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DEF Light On But Tank Is Full International – Freightliner

While error codes are your friend, they are not that friendly when they malfunction. In fact, it can be downright annoying when they light up and nothing is wrong. This means you have to find the malfunction

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Cummins M11 Life Expectancy: Is The M11 Cummins a Good Motor?

Engine longevity is a must. No one wants to pay a large sum of money only to have the engine fail within the first year. To reach that long lifespan, you do need to maintain your new engine and make sure

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Freightliner M2 Belt Diagram (5.9 Cummins Belt Routing Guide)

Belt diagrams help. It is not easy to remember where every part goes or how it is to be routed. A good diagram should give you the edge you need to put an engine’s belt on without too much difficultyIt

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How Much Oil Does a 6.7 Cummins Take? (ISB 6.7 Oil Capacity)

When metal slides against metal, the two surfaces heat up. When they get hot enough they can weld themselves together. That problem becomes oil’s vital role. It stops welding from happening and makes

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What Does SPN 111 Mean? (Cummins Fault Code 111 Explained)

When it comes to engines and error codes, there are too many components in the motor, and too many error codes to know their meaning. Unless you have the code book in your glove box, it will be too hard

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Is The CAT C13 a Good Engine? (CAT C13 Twin Turbo Problems)

Some models are good, some are not. In the case of engines, when they are upgraded, a lot can change. The good engine becomes bad because of all the new parts that have ruined anything that made it good.

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The 330 CAT Diesel Engine Guide: Specs, MPG, Review

There are plenty of engines. This should make powering your RV easier but you do not always get a choice in what engine is doing the powering. If you are serious about RV life, then you should do some

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Duramax Won’t Start: Fixing Duramax Diesel Starting Problems

Don't always expect the problem to be major. Sometimes the issue may be something very minor. You can never tell with these modern motors. They are very finely tuned and leave very little room for error.

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Cummins ISX Years To Avoid (2004-2007 ISX Cummins Problems)

Successors are not always good. When you have to replace something that is good or excellent, the next invention may not be so good. This is the case with the Cummins ISX engine. It was the successor to

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Freightliner 6.7 Cummins ISB Belt Diagram (Routing)

It may seem like a unique part to use to make engines go but without a belt, your RV is not going very far. Just like a person who is wearing oversized pants. They are not going very far either without

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