Does Walmart Take Used Oil? (Used Motor Oil Disposal Recycle)

Don’t listen to the rumors. When you hear someone say that Walmart recycles old oil, it does not mean that they reuse the old oil in other people’s cars. That is a myth of gigantic proportions. What is meant by that statement is that some Walmart service areas may help you dispose of old oil.

Does Walmart take used oil? Yes, Walmart does take used oil, but we hesitate to speak for all service centers. The overall policy may allow some to opt-out of their program but usually this big box store does take in used oil. Most of the time it will be free.

To learn more about this program, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. It isn’t just Walmart that does this as recycling old oil is one way to protect the water supply and the environment.

Can I Drop Off Used Oil at Walmart?


Yes, as getting waste oil off the streets and away from being dumped in the environment is a high priority. Usually, Walmart will not charge a fee but make sure it is not contaminated with brake or power steering fluid. Also, keep the bad diesel and other fluids away from the old oil.

If you don’t, it is a possibility that the good nature of Walmart and other auto parts stores will change and start charging a fee. The word is that if these stores send the recycling plant contaminated oil, they are charged a fee. Good business always passes those charges on to the customer.

Walmart Oil Recycle Limit

It seems that anyone can recycle 5 gallons of waste oil per day at any of the participating Walmart service centers. This seems to be a standard limit as we have seen the same amount imposed by other oil recycling stores.

Each oil recycling store or center will have its own rules. One Wal Mart only allows the manager to have the key to the drums of recycled oil. While another Walmart center just lets people drop off the 5 one-gallon containers at the door and the customer signs a statement about the oil.

Walmart Oil Recycle Policy


As already stated, the oil needs to be clean, dropped off in clean jugs, which can be 1-gallon size, and it is free...for now. One recycler fears that the free service will disappear soon due to ever-changing regulations.

We looked but there seems to be nothing on the internet coming from the corporate office that spells out their used oil recycling option. There maybe one but it isn't advertised nor talked about at present.

What that means is that the way used oil is recycled is up to the individual store managers.

Walmart Motor Oil Return

The process seems quite simple. First, you change the oil and place the old oil in proper containers. One person uses 5 one-gallon jugs while others may use different containers. You should call your local Walmart about their policy on this.

Then the employees will have you sign a declaration about the oil and once you do that, you leave it with the employees to dispose of. One thing about motor oil is that while it can get dirty, it can be cleaned and reused.

This cuts operational costs for many businesses needing oil. Recycled oil is supposed to never wear out.

Does Walmart Recycle Oil?


Yes, but it is not the only store that does it. Plus, you should make sure you go to those Walmarts that have a service center. A regular store probably does not accept old oil.

Some people do not like the way this store manages its recycling process and they recommend that people go to other auto parts stores that provide better service and friendly treatment.

Some recycling centers pick up or accept used oil and you should do a local search to find out the ones in your area if your city or town doesn't have a Walmart nearby.

Does Walmart Recycle Oil Filters?

The best we can say is that it is a possibility. This may be up to the individual service center managers whether they will or not. But if they don’t they are missing out on a great resource as a lot of oil remains trapped in old filters, even after draining.

The next best thing we can say is to contact your local Walmart and ask them. if they don’t there should be plenty of other auto p[arts outlets that will. Or local collection agencies will do it for a slight fee. Check them out first and save yourself some hassle.

Walmart Oil Recycling Locations


The main website of this store doesn't list which locations will accept old oil. It does have a smaller link that takes you to a store locator web page. On that page are the names of the 50 states where their stores are located. After you click on the state, you are taken to another page that lists all the cities where their stores are located.

From there you have to pick the store you are interested in or closest to and look to see if it has an auto service department. If it does, there is a link to it and the link just takes you to their service page which has no mention of recycling oil.

In other words, you have to do the hard work and call the right store to find out this information.

Some Final Words

Walmart seems to be difficult to deal with and get proper information. We found better information for auto parts stores that help you dispose of your old oil. It may be time to re-think using Walmart and find better alternatives.

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