Hwy 82 New Mexico Road Conditions: Is US 82 RV Friendly?

Road maps only provide an idea. When you look at a road map you will only see different colored lines. These lines only present you with an idea of how the road will be once you are on it. Actual road conditions will depend on topography, construction, weather-related issues, and so on.

According to those who have driven this stretch of highway, the New Mexico portion of US 82 is only bad between Cloudcroft and Alamogordo. It is a hard climb going east and a very difficult test for your brakes if you are headed west.

To learn more about this road and if it is RV friendly or not, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about before you get close to that highway. Take a few minutes to get up to speed on the road conditions for US 82 in New Mexico.

Is US 82 in New Mexico RV-Friendly?


For the most part, yes, it is RV friendly. It is supposed to be a very scenic drive well worth going through the one difficult area that keeps many RVers from returning to this road.

The word is that the uphill portion from Alamogordo is a 6 to 7% grade with a few curves that may have you re-thinking your decision. There is supposed to be a 150-degree turn at the top but it is said not to be too tight.

After that, you have a short tunnel to go through but it has enough clearance for your RV or trailer. In going the opposite direction, you will need to check your brakes before you start your descent.

That 6 to 7% grade going downhill can be rough on the brakes especially if you are towing a heavy load. Other than that, you should have smooth sailing along that highway.

Most RV owners should travel this road once. The scenery is supposed to be spectacular and worth all the trouble you go through. But that is your call to make.

Highway 82 New Mexico Road Conditions


When it comes to road conditions, one thing that never changes will be topography. The road is going to have that one big hill on it and you won’t be able to avoid it or the curves that help you get up or down that hill.

What will change will be any accidents along the route or if there is any road work going on. These are issues that change frequently and to stay abreast of what is happening along this route, you can check this website.

Or you can try this website if the previous one is not giving you the information you are looking for. Also, there may be signs along the highway telling you which radio stations to tune in to get the latest road condition reports about this highway.

Along with traffic accidents and road construction, weather may play a role in how well the road is. This will tell you if the route is RV friendly or not. These are all temporary situations and they will change on almost a daily basis.

Is US 82 a Four-Lane Highway in New Mexico?

Is US-82-a-four-Lane-Highway-in-New-Mexico

From the few photos we were able to view on US 82 highway, the answer is no it is not. It is a two-lane road going up and down that big hill with a thin emergency lane to the sides.

We cannot speak for the rest of the highway as the photos centered on the hill area. Other photos should as limited areas and the junction with Highway 130 is also a 2-lane road.

With the limited evidence available, it is safe to say that you will have to drive carefully and be alert at all times as you do not have a wide road to drive over. The same can be said for the road west of the town of Hope.

Although those roads look great to travel on as there are wide open spaces and no rock walls looming overhead. You should be able to enjoy the drive once you get past that hill.

You can always check with the New Mexico DOT for any road conditions. They would know exactly where any trouble spots would be and which roads would be your best detour routes.

Rockslide Highway 82 New Mexico


This is one of the dangers when traveling through mountainous areas. While the mountains of New Mexico may not be as tall as the Rockies, you still have to worry about rock slides.

In January of 2023, the most recent rock slide took place. It completely blocked the road with rocks that were too big and heavy to move without heavy duty equipment. However, this particular rock slide was not that bad and it only took a few days to re-open the road.

This has been the most recent rock slide in the area and it took place on the road near Cloudcroft. These events will happen at any time and you will not get any notice about them until well after they have happened.

If you spotted a similar problem, an accident, or anything that impacts road conditions, you can use the two websites linked above to file a report and let officials know about it.

Do not worry about being the 4th or 5th person to file a report. You never know when you are the first to spot the problem.

Some Additional Words

Generally speaking, this road is one of the more scenic drives you can take when you have all the time in the world. Driving the hill up or down is a good experience and helps you improve your driving skills.

But once you are past that hill, you should have an easier time of it no matter which direction you are traveling. Whether you drive the hill or not is up to you. Just make the best decision for you and your RV situation.

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