Ferry To Alaska With RV: How Much Does It Cost? (Guide)

It is not an easy drive. Traveling to Alaska by the road, yes, there is only two of them, is not something everyone will enjoy. Gas stations are few and far in between, and the pavement ends in the middle of nowhere. Try the ferry instead and enjoy the view.

The cost of the Alaska Marine Highway system is going to set you back about $3000 for 2 people over 65 years of age. That is for a 22-foot RV and you are sailing from Bellingham to Juneau.

To learn more about the cost of this travel option, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this is a viable option for you or not. It may be costly but breaking down on the Al-Can highway may end up costing more.

Can You Take An RV On The Ferry To Alaska?


Yes, you can and it is a beautiful option to take if you can afford it. It is a great way to see the coast of British Columbia as well as some Alaskan coastline. This is a very romantic trip you and your spouse should take at least once while you own your RV.

But there are some restrictions you should be aware of before you make your reservations. If your mirrors cannot fold within 8’ 6” then you will be charged an additional 25% premium and if your RV is over 9’ wide, expect to be charged an additional 50% premium.

That is not all. If you are stopping at Port Gustavus or departing from that port, your RV cannot have more than a 6’ overhang beyond the rear bumper. The maximum height at all ports or on all ferries is 13 feet.

These are the details you need to research as there is limited space on these ferries. The good news is that your RV can be up to 70 feet long. You should let the ferry company know when booking if you are towing a trailer behind your RV.

How Much Does It Cost To Ferry an RV To Alaska?


We can only give you an example to help you figure out your costs. The charges vary depending on the number of people if you are bringing a pet with you, the length of the RV, your port of departure & entry, and if you are booking a cabin.

The cost for 2 people, traveling from Prince Rupert to Skagway with a 2-berth cabin and a 19-foot RV is just over $1000 with the RV taking up 4/10ths of that cost.

Since not every RV will be meeting those traveling conditions, it is best to use a fare calculator from the Alaska Marine Highway system. You can access it at this link.

Another option is to contact a travel agency, one that books this trip and let them help you find your total cost. You can contact Viking travel Inc at this link.

There are other travel agencies that will also help you find your costs. These links are just to get you started as well as give you an idea of the overall cost of the trip. A round trip may be more so ask about one-way and round trip fares.

Don’t forget about your food costs either. There will be hidden costs that will add to your total fare package.

RV Ferry To Alaska Cost


There are a lot of variables involved in finding out your total cost. If you are traveling with kids, that will boost the fare up somewhat. If you are traveling with senior citizens, then some routes will only charge them 50% of the adult fare.

But make sure you understand which routes those are as not all of them do this. You will need proof of age and their discount does not apply to their vehicle. Make sure to ask all the tough questions on this topic.

You do not want any surprises as this special discount only applies between May 1st and Sept. 30th. Part of your cost will be if you are renting a cabin or deciding to rough it on one of the cushions or deck chairs.

As you see in the above example, the cabins can be reasonably priced. That definition of reasonable will depend on the number of nights you have to spend sleeping in it.

We recommend contacting the companies directly and talking to them about your situation. The price calculator may not cover all the details of your situation. As for pets, you will need a health certificate that is not more than 30 days old.

Plus, Alaska marine charges $25 per pet entering or leaving Alaska from Bellingham, and $10 from Prince Rupert. The BC ferries do not charge for pets. But they must remain on the vehicle deck during the voyage.

RV Ferry From Alaska To Seattle


Unfortunately, you cannot go to Seattle to take a ferry to Alaska. The southernmost port starts and ends in Bellingham, WA. But that is only about a 1-hour drive from Seattle along the I-5 north.

The route from Bellingham, WA, to Ketchikan, AL, takes about 38 hours. From Prince Rupert, it only takes 7 hours. The cost will vary depending on the port you want to use as well as the ferry line you decide to use.

There is a BC ferry line but you would have to contact them through this link. It may be that you can catch the Bellingham Ferry to Alaska in BC or you may only be able to depart Canada to Alaska through Prince Rupert. The Ferry lines will have all the detailed information for you.

Make sure you have all the details about the RV, passengers, and if you want to rent a cabin or not. This data is all needed to calculate your fare.

Alaska Marine Highway RV


This has been a popular option for decades now. The Alaskan Marine Highway System is used for RV travelers so they have all the details worked out. One of those details is their sailing schedule. You can access it through this link and you will have to scroll down a little to find them.

The other websites we linked to already should also have their schedules on their websites.

The thing about the Alaskan Marine Highway system is that it goes to over 30 ports in the state. Of course, winter travel may not be an option. If you want to see all of the Aleutian Islands it may be possible through this ferry system. If not you will get to most of them.

The cost will depend on which port you are departing from and which one you are entering. That is something you have to figure out as you plan your vacation to this great state.

There is the possibility of shipping your RV to Alaska and then flying up to meet it if you do not want to sleep for a few days on a deck chair, the floor, or in a cabin.

The cost will be between $2000 and $4000 plus your airfare. Of course, you can ship your RV and take a cruise in that direction as well but that will be more costly.

Can You Sleep In Your RV On The Alaska Ferry?


No. Sorry to bring such bad news, but passengers do not have access to the car deck unless there are some special circumstances. One of those special circumstances is if you are bringing your dog or cat along with you.

Your pets must remain in your vehicle at all times but you are allowed to go feed him or her, give him or her water, or walk them a little. Other than that, you have to either rent a cabin or a deck chair or use one of the thick cushions to sleep on the floor.

This restriction also applies to eating. While you may want to save money on dining out and eating in your RV, this is not possible until you drive your RV off the ferry at your port destination.

In other words, you have to do some good planning, bring a cooler along for food and drinks to save money, and pack it with you to your cabin or carry it with you at all times. There are legitimate reasons for this restriction.

Some Final Words

You have not lived until you have seen the inside passage or the upper coasts of BC and Alaska. It is a beautiful route to take and you can relax the whole time.

While the highway is also a very good route to take, you can take the ferry up and drive back or drive up and take the ferry back. That will cut costs as well as let you see everything this destination has to offer.

It is something to think about. You won’t get another trip like this if you stay in the lower 48 states.

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