Best Tuner For a Ford V10 Motorhome (Economy, Cost, Reviews)

Despite what manufacturers may say, there are after-market companies that have the ability to boost your engine’s power. That is what a tuner is all about - more power. Depending on your towing situation, you may or may not need this after-market work.

There are several good companies out there that provide you with a top tuner upgrade. Banks, 5 Star, and Brazels are just three of those companies. The question will be if these upgrades will fit your budget or not.

To learn more about getting the best tuner for your Ford V 10 motorhome, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you can get the best information and make an informed decision. Sometimes more power is not worth the expense in many towing situations.

Can You Tune a Ford V10?


Yes, you can do this if you want to. It is not mandatory to do an after-market tune to your V10 engine. But if you need the extra boost, it is nice to know that there are some top companies out there with some very high-quality parts to get you more power or more MPG.

Whether you can tune a V10 in the after-market arena may depend on the type of V10 that is under your hood. According to the 5-Star tune, your engine may not step up into the Open Loop as it is factory set to operate in a Closed Loop system.

The correction needed may help the 2v V10 gain more power and torque if it is possible to make the right power adjustment. The tune you get will depend on if torque converter strategies can be reworked or not.

Ford seems to have restricted its torque shift transmission to the point where in a non-towing situation, your transmission will only use 4 gears. A good tune can alter that set-up and have you using all gears including going into OverDrive faster.

There are some configurations needed depending on the type of V10 and transmission your vehicle has.

Can I Add a Tuner To a Ford V10?

Unless you have top motor mechanical skills, it is best to leave this work to those professionals who do it on a daily basis. With that said, you should be able to add a tuner to your Ford V10 if the conditions are right.

You need to understand computer technology for engines to make the installation work correctly. That is because these tuners connect to your vehicle’s computer through the OBD2 diagnostic port.

If you do not know how to attach one, it is best to let the professionals handle the installation. Once the installation is done right, you should see a boost in the areas the tuner is designed to work.

For example, it will depend on the number of functions your tuner is designed to use. This can be a limited range of functions or a very wide range of functions. To get the right one for your vehicle you need to talk to the companies that build and install these tuners.

Some of the functions include boosting your MPG, horsepower, and torque while other models conduct speedometer correction, diagnostics, gauge monitoring, transmission shift point adjustment, and much more.

Ford V10 Tune-Up Kits

There are quite a few after-market tune-up kits that you can research and look through. These tune-up kits range in function and compatibility. It is the latter you should be most concerned with first. The number of functions would be second.

Here are some kits you can look at and investigate further:

1. 5 Star Tuning- very extremely versatile and extensive compatibility

2. Superchips Flashpaq 5- versatile in functions but limited in compatibility

3. Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2- limited functions but extensive when it comes to compatibility

4. Bully Dog 40417- very versatile when it comes to functions and extensive when it comes to compatibility

5. DiabloSport 8345- extremely versatile when it comes to function and extensive when it comes to compatibility

6. Edge Products 15051- limited in functions but extensive in the compatibility department

7. Hypertech 42501- it is versatile when it comes to functions but limited when it comes to compatibility

8. SCT Performance 40490- versatile for functions and extensive when it comes to compatibility

9. Hypertech 2100- not the best option on the block as it is limited in compatibility and does not have a lot of functions available

10. Power Tune Performance- versatile in function but limited in compatibility.

These are not the only options you have available so do some good research when you want to boost your power, etc.

Ford V10 Tune-Up Cost


The cost is going to depend on the type of tuner you buy. For a simple tuner and programmer for a Ford motorhome you are looking at paying $449 for the device, etc. For a throttle controller, you are looking at paying $259.

Those prices come from the 5 Star Tuning website. They have a large group of categories to go through so it is best to contact them to get the price for your specific vehicle and engine.

For many products on the above list, you should be prepared to pay at least $300 and up to just over $500 on Amazon. Then you have to factor in the labor costs, etc., if you hire someone to do the work.

The best thing to do is be careful of your terminology. If you just say tune-up the dealer may think only of changing the spark plugs, wires, air filter, and similar parts. You need to be specific and ask about a tuner for your V10 engine.

One company sells a tuner for just over $500 however, these devices are supposed to be illegal in California and companies may not ship to a California address. Make sure you read all the details before submitting your order.

Ford V10 Fuel Economy Tune

You will run into many different opinions on which tuner will provide you with the best economy. Here are three options that may help you decide or you can go with one of the ones already listed above:

1. SCT Livewire TS+ - it has been given a 5-star rating at one review site. It is not a hand held model but comes with touch screen capabilities. It will show far more information than a hand-held model while boosting your HP by 23 to 25 TQ.

2. DiabloSport 8145 inTune i3- A nice hand held model that seems to work well in different driving scenarios. Plus, it works with octane levels of 87, 91 & 93. Then it is easy to use and can be operated while you are driving. This device is loaded with features for your convenience.

3. Superchips Flashpaq F5- This model is mentioned in the list above and it is also a hand-held model. It is preloaded and ready to boost your engine by 13 HP and 31 torque. This device may help you read and clear diagnostic codes a lot faster. In addition, it can work through your laptop if the need arises.

Ford V10 Programmer Reviews

The people in the know, Ford V10 owners, seem to like 5 Star the best. It seems that the owner writes his own custom tunes for the specific customer. This work has given him an edge over his competition.

Also, it is said that he provides great customer service. That is always a bonus. Some of the Ford V10 owners have said to stay away from the over-the-counter programmers. No real reason was given why this is so but it may be due to the fact they are not as good as the 5 Star Tuning programmer.

The one drawback to a programmer though is that it may not be helpful in all towing situations. If you are just towing a 16-foot boat trailer, then you may not need one. Your towing situation will determine if you need to take this step or not.

The other drawback is if you live in California. No programmer or tuner will do you any good if you live in that state. To get one, you need to have the company send the tuner or programmer to a relative or good friend who lives outside of California. Then have them send it to you.

Ford V10 SCT Tuner Reviews


This is the same scenario as the previous section. 100% of the Ford V10 members on their discussion forum recommend the 5 Star Tuner. They have nothing but praise for this device and its owner.

The owner turns out t be a sponsor of the Ford Truck Enthusiasts discussion forum. They are impressed by his work, his customer service as well as his products.

We have not come across anything bad that has been said about the 5 Start Ford V10 SCT tuner. His product is a hand-held model that is filled with functions that make it very versatile.

When you do not need it, it is lightweight and small enough to store with ease. If you are driving a diesel engine, the Edge Diesel Evolution model is said to be the best one for that type of engine.

Its color display is said to be second to none and it is quite user-friendly as well as easy to use. You have a lot of choices to choose from and it is best to talk to people who use the specific model you are interested in. That way you should get the best information on individual tuners.

5 Star Tuning V10 Motorhome Reviews

We have said just about everything good there is about this tuner option. Most Ford V10 owners are more than satisfied with their purchase and installation of this product. One went as far as to say that they would not do without it on their engine.

Here is the problem though. If you add this or any other tuner to your engine, and you are still under warranty, you may have warranty coverage issues. This is something you have to be wary of as they will check your onboard computer and see if the engine has been tuned or not.

The one thing about the 5 Star system though is that it is supposed to be able to return your engine back to factory settings. So you may avoid issues if that is true.

The discussion on several forums and threads has all been positive concerning the 5 Star Tuner. Most owners say it is the best purchase they have made despite the risks.

The other problem would be that this and other tuners may mess with the federal emissions guidelines which would also put you at risk of being in trouble.

Best Tuner For a Ford V10 Motorhome

There are many to choose from and each reviewer has their favorite product. But if the owners of the Ford V10 motorhome have any influence, then the 5 Star tuner is the best of the bunch.

In fact., one review site did place it at #1 in their top ten list. On a shorter mechanics list, the 5 Star tuner was selected as number one as well. It also mentioned the 2017 award it received for being the best.

It has been the Motorhome magazine reader’s choice award winner for several years. When it comes to Ford V 10 owners, hands down they all selected this product as the best tuner for this engine.

One of the reasons this product gets such high accolades is that it is designed to work with Ford engines. It can also be designed to work with other engines judging by the company’s website.

Some of those other brands are limited to Chevy and the cars it works best with are the Corvette and the Camaro. But generally, this is a product made for Ford engines.

How Much Power Can You Get Out Of a Ford V10 Engine?


When the engine is stock and does not have any help, you can get about 305 to 362 HP out of one of these motors. The 1999 model year saw 305 HP while the 2010 model year had 362 HP.

The only figure we have seen so far for this motor is that with the right tuner, you may be able to get an extra 13 HP out of the engine. Fuel mileage has not been as encouraging either. Some companies are saying that you may only get between 1/2 to 1 mpg difference by adding a good tuner.

Other companies are reporting that you may get a high single and low double-digit boost in MPGs. Your results will depend on the type of tuner, your engine, and other factors.

What many users like about these tuners is the quicker acceleration they get. They love that jump off the line as well as the better reaction when they are going uphill.

These additions to the performance have drivers reporting that their vehicles are more fun to drive. The quicker throttle response is the major factor and not the added HP.

What is The Best Rpm For a Ford V10?

When you investigate this topic, you will find that the many different owners talking about this topic on a discussion forum will have different limits to report. The results you get may fall in line with what they say or they may be a bit higher.

Most owners reported a figure in the 4000 RPM range. Some have said 3200 is their best RPM but that seems to be a bit on the low side. However, the stock limit is said to be at 5500 RPM.

There are some RV owners who tow their trailers uphill and they have reported getting between 4000 and 4400 RPM at best. What seems to keep the figures low will be the stock limiters.

These little devices protect the engine from high RPMs and as long as you do not bypass them, you should not have to worry about hurting your engine. Some owners have gotten 5200 and 5300 RPMs with stock PCM limiters and could only go between 95 and 98 mph at maximum speeds.

As we said, your results will differ depending on your driving situation. But do not expect to reach and maintain 6500 RPM although some owners have reached that level.

That RPM level was reached with an engine with an overhead cam design. If you set the limit to 6000 RPM you should still be fine with a Ford V10 engine.

Some Additional Words

Those Ford owners that pull or tow a heavy weight are the ones in need of a tuner. They need more power to make it over hills or to travel long distances. The best tuner that we have seen for a Ford V10 seems to be the 5 Star Tuning model.

It is made for Ford engines and it does make all the users very happy with their results. The majority, if not all, do not regret adding the tuner to their engines.

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