What Is Fault Code SPN 2000 FMI 9, FMI 19, FMI 31? (Cummins)

To tell you the truth, we do not like how they numbered the official SPN fault code list. It takes more time to find the code in question than it does to diagnose the actual problem. You will find it… eventually but it may take some time.

The fault code SPN 2000 is all about the loss of communication with the ECM. It reads- Lost Communications With Ecm A (u0100) and Lost Communication With A Cpc Module. With no communication, you may not be able to read any codes.

To learn more about this problem, just continue to read our article. It explores this topic to get you the best information possible. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you overcome this challenge.

SPN 2000 FMI 9


The news is not good with this fault code. According to the NHTSA data sheet, you can expect to see both the MIl and the CEL lights illuminated. But what is worse than that is the following information:

Limp mode, Shut-down condition” From what we understand, you cannot connect any diagnostic code readers like DiagnosticLink and get any codes. Yet, the data sheet says to check for SPN 168 for any FMI.

These codes are related to the battery voltage and that may be the reason the ECM is not communicating with you or any module. The full code meaning is- “ Communication Loss with a Common Powertrain Controller (CPC) Module (CPC Heartbeat Message is no Longer Arriving”

If it is the battery and the problem goes away after fixing it, verify the repair and go on your way. If not, then you have 17 more possible steps to go through before you find the problem.

The second step is:

Have the Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM), Motor Control Module (MCM) or Common Powertrain Controller (CPC) been recently programmed?” Do all of this first before taking the next steps which you can read at this link.

SPN 2000 FMI 31 Bluebird


There is not a lot of information available for his specific brand of vehicles. We checked the Bluebird website and not only do they have a few diagnostic tools you can order, but they also use engines made by different companies.

What that means is that you would have to find the specific engine manufacturer and then look up this code on their lists or use the official SPN fault code list to get a diagnosis.

The latter will not provide any repair information. You may have to take your Bluebird bus or truck to a mechanic to get it properly diagnosed and repaired.

What we do know is that you should check the pins and wires in the electrical harness to see if they have been corrupted or damaged in some way. If so, then clean, repair, or replace those damaged parts. Then check to see if you have restored communication.

All the FMI 31 code tells you is that a condition exists so it is not going to be much help in locating the actual problem. You can also check the data sheet we linked to earlier and see if those repair steps help you out of a difficult problem.

SPN 2000 FMI 19 Cummins


What this code is telling you is the following- “Loss Of Ecu Can Messages” That gives you the right modules to check as well as what you should be checking. This is going to be an electrical problem, not a mechanical one.

We have not found the SPN 2000 code on the complete Cummins list yet but the FMI 19 stands for Received network data in error. What you want to do is look at your electronics first. Always start with the easiest fixes first.

That means checking the wires, the pins, and other connectors to make sure they are not dirty, rubbing against anything, or damaged in some way. There is a lot of information for International vehicles just not much for Cummins for this specific code.

We will get to international issues in the next section. However, we would suggest and advise that you go to your dealer or trusted mechanic and have them investigate this problem. It may not be a problem you can fix and it may need a dealer-level diagnostic system to clear.

International Fault Code SPN 2000 FMI 19


The code explanation and information are coming from the J Pro diagnostic report found at this link. It is for a 2015 International with the Prostar engine and to code reads-

PTC1 (PGN 64892) not received from the engine. Engine Control Module (ECM) not programmed for Aftertreatment, faulty Ecm or faulty drivetrain data link.”

Unfortunately, this report does not provide any repair information. But you should check your battery voltage first. You will get a no-start signal because of this problem and fixing the battery voltage may be the only solution you need to get back on the road.

Also, a drop in voltage can happen during cranking so you need to check the load in your battery to see if that is causing the low voltage when you try to start your truck.

The bigger problem you will have is if other codes are appearing at this time as well. You may have to clear them first before you can find the problem with this code.

Since the ECM is not programmed for aftertreatment, you may have to update the ECM during this process. Check with a mechanic to get all the details on this repair.

Some Final Words

Diagnosing fault codes is not always fun or a picnic. Sometimes it can be very frustrating because the main lists are not recording those fault codes you want to look up.

The key to this problem is to make sure you have all the lists stored on your computer or printed out and kept in a file. At least the ones that relate to your specific engine manufacturer, car or truck brand, and so on.

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