Finding 460 Motorhome Headers (Best Headers For Ford 460)

Upgrading your older engine is always fun to do as you get to give your older engine new life. However, depending on the age of the engine, you may not always find compatible modern parts. Some original parts companies discontinued their lines and a junkyard may be the only place to find what you need.

Banks Power may still make the top-of-the-line headers. However, you may not be thrilled by the overall cost of that brand. Hedman makes a more affordable version and they are almost as good as banks. Talk to your local mechanic to see what they recommend.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about when it is time to upgrade your Ford 460 and give it new life. Just do not be surprised at the cost of these newer parts.

460 Motorhome Headers


The Ford 460 that was used in many RVs was built between 1987 and 1997, but there may be some overlap years as well. Just 10 years later the cost for a dealer to replace these parts on that engine ranged between $1700 and $2300 for the best brands.

But the advice given at the time was that ceramic headers were the optimum type to install in your motorhome. That may still be true today. The ceramic coating protects all the components under the hood that are near those new headers.

There are companies that make headers for the Ford 460 but again, the cost of these parts may blow your budget. The majority of these companies are selling them for over $1000 with just one selling them for under $500.

What they will cost for your RV may be a different story as many mechanics and dealers boost the price because you’re an RV owner and you can afford the extra fee.

With all this said, you can still get top-quality headers if you need to upgrade your older pair or give your engine new life. Good headers do contribute to better fuel efficiency, etc. Finding the right pair is another story and it may take some searching to get a good set.

Best Headers For Ford 460


One of the issues you may find in this search is that some of the top companies do not make headers for the 460 anymore. Hedman and Gibson are just two of those companies. They still make headers but not for motorhomes.

Banks is still in the business and it is one of the more highly recommended companies you can deal with. The drawback with buying Banks headers is that they are very expensive.

You can try Thorley if they are still in business. The news that they were came from 7 years ago and a lot changes over 7 years. Sanderson is another company to check out but their options range in price from roughly $600 to over $1000.

Hedman is said to make truck headers that may work for your older RV and their cost is a lot lower than Sanderson and Banks. Their prices are in the lower hundreds of dollars for many of their models.

Banks headers are selling for around $1450+ with one option at one location selling for $750. They also have some models in the $1200 range. While these companies are famous and have been around a long time, they may not always be the best.

You should check out some of the lesser-known companies to see if their products match up with the bigger-name companies.

1995 Ford 460 cu in For Motorhome Exhaust Headers


Summit Racing seems to be the go-to company when you want older headers. They have some Hedman street headers on sale for $479 and they are supposed to fit this year and the size of the motor.

Banks offer a set of headers for this engine model. However, they are almost $1000 more expensive than the Hedman pair for sale at Summit Racing. The justification for the higher cost is made through the headers construction, etc. The company says:

- Virtually indestructible 100% Stainless Steel

- Mandrel-formed tubes tune exhaust flow for maximum torque

- Maximize exhaust extraction

- Flanges welded on both sides, then milled flat

- Seamless high-velocity collector

- Pulls exhaust and slashes backpressure

- Tuned specifically for motorhomes

- 5/8 inch thick flanges won't warp or flex

- No sealant or gaskets are required

- Includes Y-pipe, head pipe, and heat shielding

- Designed to run cooler to protect expensive plug wires

- No need for factory heat shields (source)

The 460 Common Problem


While this was a good motor for RVs at the time, it also came with one major common problem. Not everyone is going to face this issue but enough RV owners who have the 460 installed have.

Getting new headers has been a major topic for almost 2 decades now. The problem is - the right rear exhaust manifold bolt breaks and warps the manifolds. Sometimes the head breaks at the bolt hole.

It is said that a new set of headers is the cure for this problem. You may need to get the ‘Y’ pipe and run a single exhaust. The bad news is that you may fix this problem but you won’t see a rise in fuel efficiency.

Some Additional Words

Even if you own an older RV with the Ford 460 engine inside, you can still get parts. There are enough companies still making key components for this engine. The problem will be the price.

Banks seem to be the best as they are the most recommended company we came across in 2003, 2009, 2013, and 2016. They are probably still the best company to work with as their products seem to be highly rated by those RV owners who bought some.

Take some time to check out all the companies that still make headers for this size of the engine. They may be cheaper but still good.

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