How To Disable Collision Mitigation System Peterbilt/Kenworth

With the continual technological upgrades, turning features on or off can be a pain sometimes. They are not designed to be easy but that may be for safety reasons. Some features take longer to be turned off so you can’t drive and do this action at the same time.

Well according to one owner on the RV Life discussion forum, the process is time-consuming and awkward. Before turning on your RV, you need to hold the up & down arrow buttons in. Keep holding while you turn the key to on. Then release the arrow buttons. After that, you can start your engine.

To learn more about this system and how it works, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can drive without the Collision Mitigation system working. Take a few minutes to get up to speed on this topic.

How To Disable Collision Mitigation System Peterbilt


There is some interesting news but first, the procedure mentioned above was for a 2017 to 2018 Entegra RVs. We are not sure which engine it is designed to turn off. The owner never said.

However, according to one mechanic who is supposed to be an expert in this topic you are not supposed to turn this system off as it is a violation of the safety standards set by the federal transportation dept.

Even if you manage to disable the system, you may have alerts and warning lights telling you that the system malfunctioned. However, you can try the instructions mentioned above. We are not having too much luck finding specific information or directions for the Peterbilt motors.

Also, if you disable the system and get into an accident, then it is possible that you will face fines and penalties for making your vehicle unsafe. If this is a company truck, you should not do it as it is grounds for you to be fired.

You can talk to different mechanics as they should know how to handle this problem. But be forewarned, the mechanics may tell you that they cannot be disabled and the dealer cannot do it for you.

How To Disable The Kenworth Collision Mitigation System

You are in the same boat here as those owners with a Peterbilt motor, truck, or collision mitigating system. All the rules mentioned in the previous section will apply to Kenworth. There is one method you can try but you are taking a big risk if you do it.

You can disable the sensors on the front bumper or window. That will disable the system. However, you will still get alerts, etc., informing you that the system has malfunctioned. You are not going to get away from the alerts if that is your reason for disabling the system.

We understand why owners want to disable this system. Many malfunctions, are very loud when in traffic and you do not get to drive as the system bypasses the ABS and locks up the drives. It does not seem to be a very well-thought out system.

You may get more instructions if you go to Peterbilt or Kenworth discussion forums. There are some long threads on this topic discussing this very issue. If the system is working correctly, there should be no reason for you to disable it.

If it isn’t, your only option would be to have the dealer or mechanic make repairs or replace the system. they are not allowed to disable it. Also, the Kenworth collision mitigating system is said to be weak and annoying as it beeps too much and so on.

We will say, you can put obstructions in the way of the radar sensor and the system won’t work but we won’t say what obstructions you can use.

Kenworth T680 Adaptive Cruise Control Disable


There are different issues that arise in this topic that make owners want to disable the system so they can drive properly. One such issue is the Eco mode which comes on automatically at 62 mph and slows you down to 53 mph.

Then this system is integrated into your regular cruise control. The T680 system is supposed to ‘read’ the traffic in front of you and maintain the vehicle at a specific set distance by manipulating the brakes and the gas pedal.

When you get a clear lane in front of you, it is supposed to return the vehicle to normal speed. Those words came from a Kenworth promotional web page for this system. However, that is the ideal and it does not always work out that way.

Some people put obstructions in the way of the radar sensor to keep them from having this problem. As we said, the system can malfunction and the system used by Kenworth does not come with a good reputation. On guard has a better system and may not fail as often.

There is a way to disable the system if you want to do it yourself. But you have to go through the parameter section to do this and we have not found instructions on how to do this. You will still get alerts of course.

Or you can use Insite and go through their features and parameters options to get the system disabled. Part of the reason this system doe snot work is that there may be corrupted software in the ABS module. There are instructions to fix this problem.

We are not a member where those instructions are posted and cannot read them at this time.

How To Turn Off Meritor WABCO OnGuard

The old-fashioned DIY methods are varied and not all of them will work. Duct tape has been used with no success as has a plastic bag. The radar on this system seems to be pretty good Even with this great system, drivers are getting tired of it and looking for ways to disable it.

Other suggestions have been to pull a fuse or snip a wire or two. The drawback to removing the fuse is that you may disable other key components that are on the same fused circuit. The snipping of the wire may do it if there are wires to cut.

Other suggestions included calling the manufacturer to see if there is a better way of disabling the system. People do put obstructions in the way of the sensor to make sure they can drive trouble-free.

If you want to use a better way to disable the system, you can go through your rig’s ECM and ABS systems to turn the system off. If you use this option go through the Engine Ecm Parameter Adaptive Cruise Control. You can drop the system using this screen, etc.

The reason drivers are looking to disable this system is that it is not very precise or accurate. On a windy day, it can send you alerts and slow your rig down because the system is picking up the wrong traffic.

Dealers are not allowed to mess with the system so you will have to go to a trusted mechanic with experience with the On Guard brand but they may not be able to disable the system if it is also connected to the ABS. If it is only connected to the ECM, then they should be able to get the task done for you.

Meritor WABCO OnGuard Reset


We took a look at the manual for this system. They do not mention specifically, unless we missed it somehow, how to reset the system. They did mention in their troubleshooting section to Cycle the engine to clear the DTC messages or alerts that pop up for different issues.

You may have to download the WABCO Toolbox software to help you reset this device. To get it you have to go to the WABCO website. While there you can look at the ZF Literature web page to see if they talk about resetting this system.

Just be careful with the literature page as those pieces of information cost more than $50 in some cases. Wherever we looked, there was no mention of how to reset the system beyond cycling the engine.

How To Disable The Bendix System

This is going to be a DIY task. Dealers will not turn the system off for you and when one owner called Bendix they said that they will not help. This refusal may be that the companies will face stiff penalties for disabling the system.

Like the instructions we placed above, you may have to go through your vehicle’s ECM unit and flip through the menu options till you get to the right screen. Then you can remove the system from your ECM.

The only problem is that when you disable the adaptive cruise control or the Wingman hardware, the cruise control may disable itself. Another way to do this is to buy the Cummins Insite and the Bendix program. With these two items, you should be able to disable all Wingman components.

The specific instructions were not placed at the location where that piece of information came from. You would have to PM the person who made it to get the exact instructions on how to use those two programs.

Here is the link to that discussion forum and you can PM the person to see if he will give you the instructions. We cannot speak for him or if he will respond or not. The discussion is only 2 pages long and his post is the first one on the 2nd page.

Freightliner Collision Avoidance System Problems


One of the things you have to watch out for when you want to alter or remove the system is that the VIN of your vehicle may tell your insurance company that it was factory installed. If it is not there and you get into an accident, you lose all protection and be facing the other person’s lawyer on your own.

But even with that threat owners take the system off or disable it. Sometimes they have good reasons for their actions. One of those reasons is that the system will malfunction on you.

When that happens, you are not going to have an easy time of driving. The beeping and alerts will continue until you get a safe distance away from the vehicle in front of you. However, when the system is malfunctioning, you never know when you reach that safe distance.

Then these systems are not perfect and can be affected by the weather. Rain, sleet, snow, and other harsh weather conditions can play havoc with the system and help cause an accident instead of preventing one.

Also, the system cannot compensate for bad drivers and negligence. Even if it is not malfunctioning the system cannot prevent accidents due to driver error. These systems are not a replacement for good driving. You still have to be a responsible driver if you want to avoid any accidents.

The word on removing these systems has been consistent from website to website. Dealers and the manufacturer will not help you remove it from your vehicle. And if it was factory installed and you remove it, you are in a lot of trouble if caught or have an accident.

Some Final Words

These collision mitigation systems are designed to help you avoid accidents and being injured. They are very good devices when installed correctly. However, sometimes they continue to sound alerts and beeps driving the most patient driver a little crazy.

If you try to disable them, you may also disable your cruise control and that is something you may not want to happen. You can go through your ECM or unplug the sensor to get a little peace of mind.

You will still have alerts but you spare yourself the noise. The only question to answer is it worth it to do this?

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