new gadgets like this, you will find both skeptical people and fanatics. The latter will swear that they have improved their mpg to miraculous heights while others do not

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454-Oil-Capacity-How-Many-Quarts-of-Oil-Does -a454-Take

454 Oil Capacity: How Many Quarts of Oil Does a 454 Take?

It is possible to buy a used RV with a 454 motor inside and not get any information about lubricant capacities. When this happens you need to search and search until you get the right information. When

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Normal Safe EGT For 5.9 Cummins (Probe Location and Guide)

Modern machinery, especially for cars and trucks, is not the same anymore. In the old days, you could run a vehicle forever without too much maintenance. Today, however, you need to watch out for all the

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Ram 1500 8 Speed Transmission Fluid Change Cost and Interval

Maintenance-free does not always mean maintenance free. This is the problem with a lot of products. They are advertised as being maintenance free but that terminology may refer to the length of time you

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454 Engine MPG: How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a 454 Get?

It is an older engine. But many of these powerful motors have lasted and passed the test of time. They are good workhorse-type motors that get your older RV down the road and to your next destination safely.

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TH475 vs TH400: Difference Between a Turbo 400 and a 475

The more things change. The more they stay the same. That is the way it seems as transmission and engine and other manufacturers keep trying to put out new and improved products. They may seem different

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What Does Poor DEF Quality Mean? (How To Fix Poor Quality)

Another item under the hood to worry about. That is the trouble with modern engines. You got a lot of components that can go wrong and DEF is a system that doesn’t take much for it to trigger an alert.

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Pre DEF Diesel Trucks: What Year Was DEF Required In Engines?

If you do not like DEF, the best solution would be to buy a truck or vehicle that was built prior to the year it became mandatory for automakers to install DEF systems. This mandatory benchmark is not

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How Much Coolant Does a 5.9 Cummins Hold? (Type and Capacity)

Fluids are important. Not only are the right fluids vital to your health, but your truck’s or RV's engine also needs the right fluids to stay healthy. To be sure those engines last a long time, you should

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DEF Quality Sensor Bypass and Location: Cummins, Freightliner

If you need one, it is going to be expensive to replace. The cost of the DEF system is high no matter which part of the system you are working on. The trick is finding a new one so you can replace it.

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How Much Is an Oil Change at Speedco? (Oil Change Prices)

First, the good news. There seem to be 430 Speedco outlets where you can get your oil changed. 5 more just opened up in July of this year. The bad news is that there are no advertised prices for oil changes.The

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Diesel Engine Operating Temperature: How Hot Should It Run?

You may have 3 operating temperatures. One would be the oil operating temperature, another is your coolant operating temperature, and your third will be your water operating temperature. It may be hard

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Is The Cat C7 a Good Engine? Problems, Reviews, Reliability

It is okay to be worried. Everyone hears the horror stories about the C7 engine made by Caterpillar. These stories are few in number. What people do not factor in are the thousands they do not hear about

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High Idle Diesel: Is High Idle Bad For Diesels? (Guide)

The key is when to use it. There are many features on a diesel engine that many RV owners do not know or are unsure of how to use. One of those features is called the high idle and it is there to help

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Cummins 8.9 ISL Problems, Reviews, and Life Expectancy

Good engines are hard to find. Just when you think you have the best engine possible, it starts to fail on you. No matter how good an engine is, it is only as good as its weakest part. That weak part may

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How Far Can You Drive With DEF Light On? (Helpful Guide)

Driving has become more complicated. In the old days, all you had to worry about was having enough oil, gas, and water in their respective containers. Now with more fluids, like DEF to worry about, you

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Cummins ISX15 Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a ISX 15 Hold?

When in doubt, always go to the source of the engine to get the exact figures you need. Some websites seem to list a larger amount of oil is needed for this engine than is necessary so be careful. You

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Cat 3126 Oil Capacity, Type, and Change Interval (Guide)

The problem is the blow by. This is the term used when you over-fill your oil tank. The excess oil is expelled by the engine and it is called blow by. This expelling does cause a mess which is why many

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Caterpillar 3126 Engine Problems, Reliability, and Reviews

Good engines have bad moments. No matter how well an engine is made, there can always be some minor or major flaw that ruins its reputation. You won’t get 100% performance, reliability, or longevity

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What Is Cummins SPN 1761 FMI 9, 10, 17, 18, 19? Helpful Guide

This is a simple code to decipher and fix. When you see this code on your screen all it is saying to you is that the DEF tank is below 10% and you need to add more fluid to the tank.The exact wording for

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International Truck: What Does Range Inhibit Mean? Fix Guide

In most cases, the range inhibit light only comes on in 2 situations. One is that the transmission is locked out for shifting. The other is when you have low transmission fluid. The key to this is understanding

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Freightliner: What Is Code SPN 3226 FMI 20, 10, 2, 4, 9?

Technology has created many codes. This is something you should come to expect when you buy an RV or a more modern truck or car. Because of technological advances over the decades, error codes are common.

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Ram eTorque Problems: Is eTorque Worth It? (Battery Cost)

According to the design, this system is supposed to bring more power to the wheels. It is a system that is supposed to use the power in the engine better without creating more. One benefit to this system

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Ford 7.3 Gas Cylinder Numbers (Godzilla Firing Order)

Don’t be surprised when you get more than one answer to this firing order question. Some people may think they know the answer and simply say it like they are an expert. Make sure to double check as

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Ford 6.7 DEF Reductant Heater Increased Warranty Coverage

In some cases, there may be a little $1 plastic part that fails. The bad news is that it can’t be replaced. You have to pay for a new reductant heater which can be very expensive. Thankfully, there was

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10 Speed Allison Transmission Problems and Review (Any Good?)

Is a 10-speed transmission worth it? That is the question as there are many complaints about how these new transmissions operate on the road and while towing. The Allison may be the best of the bunch

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What Should The Transmission Temp Be On a Silverado? (Range)

You may not be aware of it but even fluids have their limits. These are not magical liquids that can perform at any temperature. You have to watch how hot they get or you could damage a vital part like

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Is There a Recall On The CP4 Pump? (2019 RAM CP4 Recall)

It is a mess. Whoever thought to green-light the CP4 pump certainly made a mistake and created a legal mess for different automakers and Bosch. Of course, not covering warranty secure repairs was another

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2019 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Mpg (6.4 vs 5.7 Hemi Mpg Guide)

Usually, when you get a powerful engine, it drinks up the fuel very quickly. The more power the fewer miles per gallon. That has been the standard procedure ever since the first cars were built. It takes

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How Much Oil Does a ISC Cummins Hold? (350, 450 Capacity)

Lubrication is king. Without proper lubrication, no matter how powerful your motor is, it just won’t run. With the lubrication filled to capacity, you should be able to reap the benefits of that top

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Daily Driving a Diesel Truck: Can a Diesel Be a Daily Driver?

Prospective owners wonder about driving a diesel engine for daily errands. Since it is not gas and is more powerful than a gas engine, they think that doing daily drives is not good for the motor. They

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Message Engine Power Reduced Duramax (Why And How To Fix)

Modern engines come with modern problems. Technology has been used to upgrade a variety of engines. The trouble is that owners cannot keep up with all the possible error codes or problems created by technology’s

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DEF Head Problems, Sensors, and Failure (What Is a DEF Head?)

It is thought of as one way to lower emissions. When the DEF system breaks down it does its job. No one can drive anywhere thus lowering emissions. Repair shops may not be that helpful as they get booked

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Tractor vs Reefer Fuel: Difference Between Reefer And Tractor

A tractor can be a farm vehicle or a semi-trailer truck cab. A reefer can be a marijuana cigarette or a refrigerator semi-trailer. When it comes to fuel, those definitions may confuse you when there is

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Can I Use Biodiesel In My Mercedes Sprinter? (Best Diesel)

Back in the old days, you had about 3 gas choices and 2 diesel options. Now, you have to worry about biodiesel fuel mixtures and other fuel options to get your car running at optimum levels. It is not

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Rear Engine Gas RV: Finding Gas Pusher Motorhomes For Sale

Winnebago was one RV maker that tried to make this type of RV and there may have been one or two others. You may not be able to find that many rear engine gas RVs because the concept did not catch on.

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What Year Did Ford Fix the Spark Plug Problem V10? (Triton)

There are many mechanical reasons for these issues but one of the most damaging would be word of mouth. Once someone has a problem it is spread all over the internet sometimes blowing the issue out of

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DEF Light On But Tank Is Full International – Freightliner

While error codes are your friend, they are not that friendly when they malfunction. In fact, it can be downright annoying when they light up and nothing is wrong. This means you have to find the malfunction

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Cummins M11 Life Expectancy: Is The M11 Cummins a Good Motor?

Engine longevity is a must. No one wants to pay a large sum of money only to have the engine fail within the first year. To reach that long lifespan, you do need to maintain your new engine and make sure

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Freightliner M2 Belt Diagram (5.9 Cummins Belt Routing Guide)

Belt diagrams help. It is not easy to remember where every part goes or how it is to be routed. A good diagram should give you the edge you need to put an engine’s belt on without too much difficultyIt

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How Much Oil Does a 6.7 Cummins Take? (ISB 6.7 Oil Capacity)

When metal slides against metal, the two surfaces heat up. When they get hot enough they can weld themselves together. That problem becomes oil’s vital role. It stops welding from happening and makes

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What Does SPN 111 Mean? (Cummins Fault Code 111 Explained)

When it comes to engines and error codes, there are too many components in the motor, and too many error codes to know their meaning. Unless you have the code book in your glove box, it will be too hard

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Is The CAT C13 a Good Engine? (CAT C13 Twin Turbo Problems)

Some models are good, some are not. In the case of engines, when they are upgraded, a lot can change. The good engine becomes bad because of all the new parts that have ruined anything that made it good.

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The 330 CAT Diesel Engine Guide: Specs, MPG, Review

There are plenty of engines. This should make powering your RV easier but you do not always get a choice in what engine is doing the powering. If you are serious about RV life, then you should do some

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Duramax Won’t Start: Fixing Duramax Diesel Starting Problems

Don't always expect the problem to be major. Sometimes the issue may be something very minor. You can never tell with these modern motors. They are very finely tuned and leave very little room for error.

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Cummins ISX Years To Avoid (2004-2007 ISX Cummins Problems)

Successors are not always good. When you have to replace something that is good or excellent, the next invention may not be so good. This is the case with the Cummins ISX engine. It was the successor to

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Freightliner 6.7 Cummins ISB Belt Diagram (Routing)

It may seem like a unique part to use to make engines go but without a belt, your RV is not going very far. Just like a person who is wearing oversized pants. They are not going very far either without

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6.0 Powerstroke Monitor: Best Monitor For 6.0 Powerstroke

If someone builds one, someone else will build three or four. The technology age has made it easier to create similar products, like monitors, so people have a good choice. This selection gives you plenty

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What Is Code SPN 1569? Cummins (How to Clear SPN 1569 FMI 31)

Government regulations & technology. The more these two items change, the more you will see error codes. Not every error code is real nor do they explain what is wrong. That is why you either need

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5.9 Oil Capacity: How Many Quarts Does a 5.9 Cummins Hold?

Know your oil tank capacity. One of the problems people have with the performance of their engine is that they over fill the oil tank. This is worse than if you under filled it. Always know how much oil

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What Is SPN 157? (Cummins SPN 157 FMI 18 Explained)

With all the modern technological equipment on car and truck engines these days, it can be confusing when different error codes pop up on your screens. Engines are not simple anymore. It may take a master’s

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Caterpillar C7 Belt Diagram (Changing The Serpentine Belt)

You may be wondering why we are talking about a Cat C7 belt diagram. This engine and belt design are not limited to Caterpillar construction equipment. It is also used in large buses (think Skoolies) and

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Code SPN 5246 FMI 0 Cummins and Freightliner (How To Clear)

Modern engines come with a lot of bells and whistles and due to the upgraded technology, you also receive a lot of error codes. Owning a Nexus code reader may not help to clear any error codes that pop

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C7 Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a C7 Cat Engine Hold?

Do not overfill this engine. One of the things you have to be careful about is refilling the oil tank. There are some older C7 engines that may take over 20 quarts of oil, but most only take 19 or 20 including

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What Does Diagnostic Code SPN 3216 FMI 20 Mean? (Cummins)

Once it is assigned a code, it seems that the definitions remain the same for a very long time. The trouble with engines having a set of fault codes, it may take you an hour to find the right one. They

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Caterpillar 7.2L L6 Diesel (Review, Horsepower, Oil Capacity)

Good diesel engines are found everywhere. Cummins is not the only diesel engine maker out there. Caterpillar is a fine company as are many other diesel makers. They produce top engines like the C7 to make

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Torque App GM Transmission Temp (How Can I Monitor?)

You can monitor your transmission temperature through this app. All you have to do is download either the free or the paid version and connect with your vehicle’s computer through Bluetooth. The app

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Diesel Ford 6.7 DEF Problems: What Is Wrong With Ford? (F350)

Modern engines are not as simple as the original motors on vehicles. There are a lot of extra parts added to motors these days due to government regulations. That means it is more difficult, and expensive,

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Purpose of High Idle Switch: What Does High Idle Do?

Owners use this switch for different reasons and they are all valid. You want the high idle switch on to protect your engine when you are not moving down the road but sitting still for a long period of

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The Chevy 8.1 Workhorse V8 Engine (Specs, Problems, Review)

Bigger is not always better. This large engine did not last very long. It was featured in a few truck models between 2001 and 2007. One reason may be that the engine came with too many problems to overcome.

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Ford 7.3 Gas Spark Plugs: How Many Does a Ford 7.3 Have?

It is an 8 cylinder. Unless car companies make big design changes, you can count the number of cylinders to get the number of spark plugs an engine has. 4 cylinders equals 4 spark plugs. This rarely changes

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8.3 Cummins Oil Pressure Sensor Location (Helpful Guide)

Due to the many new parts and the modern design of engines, you may not find every part right away. When you do find them, you may have a lot of work to remove them and install the replacement part. The

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What Is SPN 5862? Spartan Check Engine code 5862 Cummins 4518

Car repair has been made more complicated by the different upgrades made to different motors. If you do not know the codes, you will have a hard time repairing your motor. Then you need to keep up with

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