Cat 3208 Injection Pump Diagram, Problems, and Removal Guide

The CAT 3208 engine is over 20 years old and it is bound to have mechanical problems. One of those parts that you will see fail on you is the fuel pump. But the fuel pump should still be an easy fix as there are multitudes of this engine still around.

There should be 3 bolts holding the fuel pump to the housing. You have to remove those bolts but two of them are very difficult to reach. It will take time to remove all the parts connected to the fuel pump before you can remove that part.

To learn more about this process, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible to do this job yourself. However, it will take some time as you may need a special tool to remove certain parts.

Cat 3208 Injection Pump Problems


There are a few of these that are common for every 3208 owner. The drawback to fixing the engine yourself is that each problem may have 5 to 14 possible sources to go through before you find the one causing all the problems.

1. Misfiring or running rough- there are 10 possible sources for this problem and one could be a bad fuel nozzle. Others are air in the fuel system, the valve was not adjusted correctly, the fuel injection timing is not correct, and the automatic timing advance is not working.

That is to name a few of the possible sources

2. Too much black or gray exhaust smoke- this problem has 14 possibilities and a bad fuel nozzle is one of them. A few more are- fuel setting is not correct, misfiring cylinders, dirty air cleaner, and more.

3. Too much white or blue smoke- there are 14 possible sources here as well starting with the oil level being too high. Then the problem could be low quality fuel, damage to the pistons, worn piston rings or cylinder walls, low quality of fuel, or the outside temperature being too cold.

4. Difficulty in starting- in this situation there are only 11 possibilities you need to check. The first place to check would be your fuel level. If you have no fuel, it won’t start.

Or there is low quality fuel in the system or not enough fuel pressure to keep the engine running. One final one would be bad compression and that is just the tip of the iceberg for this problem.

5. Fuel in crankcase- this is the best of the bunch as there are only 3 possibilities that cause this problem. One is bad seals on the fuel injection camshaft, and another is loose fuel injection nozzle nut and bad fuel nozzle.

If it isn’t the first item then it could also be an obstruction in the transfer line. To see all possibilities for each problem, just click here.

3208 Cat Injection Pump Rebuild Kit


There are these kits available but it can be a difficult choice between buying a remanufactured fuel pump or buying just the kit. The price for the former is running around $3000 so the choice may not be that difficult at all.

One kit, containing all the seals and gaskets you will need runs only $44 at Eveready Engines. At DCP the rebuild kit will cost you $250 but there are a few more components involved with that kit.

Finding a rebuild kit near you may take some searching and your search should start with those engine rebuilding companies. The ones that work on diesel engines will be the best place to start.

Just be ready for some sticker shock as this is not going to be an inexpensive part to rebuild or buy parts for. Do some checking around to make sure you are getting the best parts at the best price.

Cat 3208 Injection Pump Remove And Install


To do this job correctly you will need two tools. One will be a wrench and the other will be an extractor. The latter tool may be a specialty item so be prepared to pay a little more for it.

To start the removal process you need to first remove the flange and the flange assembly from the cover. Next, you need to remove the cover from the housing. Once the cover is off, remove the bypass valve and the springs from the housing.

After that put the extractor on the fuel injection pump and loosen the bushing. Just do not loosen any screws holding the levers to the pump or you will change the calibration.

Now remove the injector pump and the sleeve should slide easily off the lever. Repeat these steps for each pump. To put a new pump on the housing there are just three steps to follow then you reverse most of the steps already mentioned.

First, you need to “turn the camshaft until the lifter for the pump to be installed is at its lowest position.” Then “put the fuel injection pump into the bore of the housing”. The sleeve will automatically engage the lever.

Quoted words are found at this link and you can find images to help you at that website.

Cat 3208 Injection Pump Removal Tool


The model number you will need is 6V4069. If you look up the injection pump removal tool, you may not have much luck. It is an odd-looking tool and it is not that large.

However, at one tool outlet, you are looking to pay $80 to buy this tool. But for that price, you get a lifetime warranty. The company offering this tool and warranty is called Freedom Racing Tool and Auto LLC.

You may be able to find it on eBay but right now they are saying that there is no one selling this tool at the moment. There is a CAT diesel service tool kit on eBay but it is selling for $1000. This kit will have everything you need to work on the 3208 motor.

The final place to check, outside of other tool shops, will be CAT dealers. They should have this tool in stock or may be able to order it for you. It is doubtful that you will find it on Amazon but it may be at Lowes or Home Depot. They are worth trying anyway.

Cat 3208 Fuel Pump


One of the best places to go for replacement parts is the manufacturer. CAT’s store has fuel pumps on sale right now. However, you would have to scroll through their line up to find the correct one for your 3208 engine.

We cannot say what the cost will be as you still have to factor in shipping and other fees. Just contact CAT to have your questions answered and for help finding the right fuel pump.

If the company is not successful in supplying the right part, there are other companies out there that do sell this pump.Mid Distributors is one outfit, and if you want someone near you, check with engine rebuilding or diesel parts and accessories outlets.

Those are good options to try, as are junkyards and the classified ads. The good news is that CAT made a lot of these engines so even after 20 years there is still a good supply of parts for this engine.

The key is to be patient and keep looking till you find what you need at the price you want.

Cat 3208 Injection Pump Diagram

Finding a good diagram with a legend to identify all the parts is not always an easy task to perform. Sometimes it is best to go directly to CAT or one of their dealers to see what they can do for you.

Here is a larger diagram without a legend:


And here is a more detailed but harder to read diagram with a legend:


If these two diagrams do not get the job done for you, then the best place to look would be CAT or one of its dealers. Using both diagrams should help you identify each part clearly, and see where they go.

If you do not want to do the work yourself, it is best to let a professional do it for you. They will have all the specialty tools CAT has invented to work on their engines.

It will be the tools that will make repairing this engine more difficult and expensive if you do not already have them.

Some Additional Words

Working on engines can be therapeutic for most men. It is a good hobby or activity to do that lets you get your hands dirty. The key to DIY mechanical work will be having the right tools and the knowledge to have a successful repair time.

The special tools needed in this case may be a bit too expensive for some people. That is why it is best to leave the mechanical work on this engine to the professionals. But it is your choice.

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