What Is Fault Code SPN 1814 FMI 9? (VDC Fully Operational)

When you try to fix different fault codes yourself, you will find that some information is missing. That makes doing home repairs almost impossible these days. When you find lists with missing information, you need to talk to the pros who have dealer-level diagnostic equipment.

According to the official SPN fault code list, the fault code SPN 1814 means- J1939 Vdc1 Message Was Not Received Or Has Stopped Arriving. Unfortunately, that is all the official list does for these fault codes. Any other information takes a lot of searching to get the right answers.

To learn more about this code and what to do about it, just continue to read our article. It has the best available information about this fault code to help you fix the problem quickly and avoid going to a repair shop if possible. No promises are made concerning that goal.

What is SPN 1814 FMI 9 Fault Code?


This seems to be an information fault code only. It deals with the fact that some of your modules are outdated and need an update in information to perform their tasks correctly.

Here is what we have been able to find out about this code as it is not a popular one for owners to talk about:

283.1 SPN 1814/FMI 9 - GHG14

VDC1 Message was Not Received or Has Stopped Arriving

Note : The Common Powertrain Controller (CPC) digital outputs have the same SPN as some Motor Control Module (MCM) faults. DiagnosticLink Standard makes the distinction between the MCM and CPC when diagnosing a fault.

1. Check for multiple codes:

1.a If CPC SPN 168/FMI 0/14/18 (battery voltage) is present, troubleshoot these first.

1.b If MCM SPN 625/FMI 9 is present, troubleshoot and repair the Controller Area Network (CAN) line.

1.c If only a J1939 fault is present, Go to step 2.

2. Has the CPC been recently reprogrammed?

2.a Yes; check the proper configuration of the CPC.

2.b No; connect DiagnosticLink to determine which chassis modules are configured for the vehicle and their communication status. Once this is done, follow the appropriate module communication troubleshooting procedures for the affected module. For wiring schematic information refer to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) literature. (source)

When we looked up a more detailed explanation for FMI 9, on the Caterpillar fault code list, this is what we found out:

FMI 09"Abnormal Update Rate". FMI 09 pertains to the communication between the electronic controls on the data link. FMI 09 occurs when an electronic control is not able to receive any information from another electronic control when the electronic control expects to receive information.”

Unfortunately, the complete Cummins fault code list cannot offer any more information. We did not find that fault code on its list nor on the Bendix fault code list. We checked there as someone did mention that the company is associated with this fault code. It wasn’t.

Possible Repair For SPN 1814 FMI 9


If you find that your modules are all updated and current, there is one other repair step you can take. It is a very simple step, one in which you would not need the help of a dealer or a mechanic.

According to one mechanic, if this code is set, you should clean all the terminals and cables going to the ECM. You may want to do that for all other modules that may relate to this problem as preventive medicine.

One other thing you can try is to have the ECM flashed and updated as described above. There is the possibility that you can clear the codes through a partial regen. The reason you do this is that the ECM may not be communicating with some of the sensors.

A dealer did this for one owner when they found this situation in the vehicle. It cleared the code and it never came back. Check to make sure all terminals, wires, and connectors are properly seated and making complete contact.

Freightliner SPN 1814 FMI 9


We have checked several lists for different companies and only Freightliner comes up with this code. However, as we have said in the other articles, the official SPN list records Freightliner, Cummins, and Detroit SPN codes.

The specific Freightliner fault code list has the same explanation and no further details than the official SPN list has- VDC1 Message was not received or has stopped arriving.

The best advice we can give is for you to take your vehicle to your dealer or trusted mechanic and have them explore this code further for you. This is the only SPN 1814 code on the official and other lists.

There should be no other FMI codes attached to SPN 1814. When you search for codes, watch out for those fake websites. They seem to appear when you have a difficult code to look up. Hey will say exactly what you are looking for in their titles but you may get warnings about advancing further.

We should remind you that even for Freightliner, the following codes will need to be dealt with first- CPC SPN 168/FMI 0/14/18 & MCM SPN 625/FMI 9. Notice that there are 4 codes in that list and not 2.

Another piece of advice we can provide is to keep your modules updated regularly. That maintenance habit should help you avoid having these difficult to find SPN codes set.

None of the information we came across said this code affected engine performance or caused a derate.

Some Final Words

There will always be missing information in these code lists until someone compiles an exhaustive list and labels them correctly. That labeling should include cross-references to other manufacturers’ fault code systems.

Until that is done, you may be frustrated by not finding what you need to do. When your private searches fail, you can always go to a mechanic or dealer to see if they can find an explanation and repair instructions for this and other badly recorded fault codes. They do have greater access than the run-of-the-mill owner.

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