What Is Code SPN 3719 FMI 31, FMI 0, FMI 16? (Freightliner)

Not all codes concern a real problem. That may be a good thing. Sometimes all you need is information so you know what you should do in the near future. The correct thing to do in this case is not to delay any possible investigation into these codes as conditions do exist.

When it comes to SPN 3719 FMI 31 all you are getting is an information-only code. The FMI 31 is telling you that a condition exists and you should look into it as soon as you have time. The rest of the codes indicate a soot problem.

To learn about this code, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you know what to do when the following codes are set on your dash screen.

What is The Fault Code SPN 3719?


We have checked several SPN 3719 FMI codes and the problem that this code is warning you about is a soot build-up. The 3719 portion of the code only tells you of the general problem. You will need to have the FMI portion set as well to know how serious this code can be.

Some FMi codes are more serious than others and tell you the level is severe. Depending on the FMI portion, you may or may not experience a derate. In some cases, you will have to act very quickly.

Once you do the regeneration, you will have to clear all codes before you can get back on the road again. It is possible to see other codes set at the same time. You should deal with those first before doing your parked regen. Sometimes a NOx code will be set and may have a similar problem.

SPN 3719 FMI 31


The SPN 3719 FMI 31 code tells you the following information- Dpf Zone 2 Condition: Diesel Particulate Filter 1 Soot Load Percent Condition Exists. The FMI part of the code is only 2 words- condition exists.

What this means is that when you see SPN 3719 you know that there will be a problem with soot and it is probably building up on you. The FMI 31 code is the one you want as it is just telling you that a problem is coming and you should do something now before the problem gets worse.

When you get the SPN 3719 FMI 31 warning, you should do a stationary regeneration to clear the code. There are no other steps involved in resolving this problem.

Fortunately, this is a silent code and triggers when the Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Lamp is Flashing in "Regen Zone 2.

SPN 3719 FMI 16


This code will also be related to your soot problem. It says- Soot Level High: Diesel Particulate Filter 1 Soot Load Percent Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range - Moderately Severe Level.

The instructions to handle this code are- “When this code is detected, the operator has two minutes to execute the entry conditions, cycle clutch switch (manual transmission), cycle parking brake, cycle neutral switch (automatic transmission), then initiate regeneration request.

If this procedure is not completed within this time limit, the engine will shut down and the regeneration procedure must be restarted.”

As you can see by the instructions, you only have 2 minutes to do this regen. Also, you should check to see if your CPC4 has the right configuration. If it does, go to the OEM instructions to finish the repair. If not, update the CPC4.

Then clear all codes so you can drive again.

SPN 3719 FMI 0


FMI 0 seems to be the most severe portion of the code no matter which SPN number it is attached to. According to the official list of SPN codes, this code means- Soot Level Very High: Diesel Particulate Filter 1 Soot Load Percent Data Valid But Above Normal Operational Range - Most Severe Level

According to two different data sheets, you have two different routes you can take to clear this problem before anything major takes place. The first data sheet says:

When this code is detected, the operator has two minutes to initiate regeneration request. Perform a parked regeneration. Clear all codes following the completion of the parked regeneration.” (source)

The second data sheet says: “1. Connect DiagnosticLink™.

2. Check for proper configuration of the CPC4 against the server information. Does the CPC4 have the proper


a. Yes; replace the CPC4. Refer to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) literature.

b. No; reprogram the CPC4 with the correct the information as necessary. Go to step 3. to verify repair.

3. Clear fault codes. Turn ignition OFF and disconnect DiagnosticLink. Wait five minutes for all modules to power down.

Verify repair.” (source)

Fault Code SPN 3719 FMI 15


This is probably the second most hoped-for code when the SPN 3719 number pops up. This code means- Dpf Zone 3 Condition: Diesel Particulate Filter 1 Soot Load Percent Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range - Least Severe Level.

According to the Navistar MaxxForce manual, you are to do the following:

Do three Onboard Filter Cleanliness Tests (OBFCT) to clear SPN 3719 FMI 15. Using EST, go to Tests > KOER Aftertreatment Tests > Onboard Filter Cleanliness Test. After OBFCTs are complete, check DTC list to determine if SPN 3719 FMI 15 is still active.

Is SPN 3719 FMI 15 still active? (source). Starting on page 29 you will get your diagnostic information for the SPN 3719 code.

Some Final Words

The good thing about this code is that you do not have to do any mechanical or electrical work. But you still have to do proper maintenance to clear the code and get rid of the soot.

When you see the FMI 31 portion of the code, try not to delay doing any of the required steps to clear the issue before it becomes a big problem. You do not want to reach the FMI 0 stage.

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