How Do I Reduce Wind Noise In My RV? Class A Side View Window

Trying to have a conversation is not always a possibility when you are in an RV. The wind noise can get so loud that shouting is your only way to be heard. This is a common problem and many RV owners experience this situation so you are not alone.

The first place you can check would be the antenna. These seem to be designed to break the wind and stop the whistling. One owner had his wrapped by a technician and the noise stopped. Others re-positioned their mirrors to stop the noise.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to help you combat wind noise and make things more peaceful and quiet inside your RV. Take a few minutes to see if this important information solves your noise problem.

Wind Noise From Side View Window Class A

This can come when you readjust the mirror and create a new wind path. With the new angles, the wind noise will begin when no wind noise existed prior to that adjustment. You may have to readjust the mirror back to its original position.

Also, the positioning of the mirror may be causing the noise. Not a readjustment positioning but the location of the mirror itself. If it is protruding past the housing, this new position may be the cause of the noise.

To fix that situation, you may have to re-position the housing and then the mirror to make sure it does not protrude past the housing. In some cases, you may have a wind leak that lets the wind through and it starts to make a noise.

A good glass shop is supposed to have a sealer compound they can inject and seal up that leak for you. The wind leak is due to the natural flexing of the windows when you go around curves driving at highway speeds.

The final place to look for the source of this problem would be the weep holes. These are known to create a lot of wind noise as you drive. These weep holes are found all over your RV and create excellent noise-making opportunities.

A little tape over the holes will help stop the noise or see if you can find some plastic covers that do not block the purpose of the weep holes. But will block the wind from using them as a noise maker.

RV Door Wind Noise


This can be a problem but the source of the problem is due to using the door so often. The different doors can get out of alignment and when you are driving, the wind takes the opening and starts to go through it. Then the noise is the end result.

Adjusting the doors should solve this problem. One owner had a door that had two catches and it was adjusted wrong and didn’t latch on the second catch. This created the noise they heard. A slight re-adjustment was needed to solve this problem.

Then, one owner just forgot to close his door. He heard a lot of noise throughout his drive home and didn’t realize his door was open throughout the whole trip until he stopped to get gas. Sometimes, you just need to double-check to see if the door is actually closed or not.

Then, the noise may be coming from a very simple source. In one case, the bolt hole could have lost its plug. That was all the wind needed to create its noise. Also, check your window to make sure it is shut all the way.

Sometimes you may be able to lock them in place but there is still a little gap that is big enough for the wind to come through.

How do I Reduce Wind Noise in My RV?


There are many different solutions mentioned on the different RV discussion forums. We have tried to give you some of them in the earlier sections so you have a place to start.

Look for simple things first. Check for missing plugs, open windows that you think are shut, and doors that seem to be out of alignment. These simple fixes can save you a little money as you should be able to do most of them yourself. Also, make sure all the doors are shut before you start driving.

Check the positioning of your mirrors. One owner made his own spoiler to break the wind and redirect it. Once he did that, the wind noise went away. Another owner had his antenna wrapped in such a way that the wrapping design broke the wind and reduced the wind noise.

On top of that, check where your mirrors are positioned. If they are in the wrong place, they can help create the noise. You may have to have the dealer re-position them so that they are not catching the wind as you drive.

Plus, check your weep holes. If it is dry and you are not expecting any rain when you are driving, place some tape over them to keep the wind from using them as a noise maker. Keep in mind that the glass may have a problem that only the wind can find at first.

Glass shops are very useful here as they have special materials to help seal those leaks and cut down the noise.

Some Final Words

Wind noise may be part of traveling the open highways but you do not need to put up with it. There are simple fixes that can help cut down the wind noise and if we did not cover them all, the different RV discussion forums will have more suggestions.

This is a common problem but it has many sources and talking to other RV owners should help you find the right solution when it happens to you.

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