Finding an RV Muffler Shop Near Me (Motorhome Exhaust Repair)

Watch those price quotes. When you own an RV, repair shops often think you can afford higher prices. Then they boost their regular fee as high as they feel is possible and then quote you that fee. To get your RV muffler repaired or replaced, watch those quotes as they can be quite high.

Finding an RV muffler repair shop near you will not be difficult. There are all sorts of these shops advertising on the Internet and they are from around the country. Of course, you can use an app or a special website to see how many are close to you.

To learn more about this topic, and how to find an RV muffler repair shop near you, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can get the muffler professionally changed at a reasonable price.

Finding an RV Muffler Shop Near Me


There are several avenues you can take to find a repair shop near you. The old-fashioned way is done when you do not have an internet connection. This way involves driving around in your car or truck to see if there are these types of shops in the area.

Or you can ask key people where one is located and this works when you are in a strange town. Many repair shops will advertise they fix RV issues including mufflers, but watch out for those quotes. They can be budget-busting.

Another avenue to take would be to get on your computer or cell phone and type in RV muffler repair shops and look through the results. There are many options that pop up on a results page and you just have to take the time to filter through them.

Or you can type in city name then yellow pages and look through the digital yellow pages for shops near you. The final option would be to look at Craigslist or classified ads websites that can pop up on a good search.

There should be some companies advertising this service but again, watch out for those scam artists who will charge high but do very bad work. You can try looking for the traditional classified ads newspapers in the city you are in or vacationing in. They often have ads for this type of service as well.

Finally, you can use this link to find some RV mufflers or just repair shops to help you out of a jam.

No matter the avenue you take, it should not be a problem to find a shop near you. The key is to watch how much they quote you but sometimes, you may not have a choice but to pay that high price.

Motorhome Exhaust Repair


This is actually a straight forward repair unless you have a lot of twists and turns that require specially-made exhaust pipes. Those you may be only able to order through your brand’s dealer.

However, generally, you will only have to replace the muffler and possibly a hanger or two. This simplifies the repair and lowers your cost if you get the work done at an honest shop.

It is possible to do the work yourself or hire a skilled mechanical handyman. But you would need to have a strong jack, a welder, and the parts to replace the old muffler. Depending on your RV’s design, the hangers may just be screwed into place.

The cost of the parts will depend on where you buy them and the level of quality of the muffler, etc. This will take some shopping around as dedicated RV repair shops may sell their mufflers for over $300 depending on the style, etc.

The one company we checked out did not say if their -rice included labor or not. That is one question you need to ask as labor costs boost your expenses a lot higher.

Some people suggested going to the different auto parts stores to buy your muffler and hangers. That may cut your costs significantly. The key to using this option is to make sure you buy the correct muffler for your RV.

What is The Average Cost Of a New RV Muffler?


This is a tough question to answer as the average cost for an RV muffler ranges. That range depends on who is doing the selling and the labor work. One outfit says their labor cost is between $71 and $89 but the muffler, etc., are priced in the $900 range.

Auto Zone divides the categories and the two categories are vastly different in terms of cost. For an aftermarket model, you can expect to pay between $50 and $400 depending on your RV. Their OEM models' average cost is roughly $1000+.

One outlet we checked had prices ranging from $150 to $800 and we did not check all the mufflers they had in stock. It is the labor costs that may really get you as another outfit charges between $81 and $102 per hour.

There is no real national average figure as every repair shop is going to charge their own labor and parts prices. Plus, the prices will change without any notice. It is time-consuming work, but you may have to make a lot of phone calls or send a lot of emails to the individual companies to get a price you can afford. Then there is no guarantee those shops will respond to you in a timely manner.

10-Inch Muffler Bracket For RV


These are available and they all seem to be priced reasonably. The problem is that you have to do some investigating of the different websites that offer this size of hanger for sale.

One website offers a few bracket options but they do not list the exact size. The reason for that is that those brackets come in a variety of prices for the same price. That company’s prices ranged between $20 and $60.

Other companies will simply offer only hangers and not brackets. These two will range in price and size. In the end, after all that looking, you may not find the size or the price you want.

Another website has at least one model available but you are looking at paying $60 including tax, etc. Amazon has a wide variety of hangers but not brackets. Those are reasonably priced at under $20 for the most part.

The best advice that can be given is to talk to RV parts outlets, auto parts stores, and other locations that sell mufflers to see what is available at what price. This is the best that can be said when you find yourself camping when your muffler goes.

Just be careful where you shop as the cost can always rise without you knowing.

RV Generator Muffler Kit


If you are looking for specific brands, Onan sells one kit for generator mufflers. It seems to come with all the parts you need and the part you may be looking for is- Onan RV Generator Muffler Kit 2800 Series 541-0618.

The drawback to this kit is its cost. It is priced at $320. RecPro seems to sell only one muffler extension kit. This kit brings the exhaust end up above your RV and it is called, the RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit. The price is quite reasonable at #129.

Northern Tool advertises a generator muffler kit for Generac generators. Its model number is Model# 9742 but unfortunately, the web page says it is no longer available. You may check with Generac directly to see if they still make it or a compatible one for your generator.

Finally, you may be able to find the HRepair 44461 RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit on Amazon. It extends the exhaust end another 136 inches and the cost should only set you back about $110 if you can find it on Amazon.

Most of the generator muffler kits focus on extensions, not the actual muffler. It is possible to contact the company that made your generator and see what they have to offer. Of course, you will have to pay shipping if they have the product you want.

Camco and Cummins are advertising they make these kits but the price is to be determined. The extensions look nice and long making sure you and your family do not have to endure the exhaust odor when using the generator.

Some Additional Words

Replacing your RV’s muffler can be an interesting repair task. Not only do you have to watch out for the quality of the muffler and tailpipe, but you have to watch out that the price is not exaggerated because you own an RV.

There are plenty of options available to replace your current muffler. The question you need to answer is will you accept a cheaper after-market one or pay the heavy price for an OEM model?

Good mufflers do come at a reasonable price so going OEM may not be the best option available. Check out the costs so you can decide for yourselves.

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