F250 vs F350 Ride Quality And Height (Helpful Guide)

You may not feel a difference. Auto makers try to keep costs down, so they use the same parts on different models of cars and trucks. The biggest difference between the F250 and F350 is the heavy-duty springs placed on the latter truck model. That allows the F350 to haul more weight.

When it comes down to the trim styles, the Tremor F250 and F350 are essentially the same trucks. The only difference will be the badge. This seems to be true for all trim models. The F350 will have a 4” rear block compared to the F250’s 2.5” rear block.

To learn more about the differences between these two trucks, just continue to read our comparison. it has the information you want to know about before you make a buying decision.

Does F250 Ride Better Than F350?


Unfortunately, Ford has decided to make only minor changes between the 2 vehicles and these minor changes affect tow ratings mostly not ride. The Super Duty truck series does come with heavy-duty and regular springs but those options are for both types of vehicles.

They also have the option to install overload springs. In other words, you are basically paying for a greater GVWR, tow rating, and hauling capacity and not the ride or the power.

Then the 350 has stiffer front springs as a standard feature. However, you can get those same springs for the F250 as an optional feature. If you do not order those springs, then you might have a slightly different ride than the F350.

On top of that, the F250 also comes with a 2 1/2 inch block that lifts the rear end up when towing. The F350 is said to have the same device attached to it but 1 1/2 inches larger. The size difference boosts the tow rating, etc., in the F350

How Does an F350 Ride Compare To an F250?

There is no difference between the two. This is according to owners of both and who have driven both vehicles. The ratings may be slightly different but those ratings only help in reselling the vehicle and not in how it performs.

The ride is the same and as you might guess, the mpg is the same as well. One owner stated that you should buy an F350 with a 3.55 e-locker gearing and 11,500 packages, with possibly a snow plow prep package and you should be able to tow just about any 5th wheel trailer you can afford.

What has been said about the F250 is that it is almost the same truck but it comes with lower ratings. Those lower ratings will eliminate a lot of towing options that you were considering.

When it comes to the ride of both vehicles, the older Super Duty 250 & 350s came with the same axle, the Dana 50. The newer models all come with the Dana 60 which is only a little beefier than the 50.

F250 vs F350 Ride Quality


Most owners are recommending new truck buyers skip the 250 and go with the 350. They said that the ride is the same and they have been saying this for several years now. Our research has found comments for over 5 years and they are all the same.

There is a difference between the F150 and the F250/350 and a difference between the F350 and F450 but there is very little difference between the F250 and the F350. Where you will find a difference in the ride is if you order a different suspension offered by Ford.

If these two vehicles have the same suspension, there there is no difference in the ride. But if one owner orders a regular one and another owner sticks with the standard suspension, then you might see some difference.

However, all suspension options are available for both model series. If you get the same suspension, then you will have the same ride. The 450 is said to be unforgiving and rides hard. Many owners or users do not like the 450 because of the ride.

2020 F250 vs F350 Ride Height

There has been some discussion on this topic. Some people think that Ford lowered the height of the F350 but according to one reviewer, the height for this vehicle remains the same as in previous versions.

Ford has come out and said that it has lowered the ride height on the F250. They did not give a specific measurement and just said ‘a little bit’. That little it means that the front end was lowered about 1/2” and the rear was lowered by 1 1/2 inches.

Word of mouth has said that the lowering was 1 1/2 inches in front and 3/4 inches in the rear. This is not a universal change either. Ford has said that the change only occurs in some packages.

There are some benefits to this change. Handling, fuel mileage, cargo floor height, more level towing, and the truck is easier to enter and exit. Ford has not made a big deal about this important change. What the reason is for not announcing the change belongs to Ford.

This news is off 2020 so you may have heard about this change already.

Why Does My F250 Ride so Rough?


This problem could be due to the high tire pressure you have in your tires. This truck can ride rough when filled to 80 psi. You would need to lower the tire pressure down to 60 or 65 psi to get a smoother ride.

Some owners also recommend that you should go from an E tire to a D tire and only fill to 50 psi once the switch has been made. Then if you have a snow plow, camper, or heavy service package attached to your vehicle, then you would get a rougher ride.

The reason for this difference is the heavier springs that tend to provide a very rough ride. Next, if your F250 rides rough, you may have a bent shock. That damage will alter the ride in any vehicle, not just the F250.

Overload springs will also create this problem. If you get a chance have a trusted mechanic look at your vehicle to see what is causing the problem. Then let him recommend some changes. Just watch the expenses when making those changes.

How To Make My F250 Ride Better

One way to smooth out the ride would be to put weight in the bed. Some owners have reported that once they put about 1000 pounds inside the truck bed, their ride got better. Trucks are made to haul weight and being empty is not to their liking.

The suggestions in the previous section will work here. If it is possible, you can change tires and lower the air pressure inside those tires. That will help in most cases but some owners have said the air pressure made no difference in their ride.

You can always remove the snow ploy, heavy-duty service, or camper packages. Those heavy-duty springs do ride a bit rough in comparison to regular or stock springs.

Another suggestion would be to change or remove the bumper stops, and change the air bags and helper springs to make the ride better. You would have to talk to a good mechanic to get the right parts changed to improve the ride.

How To Make F350 Ride Smoother


The first place to look would be the shocks. If you are only using stock shocks then that may be the biggest problem. To solve that issue, you just need to change the shocks to a better brand.

Another option would be to install air bags and take out a leaf or two from the leaf springs. The air bags should be filled to 5 to 10 psi for a smoother ride. Do not drop the tire pressure if you have a dually or single-wheel truck. You should lose gas mileage and the dually tires could rub together and get damaged.

Adding about 400 pounds over the rear axle will help smooth out the ride. But then you have to consider that you will lose a little mpg when you do this. Again, talk to a trusted mechanic and see what he suggests.

He would be the best one to get the right changes made to your F350 truck.

Some Final Words

What it all boils down to is that Ford is trying to save on expenses and use the same parts for both the F250 and F350. They are the exact same truck with minor differences, One of those minor differences will be the badge.

If you are towing, then you should go for the F350 as it comes with a higher rating. You can make some optional changes but if the owner of the F250 makes the same change, then there is no difference once again.

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