What Is Fault Code SPN 3510 FMI 4? (Cummins, Freightliner)

When you buy a modern motor, you will find that there seems to be a code for just about every problem imaginable. You probably never thought so many things could go wrong with a motor. Unfortunately, that is where technology and regulations have taken everyone.

This fault code stands for Accelerator Pedal Supply Voltage Circuit Failed Low. When it is triggered, you should get an amber light on your dash and you may experience a possible reduction in engine performance when it appears.

To learn more about this fault code, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can fix the problem without delay. However, there are a possible 13 steps you have to take to get it fixed.

What is Diagnostic Code SPN 3510 FMI 4?


There are a couple of options you have to investigate to make sure you have fixed the problem and can clear the code. The first is- Accelerator Pedal Sensor Supply Signal failed low.

The second option could be- This fault indicates that the MCM detects a short to ground (voltage < 4.7) on either of the MCM pins listed in Table "MCM Pins for Short to Ground Check". Those pins could be either 82 or 85.

If it is 82, then this is the possible issue you have to deal with “TSS, Fuel Line Pressure Sensor, Fuel Compensation Pressure Sensor, Engine Oil Pressure Sensor.

If it is pin #85, then this is the possible issue you have to solve- Turbo Inlet Pressure/Temp Sensor, DPF Inlet, and Outlet Pressure Sensors. This information comes from the Detroit Diesel troubleshooting manual, section 111.2.

The instructions to fix these problems are to inspect the wiring harness, locate the damage, and repair it as needed. Then the manual says to verify repairs. To do that, you simply follow the upcoming instructions:

Turn ignition OFF.

Reconnect any electrical connections that were disconnected to perform the diagnosis.

Clear codes with DDDL 7.0 or the latest version.

Start and bring the engine up to operating temperature (over 140°F/60°C).

Verify operation is satisfactory and no warning lamps illuminate. If warning lamps illuminate, troubleshoot the codes.” (source)

5v Sensor Supply Bank 2 Circuit Failed Low


The steps to check and repair this problem are as follows:

1. Turn the ignition off

2. Disconnect the accelerator pedal connector

3. At this stage, you are to inspect the wiring harness for any damage to the wires or the connectors. You are also to look for moisture in the connectors, etc. If you find these elements, then repair and go to the instructions for verifying the repair. If there is no damage, etc., move to step 4.

4. Turn the key to the ‘on’ position and clear the codes and cycle the engine.

5. Using the Diagnostic Link tool monitor the code and see if it goes inactive. If it does, then reconnect your pedal, clear codes, and verify the repair. If not move on to the next step which is to turn the ignition off.

6. Disconnect the #1 connector of the Common Powertrain Controller (CPC).

7. Now measure the resistance between the #8 & #4 pin on the CPC #1 connector. If the resistance is below 10,000 ohms then make the repairs needed and if it is above, go to the next step

8. Disconnect the #3 connector and do the same thing to pin numbers 2 and 3. If under 1o,000 ohms make the repair and if not, move to the final step.

The final step has you measuring the resistance between the #3 pin and the ground on the CPC #3 connector. If the resistance is under 10,000 ohms, make the repair there. If not, then the accelerator pedal needs to be replaced.

SPN 3510 FMI 4 Cummins


The Cummins fault code for this SPN FMI number is #187 and you will find it on page 1 of the complete Cummins code list we provided previously. What this sheet says this code means is as follows:

Sensor supply voltage 2 - Sensor Supply 2 Circuit - Voltage below normal, or shorted to low source”

If you have vehicle electrical experience, this may not be a difficult problem to repair. If you are not, then all this means is that there is low voltage detected at the sensor supply #2 circuit.

In other words, you have a voltage problem as not enough power is getting to the sensor in this area of your engine. What this sensor does is supply 5 volts of power to the sensors found in the engine wiring harness.

This sensor is located in the engine connector part of the ECM. All this code is telling you is that not enough voltage is going through the system. Your job is to find out why that is taking place.

You should either get an amber check engine light or the malfunction indicator lamp or MIL. To clear the code, you have to turn the engine on and let idle for 1 minute and do a key cycle.

The usual source for this problem would be a short somewhere on the 5-volt supply line. You just have to find what is causing the short, replace or repair the damage and then clear the code.

The ECM will clear the code after the repair and after you do the diagnostics test. Or you need a Cummins diagnostic tool or its equivalent to clear the code.

Some Final Words

Not all of the SPN and FMI fault codes are bad or expensive to repair. This is one of those. Once you repair the problem, you should be able to drive normally without any worry.

These codes are there to help you find and fix the problem with these modern motors almost as easily as it was to fix those engines of the mid-20th century. Regulations have caused a lot of changes to those great motors.

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