Safe-T Plus Steering Stabilizer Complaints and Review

There are always good inventions. The trick is finding one before spending any money on inferior products that crowd the parts store’s shelves. Getting help steering when those wind gusts come up or semi-trailers pass you is always a good investment.

One reviewer said that there was some steering help but the difference was not like night and day. This steering invention only helped a little in his driving experience. Another owner had a better driving experience once this device was installed.

To learn more about this product just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a good purchase decision. This device may not be for every vehicle or provide as much aid in one truck as compared to another.

What is The Safe T Plus


This is a steering stabilizer that is designed to keep your RV or tow vehicle on the road under high-pressure situations. Those high-pressure situations include wind gusts, passing semi-trailers, other Class A RVs, and so on.

Anywhere you get strong gusts of wind, this device is designed to make that passage safer for you and your family. The design has it looking like a standard shock absorber and may work in the same way.

This device helps protect against sudden steering turns due to the aforementioned driving situations. The device is supposed to be totally enclosed so that dust, dirt, grime, etc., do not get inside and ruin the mechanisms.

Installation should be easy and the company is said to have provided installation videos so you can do it yourself and save. Plus, you do not have to worry about drilling, wiring, or welding any parts or components together.

But you cannot just purchase any Safe T Plus device. These products are color-coded and the colors match up to specific vehicles. In other words, if you own a Class B RV you cannot buy a Safe T Plus designed for a Class A RV, and vice versa.

Safe T Plus Benefits & Color Coding

This device is designed to help alleviate the challenges that come with different driving situations. It should help you improve your driving in the following areas:

- Road Wandering

- Over-Steering

- Side Winds

- Passing Semi-Trucks

- Bad Roads

- Front Tire Blowouts

- Travel Fatigue

Then this device is made to fit the following vehicles:

- Class A, B, and C Motorhomes

- Motorcoaches & Buses

- Leisure Vans & Custom Vehicles

- Toy Haulers

- Tow Vehicles for Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Pop-up Campers

However, you need to learn the color code to find the right version of the Safe T Plus for your specific vehicle. Here are the different colors and the vehicles they go with:

1. Silver- Class B, C Motorhomes, Leisure Travel & Custom Vans, Pickup Truck, SUV, and Van Tow Vehicles, Passenger Cars

2. Red- Some Class A V10 F53 14-16K GVWR, 1990's Light Duty Class A RV's, Straight Axle Light Duty Trucks, Light Duty Fleet Trucks, International Light Duty Trucks

3. White- Some Class A V10 F53 18-22K GVWR, Light Duty Fleet Vehicles, Small Commercial Box Trucks, Medium Sized Buses, Light Duty Fleet Vehicles

4. Blue- Class A RVs, Motor Coaches, Semi-Trucks, Large Fleet Vehicles (i.e. box trucks, dump trucks, etc.), Concrete Mixers, Front Load Mixers, Waste Haulers, School Buses, Tour Buses, Commercial Buses

5. Green- Industrial Fleet Vehicles with Tag Axles, Heavy-Duty Fleet Vehicles – Transporter, Multi-Axle Heavy-Duty Vehicles

6. Yellow- Most Class A Motorhomes with Independent Front Suspension (55-60 degree turning radius) (source)

Safe-T Plus Steering Stabilizer Complaints


Some of the complaints were about the fact that this device did not work for specific customers. They tried it and felt it did not add anything to prevent sway, did not stop being blown off the lane, it was unstable, and so on.

Another person simply said that it did not work for him and that it was a $500 scam. He also found that the device made it harder to steer and control his RV. Another user said that it created play n a P-30 RV.

The last complaint at one review site said that there were no instructions included with his purchase. That is easily remedied by going to the website and watching the installation videos.

For the blue version of this device, one owner said to avoid buying from an Amazon vendor. His model came missing parts and he had no warranty protection because the Amazon vendor was not an authorized dealer.

Another complaint was that the locking nuts that come with the device are worthless. They did not go over the bolts like they were supposed to. One owner found out too late that this device does not work for all RV models.

He could not attach it to his Gillig chassis and it sits on his work bench unused. Then like a previous complaint, another owner found that the blue version did not provide as much improvement as he was expecting.

Some 4-star reviews liked the product but pointed out a few nuances, for example, they had to tweak it to get it installed correctly. Another one said it was difficult. Finally, there were complaints about the price.

But we will deal with the price a little later in this article.

Safe-T Plus Reviews

One review said that he did not like the device because it made it harder to steer. He was worn out from driving with this device attached and he replaced it with a competitor’s device that drove more to his liking.

There were many owners who had a different experience than that reviewer and they said they felt no difference in the toughness of their steering. It drove smoothly for them and they exerted no extra pressure.

The Amazon 5-star reviews basically same the same thing. The device works as advertised even if they have to make a few adjustments to center it. Others like the easy installation.

Others mentioned the improvement in their driving and they were able to drive with one hand after the device was installed. One reason some people may be having problems is that the chassis designs are not always remaining the same.

For example, the 41-230 was for the 2016 chassis for one model of RV and the 51-230 was for the 2017 chassis model. It will take more than color to find the correct Safe T Plus device to fit your RV, etc.

Also, if your device came in a white box, that was made pre-2009 and there will be no warranty coverage. So watch the packaging if you go through online dealers.

How Does Safe-T Plus Work?


If you know how shock absorbers work for your suspension, then you have a good idea of how this device works. It works on the same principle and absorbs those heavy gusts of wind etc. when they hit your vehicle.

The device is made with a hydraulic cylinder and a heavy-duty spring. The spring is supposed to help you bring your steering wheel back to a neutral position to make moving onto the road a lot smoother.

It is hard to describe exactly how this device works because of its simple design. When you turn a corner, this device is supposed to automatically return to the neutral position or what some owners call the center.

You may feel some pressure on the steering wheel but not that much. That pressure may be what some users were complaining about above. To hear a better explanation of this topic, just watch the video below. 

To the right of this video, you will see many other videos to help you out with this device. There are also installation videos to help you do it yourself if you select that version.

But as this video said, if you go to the company and buy and install it through them, you get a lifetime warranty. The owners that went to the headquarters all reported being treated with respect and how they expect to be treated.

They could not say enough good about the customer service they received.

How Much Does Safe-T Plus Cost?

The company does not have an online store that we were able to find. But they did have a dealer finder which would be the best option to use. The link we gave you for their website has a menu tab at the top right-hand side of the page and it will take you to the dealer finder web page.

You will need to know the city and state to find the location nearest you. However, the dealer location does not provide the cost and at Amazon, one vendor was selling this device for about $400.

Unfortunately, our search did not turn up any other locations selling this device. Amazon or the company’s dealer system is the only place you may find it for sale.

The video we linked to above mentioned a less than $700 price tag and several owners mentioned $500. Check with the different dealers as you may get a better price if you are using one away from the big cities.

Do some comparison shopping and watch out for Amazon vendors. It seems that they are not the most honest people around and there have been complaints about some of them.

If you buy through one of these vendors you may not receive any factory warranty coverage. that is something to check out first before you take a great deal those vendors offer.

One reason for this is that the original buyer is covered and the warranty is not transferable, per the company’s website.

Safe T Plus Warranty Coverage


Our Safe T Plus vs Roadmaster article on a comparison between this product and the Roadmaster covers this topic briefly. We suggest that you go to their warranty page and read all the details. There is a long list of items you need to read and understand and we will only quote a little bit here for you:

This Warranty does not apply to, will not cover, and Safe T Plus makes no warranty related to:

- Any costs, including costs of removal, installation, road test and adjustment time, diagnostic time, and any other expenses arising out of replacing the Product under Warranty

- Any costs associated with diagnosis, repair, or replacement of other vehicle parts, chassis and steering parts, tires, etc. unrelated to the product

- Any Product that was modified, misused, altered, or installed improperly (except if installed by at Safe T Plus’ factory in Tallapoosa, Georgia, or by a Safe T Plus factory personnel), in any way so as, in Safe T Plus’ sole judgment, to affect its stability, functionality, or longevity of such Product

- Product that is new, unused, or shows signs of normal wear and tear, but not defective, in Safe T Plus’ sole judgment

- Product that is damaged, bent, broken, impacted, which was caused by a vehicle accident or other impact force to unit (i.e. deep drop, pot hole, etc.)

- Product damaged in an accident, fire, flood, rain, hail, weather, or any other force majeure event or hazard

- Product installed with any non-genuine Safe T Plus Steering Control factory parts, bolts, and/or accessories

- Product discontinued by Safe T Plus

- Product not owned by the original purchaser

- Product transferred from the vehicle on which it was originally installed,

That is only about 1/2 of the list and only about 1/4 of the information on that page.

Some Additional Words

From our research over two articles now, we are finding that the product seems to be a very good product to buy and use. The positive reviews and compliments far outnumber the negative comments.

Keep in mind this is a specialty product that has to be designed for your vehicle. If it is not you may join the small chorus of negative reviews. Read the warranty page carefully so you know what is involved when you buy this product.

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