I-65 or I-75 to Florida: Drive to Florida Avoiding Mountains

Everyone has their preference. When you travel, you will find that just about everyone who owns an RV has their own road preference. What one person doesn’t like on I-65 another will. Sometimes, you just have to travel both roads to figure out which one is the best interstate to take for your travel destination.

If you want to avoid the mountains, then the best route to take would be I-65. However, I-75 is the most direct route to take to South Florida. If you do not have time, then that would be the road to use mountains and all. Some people take I-65 to avoid Atlanta traffic but it is up to you to decide.

To learn more about these roads, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about both roads so you can make an intelligent travel decision. Going out of one’s way does add to your expenses.

I-65 or I-75 To Florida?


This can be a tough choice for some people. There are those RV owners who just want to save money and fuel and take the most direct route to South Florida. That would be the I-75, you can’t beat it for distance.

Those groups of people endure the steep inclines and the heavy traffic around some of the major cities but prefer that to going through other cities that may have a bad reputation, like Louisville.

On the other hand, there are groups that prefer the longer route as it is easier to drive and they can take in some history as well as some musical sites. Stopping Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry or visiting the first Southern White House of the Confederacy is high on their list.

They will endure the rougher road and the construction or other delays to make their trip more worthwhile. While the I-75 has some good historical and other sites to visit, those mountain roads may eat up as much fuel as the longer I-65 route will.

In other words, if you are in a hurry, take the I-75 and if not, try the I-65. Have a little adventure either way.

I-65 To Florida

This is the longer way to get to Florida and it may be a few hundred miles off your route if you are headed for South Florida. Starting off in Chicago/Gary area you get to travel through Indianapolis, Louisville, and Nashville before reaching Montgomery and Mobile Alabama.

From there, you need to take the I-10 across the panhandle to the I-75 before continuing to head south for the winter. It is said to be a beautiful drive but one that will take you a day or two longer to get to where you are going.

Currently, there are a few construction projects conducted by different states that may slow you down even more. This will be something you would have to investigate to see if taking this interstate will be worth the time and trouble.

In the end, you will have to connect to the I-75 to go south if you do not like driving any of the state highways.

Does I-75 Take you To Florida?

According to the map, the I-75 starts at the American border near Sault Ste. Marie travels through Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and other larger cities in between before you get to the Georgia-Florida border.

This must be one of the longest Interstates in the country as it does not stop until it goes through Tampa Bay and ends up in Miami. If you like traffic, mountain roads, as well as some nice scenery, this will be your quickest way to South Florida.

The frequency of hitting larger cities, more than the I-65, means you will need to do some very complicated drive planning to avoid traffic in those crowded areas. But with good driving skills, you should make it just fine.

Like the I-65, there will be construction projects along the way, and watch out for any bridge traffic that may slow you down unexpectedly. Make sure to investigate the road first so you are aware of where and when that construction is going on.

Can you Take I-75 From Michigan To Florida?


Yes, you can and the highway starts right at the Canadian/American border. That means that this highway covers the entire state of Michigan as well as every other state on its path to Florida. It even covers the entire state of Florida.

It turns out that this is the second longest north-south Interstate in the country. Its overall length is 1787 miles. It is second only to the I-95 which covers 1908 miles from the Canadian border to Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

The I-95 covers the eastern seaboard comprised of 15 states and Washington DC. This road goes through the heaviest populated area of the country. In comparison, the I-75 only goes through 6 states and not as many heavily populated cities as the I-95.

The most famous feature of the I-75 is the Mackinaw Bridge a 26,000-foot suspension bridge. But that is on the opposite end of the country from Miami. There are plenty of other tourist spots to stop at along its route as you head south.

Does I-75 Go To Orlando?

No, it does not. Right around The Villages area, the I-75 veers to the west and heads towards Tampa Bay. Here is a connection to Orlando though and it is state highway 91.

If you want to see Tampa Bay before heading to Orlando, then you take the I-75 to Tampa and then Interstate 4 to Orlando. Or you can take the state Highway 91 to Orlando and see the sites before taking Interstate 4 to Tampa Bay and continuing your journey on I-75.

You are looking at roughly 60 miles from I-75 to Orlando. It is 55 miles from The Villages to that city so the distance is approximate. A fun fact about the I-75- if you start at the beginning of the highway and drive non-stop, you should reach the other end in almost 30 hours driving at 60 mph.

But with all the nice historical, natural, and city tourist sites, it should take you a lot longer, especially if there is a lot of traffic and construction on the highway.

How is I-75 in Florida?

Right now there is a lot of construction taking place at different exits and mile markers. To see the current road conditions, just click this link. That website should provide real-time updates to help you plan your trip through this state.

But the road construction certainly does not overshadow anything the state has to offer. There are plenty of museums, parks, and water areas you can stop at and enjoy your day.

The beauty of Florida will overshadow any construction issues you may encounter and make your trip worth taking. The only thing you should be concerned about will be the presence of alligators.

These reptiles will make an appearance at different points along this route so make sure you keep your dog on its leash. Also, keep an eye out for any pythons when you get to some of those natural tourist spots.

It is always better to play it safe as these animals do roam a lot. We are not saying that to scare you but those two species cause enough problems in the state already.

Does I-65 Go Through Mountains?


There may be hills that you will have to climb and go over but for the most part, the I-65 avoids the Smokey Mountains altogether. While it does take you out of your way a little bit, it is a smoother ride and possibly a better drive to save fuel.

The I-75 is reported to go through a mountainous stretch but it is not supposed to be that long of a stretch. If mountains are not your thing or your spouse may not like those mountain drives, it would be better to take the I-65 and add some time and mileage to your journey.

To be on the safe side, take a look at the topography of both roads and make your own decision. The eastern mountains are not as bad to drive or as steep as the Rockies in the West.

You can always use that comparison to ease the fears of your spouse when they do not like traveling on those curvy and hilly roads.

Driving From Michigan To Florida Avoiding Mountains

The roads heading north and south do not really encounter huge mountains. The I-95 may be the worst of the interstates when it comes to this type of road. The second would be the I-75.

But the owners that have driven the I-75 have stated that while it has more mountainous areas than the I-65, those roads are not that bad to travel. But there are various differing opinions on that conclusion.

The best road to travel to avoid mountains would be the I-65. However, you will still encounter some foothills or mountain roads but not for very long stretches along the highway.

Traveling the panhandle from the I-65 to the I-75 is not that hilly so you should have a very good drive time. Both interstates are fairly flat so you should not have any driving or towing difficulty along either interstate.

These roads are not the same as traveling the interstates heading West from Iowa or Texas. The Rocky Mountain interstates are very tough for some RVers to drive.

Is I-75 The Same as The Florida Turnpike?

No, it is not the same. But it does connect to I-4, I-75, & I-95. Its other names include State Highway 91, State Road 821, and Sunshine State Parkway, and has since been designated as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike.

There are two parts to this road and one part is Highway 91 or the Mainline. Then there is the Florida State Turnpike extension which connects to the Mainline north of the Golden Glades interchange and ends near Homestead.

The mainline is 312 miles long and runs through 11 counties while the extension is only 47 miles long. This road system includes or incorporates the following roads- Sawgrass Expressway, the Seminole Expressway, the Beachline Expressway, the Southern Connector Extension of the Central Florida GreeneWay, the Veterans Expressway, the Suncoast Parkway, the Polk Parkway, the Western Beltway, the I-4 Connector and the First Coast Expressway.

To get more information about this Turnpike just click here. It was our source for the above information.

Which is Better: The I-65 or The I-75?


This is an age-old question as many RVers new to the area always ask for advice on the two roads. The answer is going to depend on your destination, the amount of time you have available, and if you want to see specific tourist attractions or not.

As for driving, it is said that the I-65 may take an hour longer than going the I-75 but that hour is made up if someone gets caught in Atlanta traffic. There is no real easy answer as every RVers preference is different.

Both roads bring you to great sections of the country and you won’t be disappointed by the scenic views on either road. Plus, the mountains or hilly sections are only slightly worse on the I-75 than on the I-65.

No matter which road you will take, you will always be caught in some type of road construction somewhere along its route.

Some Additional Words

Take the interstate that suits your preferences and brings you the closest to the sites you want to see. While the I-75 is perfect for those who do not have the time to make stops and just want to get to their destination, the I-65 is perfect for those who have other plans and lots of time.

Take the road that will fit in with your plans and eventually, if you continue to travel to South Florida, you end up taking both and seeing the difference for yourselves.

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