Ford 460 Fuel Pump Location, Pressure, Replacement Install

When fuel pumps go bad, it can be a challenge to replace them. These parts are not always found in the most convenient places on your fuel line. Once you find them, the repair can be costly which is never an enjoyable experience.

Usually, the fuel pump on a Ford 460 is located inside the gas or fuel tank. For some reason, automakers have felt that this is the ideal location for this part. It doesn’t seem that way to those who have to drop the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump.

To learn more about this part’s location and other parts, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the information you need to know about it. Then you can make a decision on how to repair the broken fuel pump. You do have options.

Ford 460 Fuel Pump Location


The exact location will depend on several factors. One is if the fuel pump is mechanical or electrical. Some models got the mechanical pump and the owners found the fuel pump near the camshaft.

Other models, got 2 electric fuel pumps and one was usually found in the gas tank while the other was closer to the block The year of the 460 will tell you where those fuel pumps are located as well as if they got the mechanical or electric fuel pumps.

Also, the one that was located near the block was often mounted to the frame. If you have an owner’s manual look for diagrams of the fuel system to get the exact location of your Ford’s fuel pump.

Some people disconnected the in-fuel tank pump and added an exterior one to their fuel system. This seems to work very well and keeps the flow of gas strong and moving smoothly.

460 Ford Fuel Pump Block Off Plate

You may not have heard of this part if you only have electrical fuel pumps. This part is for those Ford 460 owners who have removed their mechanical fuel pump.

What it does is close the hole left behind by the removal of the mechanical fuel pump. According to a parts dealer, this is the best way to close that hole and dress up your vehicle.

This part will range in price depending on who is selling it. Summit Racing has it for a variety of brands and depending on the construction materials, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8 and $15 (rounding up by a penny).

In most cases, these block off plates are installed with 2 bolts only. It is a simple installation taking only a couple of minutes of your time. You should be able to find these block off plates just about anywhere parts are sold.

Ford 460 Fuel Pump Installation


This can be simple and affordable or it can be difficult and expensive. If you are replacing the in-fuel tank fuel pump, the installation is very involved and takes a lot of work to get the task done.

Not only do you need to disconnect the wires and the fuel line connected to the old pump, but you also have to drop the fuel tank to get at it. Once you remove the old pump you reverse your steps and install the new one.

That is the expensive method and many owners opt for that option. But you can do something different. You can leave the old fuel pump in place as well as not drop the fuel tank. All you have to do is disconnect the wires from the old fuel pump and connect them to the new one.

After that, you just find the best location to mount the new fuel pump on the exterior of the fuel tank. You can pump fuel through the old fuel pump so removal is not necessary.

Ford 460 Fuel Pump Diagram

The following diagram comes from a 1990 Ford 460 and if you look closely, you will see the location of the two electric fuel pumps.


Some models of Ford 460s have more than one fuel tank. The following diagram will show you the location of the fuel pumps for that set up. According to the image owner, this diagram is for a 1986 Ford F350 260 engine:


Notice that 2 inline fuel pumps are very close to each other in that diagram. Check with a trusted mechanic for your specific model to see where the fuel pumps are located.

Or check your owner’s manual to see if it contains any diagrams that are easy to follow. These diagrams are for electric fuel pumps only and you may have to do some searching for diagrams containing the mechanical fuel pumps.

Ford 460 Fuel Pump Relay Location


Again, your model may differ from the information we are about to provide. As the years go by designs change. This location is for an E350 Cutaway with a 460 engine.

The owner was having trouble with the fuel supply and the simple components that needed to be checked were okay. He finally went to his fuel pump relay switch which was attached to the radiator support on the underside of that part on the driver’s side of his vehicle.

That is one place to check another would be the firewall on a 1983 F-250 4x4 with a 460. It would be near the brake booster and between the booster and the fender.

Each model may have a different location depending on the year and design. Use your owner’s manual if it has a diagram covering the engine to find the exact location of the fuel pump relay.

If there is no diagram then talk to a Ford mechanic who would know the different locations for this vital part.

Ford 460 Fuel Pump Spacer

This part looks a lot like the fuel pump block off plate except it has a nice opening in the middle of it. It will be secured by two bolts making removal and installation a snap.

All it does is help insulate your fuel pump from the high block heat. These spacers are important as that extra insulation helps protect the fuel pump’s components from heat damage.

The cost of this insulating part is roughly $5 and it is something to consider if you are replacing the old pump with a new one. Spending a little extra money at this point is worth spending a lot later when the new fuel pump breaks down due to heat damage.

This pump spacer should also be on sale at all auto parts outlets but that is never a guarantee. Summit Racing has this part on sale as well.

Ford 460 Fuel Pump Pressure


This figure will change depending on whether you have a carb on your 460 or if your engine is fuel-injected. Generally, for those vehicles with a carb, the psi is around 6 to 8. Some owners have stated that it may be between 5 and 9 psi.

For the fuel-injected models, you need a fuel pump that can reach between 30 and 40 psi to keep the fuel supply at peak performance. The 30 psi is for normal city driving and the 40 would be for highway driving.

Again, these figures are for certain models and ratings may change as design changes are made through the years. It will also depend on if you have a Ford 460 RV, cutaway, or F150 to F450 truck.

Check with your owner’s manual to see if it contains this vital information. If not talk to your Ford dealer or a very good Ford mechanic.

Finding a Ford 460 Fuel Pump Replacement

Once again we find ourselves in a depends situation. The design of the fuel pumps may have changed over the years and it may be a bit more difficult to find an early model your vehicle may need.

But that does not mean the task is impossible. You can check just about any outlet that sells parts for vehicles. These parts supply stores carry a wide variety of parts and also a large selection of different models.

If they do not have it in stock, they may know who does. Or you can go to the internet and look up Summit Racing or some other online parts company. They advertise a variety of parts for different model years and makes for vehicles.

Often they have universal parts that will fit a wide selection of vehicle brands and models. When all else fails, check the local junkyards for the specific part you need.

Some Additional Words

Finding the location of the different fuel pumps is not that difficult of a task. If you have a diagram, that will be your best option but if not, then go to a local Ford mechanic and have him show you where they are.

The best way to make an intank fuel pump repair is to replace it with an exterior fuel pump. That option is fast, safe, and secure as well as inexpensive.

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