How-To-Get-a-Non-CDL-Class C-License-Illinois-(Cost-+-Tips)

How To Get a Non CDL Class C License Illinois (Cost + Tips)

State licensing requirements can be stressful. But if you read the book carefully, study hard as well as practice, you should be able to pass the requirements and walk out of the DMV with your new non-CDL Class C license from Illinois. Then you are free to drive the bigger RVs.

The way to get this license is to provide the accepted and required documentation, read the book, and pass all pertinent written tests. Then bring in a vehicle that is the size the license is for and pass the driving test. You may need a medical certificate as well.

To learn more about this test just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can go in stress-free, prepared, and hopefully walk out with your new license.

What is a Class C Non-CDL License in Lllinois?


It is said that the state of Illinois classifies its vehicle licenses by gross weight or GVWR. The class C license category is any vehicle that weighs more than 16,001 pounds and less than 26,000 pounds.

The non-CDL Class C license will let you drive any non-commercial vehicle in that weight class. It will also let you tow a trailer that does not weigh more than 10,000 pounds GVWR.

You will not be allowed to drive any commercial vehicle or any with air brakes unless you pass the air brake certification requirement. Basically, this license is more for driving RVs or towing trailers that fit the size restriction.

Essentially, this is just a license that lets you drive regular vehicles but is larger than a normal car or pick up truck. You should practice before going in for your road test as the examiner may only want to make sure you won’t climb the curb when turning a corner.

It is not going to be a hard license to get and if you study well and practice then you should walk out with the new non-CDL Class C license. It is a lot like taking the tests for a regular vehicle.

How To Get a Non-CDL Class C License in Lllinois


The process is not hard to do. You have to take the written test and then do a road test. On top of that, you will need to pay the fees required for both and for the license itself.

Most people that have taken these steps have reported different experiences with the road test examiner. One time the office did not have any examiners with a non-CDL Class C license. They were just given instructions and when the owner pointed out to the examiner the road would not handle the weight, he got his license.

Another owner was out for 45 minutes with his examiner, who did have a non-CDL Class C license. His road test was very thorough and he passed as well.

To get the right information you will have to contact the local DMV office near you. Most of the information, including the rules of the road booklet put out by the Illinois government only focuses on the CDL portion of the license.

What that booklet states about the non-CDL is if you own an RV or certain other vehicles you do not need to get a CDL license. That information is on page one after the table of contents.

We have checked a variety of websites and the information is all the same. Either the information is sparse and does not help or you get the information for the CDL option.

We will get into some of the requirements, as they seem to be the same for all Illinois classes of licenses, in the next section.

Non-CDL Class C License Illinois Requirements


Here are some of the requirements you will have to meet before you will get your non-CDL Class C license in this state:

1. Documents- proof of the following:

Your written signature

Your date of birth

Your social security number

Your home address

2. Previous license

You will need a regular Class D license and a clean driving record

3. Process

- Determine what your state considers a “Class C” license.

- Find out what age you need to be-- age 18 in Illinois

- Get a copy of the CDL manual for your state.

- Fill out a CDL application for your state.

- Undergo a physical exam and vision test.

- Prepare for the written CDL exam.

- Take the CDL exam

We are putting those instructions here even though every state may have some variations to this process. We will state that the information, even from government sources is not very clear and does not address non-CDL licenses.

If you go to this website and scroll down till you see this heading, Drivers Exempt From Obtaining a CDL and start reading from there. In that section are the following words:

Recreational Vehicle Operators — Illinois waives CDL requirements for drivers of a recreational vehicle operated as family/personal conveyance for recreational purposes. This includes motor homes, travel trailers, and other recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicles being operated in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise are NOT exempt “

Because they waive the requirements for a CDL for this type of vehicle, you probably do not have to get a medical certificate. One thing you may have to get but it is not sure yet, is the CLP which is the commercial learner’s permit.

That is something you have to talk to the DMV about.

Non-CDL Class C License Lllinois Cost


We checked two official sites and they both said the same thing. Here is the fee schedule for the CDL license. KEEP IN MIND that no one has mentioned a separate fee for the non-CDL Class C license.

- CDL Holders renewing an Illinois CDL or transferring in an out of state CDL — $60

- CDL Holders renewing a CDL or transferring in an out of state CDL with motorcycle class — $65

- Applicants possessing an Illinois non-CDL to adding a CLP — $50

- Applicants possessing a CDL upgrading their CDL classification or adding an endorsement and obtaining an original CLP — $5

- Applicants possessing an Illinois CDL and adding/changing an endorsement/restriction where a CLP is not required — $5

- Applicants possessing an Illinois CLP and adding/changing an endorsement/restriction where a corrected CLP is required — $5

- Applicants renewing an original CLP — $50

- Adding a School Bus Permit (SBP) to a CDL or Non-CDL — $9

But before you can move up to this level of licensing, you have to have the original driver’s license and those fees are charged by age:

- 18 to 20: $5

- 21 to 68: $30

- 69 to 80: $5

- 81 to 86; $2

- 87 or older: Free

The fees are to be paid at the nearest Secretary of State facility. The learner’s permit for this license is $20.

Of course, all fees are subject to change and may change after the time of this writing.

Non-CDL class c license illinois road test

This is a requirement that has to be met before you get your license. However, the reality may not be as ideal as you would like it to be. We have already mentioned 2 owners’ experiences already.

We have also come across discussion forums where members are telling other members which local office to go to for their written tests and their driver’s test. Those offices are not always the same for both.

In other words, it seems hit-and-miss when it comes to the road test. You may get a great instructor that really tests your knowledge and skills or you may not. To be honest, these reports were not from any recent time.

These experiences have happened throughout the years but after 2005. Your experience may be different and that means you should practice very hard and be good to be on the safe side of the examination.

What the official booklet says about road tests is this:

Skills and Drive Testing — After passing the applicable knowledge/written testing, all CLP holders or transferring CDL holders are required to pass the skills/drive testing. All CLP holders, whether initial, renewal, or upgrading existing CDL, will be required to hold their CLP for a minimum of 14 calendar days from the CLP issue date, prior to conducting their skills/drive testing.

Drive/Road Tests — All CDL applicants must drive an approved predetermined route for a CDL Road Test. The CDL Road Test route is determined by the requirements of federal and state law along with the roadways in the surrounding area of the CDL facility in which the test is being conducted.”

Then the following information is very important to know:

Third-time Fail Rule — CDL applicants who fail any CDL exam(s) three times are required to wait 30 days from the date of the third failed exam. Three additional failures (six total failures) of the same exam(s) will result in a 90-day waiting period. Three additional failures (nine total failures) of the same exam(s) after the 90-day waiting period will result in a one-year waiting period from the date of the last failed exam. The waiting periods apply only to the exam(s) failed three times. There will be additional fees charged after each three time fail waiting period to allow the applicant to continue testing.”

All of this information is in the booklet we linked to earlier. We will state that every office may be different and you won’t find any consistency in their application of the rules.

How Many Questions Are On The Lllinois Class C Test?


We have read that there are 25 questions on the written test but that number may have changed or it has remained the same. The booklet we linked to only has 12 study questions you can practice on.

This link takes you to a website that has CDL prep tests on it. You can use it to get more up-to-date information on the process of getting your license. Keep in mind, it does not address the non-CDL Class C classification.

That website should answer most of your questions. This link takes you to the DMV practice test and which has 30 test questions on it. You need an 80% score on the test to pass it and that means you can only make 6 mistakes.

If you examine the site, you will notice that there is no non-CDL Class C test listed. We recommend that you contact your local DMV office and talk to them about all the requirements that you need.

We would not suggest trusting the information you read on the internet. (Except us of course). One final piece of information here. This link will take you to the updated 2023 Illinois driver’s practice tests for all Classes.

While you may find a website called Quizlet that has flashcards for a non-CDL Class C test, we still have not found any tests for that category. We do suggest that you call your local DMV office and double-check all the information we have provided here.

They are the last word on their licensing requirements, fees, and what you need to do to get this license. We will say that most of the information you need for this type of license is going to be the same as the regular CDL license. Here is another website.

Some Final Words

Getting your non-CDL Class C license may be easier than has been reported here. Things change and the information we have put in this article may not be fully up-to-date anymore as each year there are changes made.

Be careful about listening to a friend etc., as they may not have the best information either. Double-check everything with the Illinois DMV or Secretary of State office in your area to make sure.

It is your butt on the line if you go in with the wrong information so cover that butt and make sure.

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