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What Is The Fuel Mileage For a 6.7 Powerstroke? (Average)

When you are towing a heavy travel trailer or 5th wheel you want a lot of power under the hood of your tow vehicle. Ford has heard those concerns and has created a new motor to help you get to your destination

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Ford 6.2 vs 7.3: Are Ford 6.2 and 7.3 Good Engines?

Getting over those hills. That is the main concern of many RVers. They need the power to get over those mountains, steep inclines, and other hills. Finding the right engine is key and it can either be

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What Does The Stop Engine Light Mean? (Ford, Cummins, Etc…)

RVs, like cars, have lights. Not just headlights, parking lights, and interior lights but those lights that warn you of possible problems. The stop engine light is not one that should be ignored unless

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5 RV Fuel Pump Problems: How To Test and Fix an RV Fuel Pump

If it is mechanical, it may break down on you. You can count on it happening at some point in time. Hopefully when you have a lot of money available to fix the problem. Fuel pumps are just one of many

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Advance Auto Oil Recycling: Does Advance Auto Take Used Oil?

Recycling is big. There are recycling centers for almost any plastic, battery, fluid, and other products that you can think of. It is a good idea to support these efforts as you are taking care of the

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Transmission Fluid Temperature: Why is My Transmission Hot?

If the coolant wasn’t enough to worry about. Besides watching the engine temperature, you need to watch the transmission and keep it from overheating. There is always something to worry about when you

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Motorhome Won’t Start: No Power To Ignition Switch (Guide)

It can be a scary feeling. After packing up after a nice night boondocking and buckling in, you are ready to hit the road again. Yet, when you turn the key and nothing happens, all the good nature just

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AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids)

Hazardous materials create problems not only for the environment and wildlife but also for consumers who need to dispose of their old oil, etc. Finding recycling centers can be difficult when you live

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Are Cummins Engines Reliable? (9 Cummins RV Engine Problems)

When you specialize you can become a master of your chosen field. Being a jack of all trades may bring versatility but it does not bring mastery of all trades. Cummins specializes in diesel engines and

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Is The 8.3 Cummins a Good Engine? (Review, Oil Capacity, HPs)

The thing about motors is that when under heavy loads and lots of stress they tend to break down. Advancing technology has given motor makers advanced tools to overcome those problems and keep their motors

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