Garden State Parkway Height Restrictions (Trucks and RVs)

RVs are an exception. While there are many restrictions on the Garden State Parkway, if your RV is under a certain weight and height, you should have no problem driving this Parkway. Most of the restrictions are for commercial vehicles not privately owned ones.

The height restriction for this Parkway is 13 feet 6 inches. Any taller than that and you may have trouble going under signs, and other elevated obstructions. North of exit 105, your combined weight must not reach 10,000 pounds or greater.

To learn more about this restriction, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible. Once you get it, you can safely make your plans to use this route for your RV adventures.

Garden State Parkway Height Restrictions


This information does not take up a lot of space. As you should have read already, your RV has to be lower than 13’ 6” to make it all the way through this 172-mile length. Also, you should be concerned about the length of your tow vehicle and trailer.

Some reports say that your RV cannot be over 45 feet and with a trailer, not over 62 feet. But check with the authorities to double-check those figures. They may change at any time.

When you enter New York, the height restriction remains the same but the length restriction changes. It goes down to 55 feet for tow vehicle trailer combination.

If you are on the Parkway and in doubt about some of the restrictions, it is said that there are what are called Parkettes stationed along the Garden State Parkway to provide drivers with helpful information.

Can RVs Go on The Garden State Parkway?

Yes, they can. It has been reported that RVs do not have specific restrictions since they are considered private vehicles. What the owner needs to worry about is the overall weight of the RV.

This is one mandatory restriction and RV owners need to make sure they know their weight and the maximum limit. You cannot be oversized if you want to take this more scenic route between New York and New Jersey.

If you are riding a motorcycle pulling a trailer, you are not allowed on this Parkway. Unless things have changed, motorcycles are not permitted to ride along this road.

Make sure to watch your length as there will be different requirements the further you go along this road. The other thing to watch out for is the tolls. You can end up paying between $9 and $11.45 in tolls the further you travel.

Can a Class B RV Go On The Garden State Parkway?


As long as it meets all requirements, there should be nothing stopping this Class of RVs from traveling the Garden State Parkway. Class B RVs are small and lighter than tow vehicles and trailers, as well as Class C and A RVs.

There should not be a problem when you take this Parkway to your destination. Also, it has been reported that except for the height issue, state troopers do not normally enforce the weight rules on this Parkway.

The reason for that is that it can be a little difficult to estimate the weight of an RV unless it is really long and oversized. The larger 5th wheels and other trailers may put you past the length restrictions as well.

Garden State Parkway RV Restrictions

Some people have mentioned that there are certain areas of the Garden State Parkway that RVs are not allowed to drive. However, those people did not specify which areas those are.

What we have found out is that except for height, weight, and length, there are no real restrictions for RVs on this Parkway. If you go north of exit 105, then those RVs and towed trailers weighing over 10,000 pounds cannot continue.

You would have to find an alternative route. That restriction may be a blessing in disguise as you may be able to find alternative routes that bypass the toll booths.

Any RVs that measure over 45 feet in length cannot use the Parkway and a combination of tow vehicle and trailer are restricted to being shorter than 62 feet in length.

Just take the appropriate precautions when you get close to that highway and you should be fine.

Can You Tow a Trailer on Garden State Parkway?


Yes, you can and you have a lot of leeway in what type of trailer you can tow. Since commercial vehicles are not allowed on most of this highway, you would have to find an alternative route if your RV set up has a commercial license.

Then as long as your tow vehicle and trailer combination is under 62 feet, then you should be fine as well. The type of trailers you can tow varies. They can be U-Hauls, boat trailers, travel trailers, and more.

What you would need to watch out for is if you are triple towing. That combination should put you well over the weight and length limits. New Jersey does not allow triple towing.

For more information on that topic, just click double towing laws by state to read our article. Being aware of all the laws of the states you are traveling to will spare you a lot of anxiety and problems.

Can Trucks Go on The Garden State Parkway?

Pick-up trucks are fine as long as they do not go beyond the maximum limits for this Parkway. Commercial trucks are another story and here are some rules that govern those vehicles:

-Oversize and/or overweight trucks and special vehicles are not permitted to use the Bayonne Bridge until further notice. All other commercial vehicles can travel at the posted speed limit for Cashless Tolling.

- Vehicles entering New York City and exceeding a width of 8’ (96”), or a height of 13’6” (162”), or an overall length of 35’ (single-unit Vehicles) or 55’ (multi-unit Vehicles, except on designated legal routes for 53-foot trailers in

New York City), must have a NYC permit

- No trucks or special vehicles are permitted on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey

- No trucks or special vehicles are permitted on the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York

- Convoys, oversize, and overweight vehicles are subject to special restrictions; see the Convoys, Oversize, and Overweight Vehicles section below for more information” (source)

Most RVers do not need to worry about trucks. They usually do not own one unless they get those specially made recreational vehicles that come with a big rig cab. Then you may have some difficulty driving this parkway.

It would be best to contact the New Jersey authorities in charge of the Garden State Parkway to find out about these special RV designs.

Why Are Trucks Not Allowed on The Garden State Parkway?


If the commercial truck weighs more than 10,000 pounds, then they cannot use the Garden State Parkway. This Parkway is called a limited-access highway and the limits apply to commercial vehicles not privately owned ones.

From the same source above, here is another set of trucks not allowed on this highway system:

- Alternate fueled vehicles have special restrictions when crossing the tunnels and the lower level of the George Washington Bridge; refer to the Traffic Rules and Regulations resource for more information

- Any vehicle transporting hazardous materials is subject to inspection and may be limited to certain bridge or tunnel crossings; see the printable booklet below for more information.”

What Vehicles Are Not Allowed on The Garden State Parkway?

There are exceptions to the rules. While RVs, passenger cars, and small trucks are allowed on the highway, there are some larger trucks or vehicles that are exceptions to the rules.

Those vehicles include- emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, and utility vehicles- but they are only allowed on the Parkway if they are acting in their official capacities.

They are not allowed on the Parkway when they are just being driven for non-emergency, non-construction, non-work related purposes. RV owners do not have to worry about driving this highway if they meet the primary restrictions.

While some RV owners brag that they are over-sized, over-weight, etc., and have not had any trouble, do not listen to them. If you do and travel in the same manner, then you may be the one who gets the ticket and not those braggarts.

The rules do not change even if they are not strictly enforced.

Some Additional Words

Drive the scenic route when you are in New Jersey. If your RV is small and light enough, then you can enjoy the view and the big rig-free traffic. Also, you should not have to worry about any motorcycles on the road cutting you off either.

That mode of transportation, even with a trailer, is not allowed on the Parkway. But as always, check with the official New Jersey authority overseeing this highway. Rules can be changed and they can be changed without notice. That is always a problem for most motorists.

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