What Is Fault Code SPN 2659 FMI 18? (FMI 14, FMI 0)

Sensors devices are what the ECM and other modules depend on to get the information to operate your engine and other components. When the sensors send bad information, then you get these different codes. S0me codes are better than others but not this one.

The SPN 2659 FMI 18 code tells you - Egr Flow Target Error Diagnostic - Low Flow: Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 (egr1) Mass Flow Rate Data Valid But Below Normal Operating Range - Moderately Severe Level. The repairs may include replacing a few parts.

To learn more about this code, just continue to read our article. It provides you with the best information possible so you can understand what the mechanic is telling you or make a quick repair. The MIL light will be illuminated when this code is set.

SPN 2659 FMI 18 Volvo D13


There is a lot of information available for this particular situation. One of the reasons you can expect to see this code more often in the winter than in the warmer months of the year is that condensation collects in the EGR cooler during the winter months.

Also, if you do extended idling, you can expect to see this code pop up as well. When you get a lot of condensation you should see the following issues- plugged egr diff pressure port, faulty egr pressure diff sensor stuck egr valve or a plugged cooler.

The best way to clean the soot out of the EGR will be to remove and replace it or take the time to steam clean the unit. Or you can “remove the cooler outlet hose and 90-degree pipe at the bottom of the Venturi and use a high volume air gun with a long reach end and blow the air pressure thru the core back and forth until there is little soot coming out.”

The first way is the best way to get rid of the problem. Volvo may say that the EGR needs to be flashed but that is only if the company developed new parameters or information for the EGR since 2015.

If they haven’t done that, then flashing is not going to solve your problem. Finally, check your EGR valve and make sure the PTT software is running it and the setting is not stuck at .1 psi above or below zero.

You should have at least .3 psi when the valve is commanded to be 100% open. Other information about this problem can be found at this link.

SPN 2659 FMI 0


At the official SPN fault code list, there are 3 explanations for this code but they are all related and this is the best explanation- Egr Flow Target Error Diagnostic - High Flow: Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 (egr1) Mass Flow Rate Data Valid But Above Normal Operational Range - Most Severe Level; Egr Flow Target Error Diagnostic - High Flow

Remember when you get an FMI 0 code, you know you are at the most severe level, and action to fix this problem cannot be delayed. You will see the MIL and the CEL lights illuminated and you can expect a 25% derate when they are.

There are 14 steps you may need to follow depending on the exact problem. They all start with the MCM and if it is updated or not. This code can go away if all you need is to update the MCM

You can follow all the steps at this link to make sure you get the right repair. Hopefully, you do not have to go through all 14 steps.

International SPN 2659 FMI 14


You may not find this fault code on the official SPN fault code list. While there are a few codes listed for this SPN number, the FMI 14 is missing. That may be due to the fact that it may apply to MAxxForce engines only.

The code stands for EGR System flow rate error during air management test. The source for this problem could either be a plugged EGR or a throttle control valve sticking. Both problems can come from soot or a carbon build-up.

It is possible to have the intake system plugged in some way. The start of this repair is to connect the EST or electronic service tool to your engine and look for other fault codes. Repair those fault codes first.

One of the steps is to look for damaged wires, etc., and if there are damaged wires, connectors, or loose ones, just make that repair. The rest of the steps can be read at this link. Just scroll down til you get to a series of 3 images.

SPN 2659 FMI 16


While this code is not on the official SPN fault code list, we can still find out what it is. When you see this code, you are being told- Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 Mass Flow Rate: Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range - Moderately Severe Level.

The MIL will be triggered and the possible causes for this fault code will be

-Soot build-up on EGRV

- Failed EGRV

- Failed VGT actuator

- Failed Turbocharger

The first action you need to take is as follows- “Use Electronic Service Tool (EST) with Navistar Æ Engine Diagnostics, check Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) list for Associated Faults” (source).

Depending on the problem, you may or may not have to replace the above parts. The 6 steps of repairs are at that link.

Some Final Words

Soot or carbon build-up can be a problem for many engine components. The openings for the inlets and outlets may not be as large as you would want them to be contributing to the build-up problem.

But if you can clean the soot out, you should be fine. Just make sure to check for other fault codes and make the necessary repairs so your vehicle returns to normal.

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