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How Much Does It Cost To Flip Trailer Axles? (Axle Flip Kit)

Flipping trailer axles is a common act as many people feel they get better clearance when they pull their trailers. Better clearance is needed in some situations as the normal axle installation can be too low for some driveways and bumps. This may be an expensive thing to do.

The problem with flipping an axle is that you may have to deal with more trailer sway than if you left your axles alone. Bigger tires do not mean better weight capacity. The flipping of the axle and the bigger tires just give you more ground clearance.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this is something you want to do. It is not needed but some trailer owners think it is.

Cost To Flip Trailer Axles

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On average a single axle will cost between $95 to $110 to flip it. But the actual cost will depend more on the number of axles, spring type, and hardware as well as the brand name.

The average cost for a double axle will be $145 to $295 and a triple axle system will run you about $300 to $495. Some RV owners paid more and less depending on the brand of their RV

Your cost will depend a lot on who is doing the work for you. Some people will elevate the price just because it is an RV trailer. They think these owners can afford the higher price. Do some comparison shopping to make sure you are getting quality work for the right price.

There may be other issues that influence the price, for example, any complexities that are involved and the condition of the parts.

Axle Flip Kit For Travel Trailer

There is a way to flip your axles yourself if you have the right experience and know how to work the tools. This DIY option involves buying a nice axle flip kit. These kits are readily available

The company called e-trailer has the Dexter flip kit for just under $100. Dexter is an axle making company so they can produce a top-quality kit that should work for most applications.

If you do not want to spend the money, just go on over to Amazon and see the many brands of axle flip kits on sale at that marketplace. The price range there is between $49 and $400 approx. But they have some good brands on sale.

Amazon also has a Dexter axle flip kit for roughly the same price as e-trailer’s option. Before you buy, talk to a mechanic or two to get an idea of which kits are the best ones to use. They will also let you know other details about flipping axles that you should know about.

5th Wheel Axle Flip Kit


If you go to a shop, you can expect to pay at least $400 for the work involved. The welding may be the biggest chunk of that amount and if you are not a welder you may need to go to a shop to get it done right.

But some kits may not need welding, and the Dexter 5th wheel option is highly recommended. The problem with doing this with a 5th wheel trailer is if your trailer has shocks or not.

The mechanic may have to move the shock mounts to get the flipped axle and parts to fit properly. There may be some fabrication work to be done as well. This may be true for regular trailers also.

Your cost and the time it takes will depend on the type of 5th-wheel trailer you own. The price and the workload vary and you may have to check several shops to see if you can get a break on either one.

Trailer Axle Flip Before and After

One of the before looks of your trailer is that it is nice, good-looking, and normal. The after look has been described as weird and odd-looking as the trailer will sit high above the tires.

That is if you do not change the pre-flipped tires for larger ones. You may have to live with that weird look as there is little that can be done about it. If you are small or married to a small girl, they may complain about those first two steps.

They will be higher than before making it difficult to enter your trailer. One of the benefits and reasons owners do the axle flip is that they will get more clearance. That extra clearance does come in handy and protects your trailer from damage.

Many trailer owners seem happy after they did the axle flip. It may look weird but they are getting the results they wanted.

Is Flipping Your Axle Safe?

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The only real problem that may give you a hard time will be if your trailer and hitch are prone to swaying. Or if your trailer has stability problems flipping the axles may not be a good idea.

Under normal circumstances, flipping the axle I not going to do any damage to your trailer or its wheels and so on. Your stabilizers will have a longer way to get to the ground and you may lose fuel economy or visibility but most owners have adjusted to meet those negative aspects of this project.

If you want to know more, read our article on the pros and cons of axle flipping. You should find it interesting and informative. 

Some Final Words

Axle flipping is popular among trailer owners as it gives them more protection and more clearance. The key for you is to find a shop that does quality work as well as charges you a reasonable price.

The cost will vary and it is influenced by several factors including if you have to move those shock mounts. In the end, it may be worth getting this project done.

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