Furrion Backup Camera Reset, Pairing, and Troubleshooting

Sometimes it can make life easier and sometimes it can make life very frustrating. For example, technology has developed backup cameras, however, getting them to work right may not be as simple as the instructions say

You have to make sure the antenna for the transmitter and the one for the receiver are orientated in the same direction or you won’t get your cameras to work. Or you have to turn your running lights on to see what is behind you

To learn more about this difficult and frustrating situation, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about to help you can get your Furrion camera working again. Sometimes nothing works

How do I Get My Furrion Camera To Work?


It would be easy to just say follow the instructions that came with the camera. Unfortunately, the instructions do not address all the power failures that can happen on an RV or trailer.

If it is not working, check for a broken connection inside the camera. This happens a lot and if that is not the problem, check the fuses. They may have blown at some point.

Or you may own one of those GMC trucks that send a modified 12-volt electrical charge to the trailer lights. You may not be getting enough power to run the camera.

If those are not the problem, the camera can be powered by the front electrical compartment using its own dedicated wire. Or you can use 2 hot leads to keep the camera on 24/7. How you turn it on is up to you and the methods you prefer.

Furrion Backup Camera Reset

In some models, you may find the reset button on the camera. This means that you will have to climb a ladder to get to it depending on the location of the camera. Once you push the button you should be able to re-pair your devices as the instructions state.

If your model is not the same as this particular one, then you should look in the manual to find out the location of the button or the process to reset the camera. Follow those instructions to get the right reset and your camera working like normal.

But you may not need to reset the camera if the fuse blew, the trailer lights are not getting power, and so on. You just have to solve the electrical problem to make the camera work again.

If you still are not successful, call Furrion and ask them for some advice. Different models may have different locations.

How To Pair Furrion Backup Camera


Some Furrion models pair up automatically with the monitor. The reason for that is that the pre-wiring done on your RV is set up to let that pairing take place. But not all models will pair up that easily.

If yours isn’t, you may have to remove the camera from its place and bring it to the front of your RV or tow vehicle. This is done by removing the 4 screws holding the camera to the mounting plate.

Now, the monitor has a short plug on its power cable that is to be plugged into the camera. This is designed for this specific task. Once you have power, press the menu button and then click on the pairing option.

Next, look at the bottom of the camera for a small button. Press it and your pairing process will start. It will end in about a few seconds. When it has ended, just return the camera to its mounting plate.

Where is The Pairing Button on The Furrion Camera?

You should find it on the bottom of the camera in a very obvious spot. Some people may refer to this button as the reset button and for all intent and purposes, it probably does that function as well.

The pairing process does not take a long time and it will be over before you know it. The problem though is that the pairing does not always work as it should. The process is simple but the continuity may be complicated.

You may have to check the antennas to make sure they are aligned correctly or you may lose the pairing. Also, check your power supply to the camera. It may not be getting enough voltage to operate.

Continuous operation can get tricky as it may be lost when you turn a corner, hit a bump, and other interference from other camera systems.

Furrion Backup Camera Won't Pair


Different models may have different instructions for this process but here are some general instructions. The first thing to do is to make sure the camera is close enough to the monitor when you begin the pairing process.

The second step is to make sure your camera is receiving power. This means double-checking all connections including wires, plugs, and so on. You should also check the fuses in the system to make sure they are fine.

Also, check to see where your camera is wired into. The system may require you to turn on your trailer or running lights for the camera to get power. Or not enough power is getting through to the camera.

Furrion Vision s Not Pairing

The instructions in the previous section are the same for this model. It is vital that you make sure the camera is moved to the front and close enough to plug into the power wire to bring power to the monitor.

As you do all of this and the camera is plugged in and receiving power, push the little pairing button and hold it for 2 seconds. Those latter instructions come from the troubleshooting page of the manual for this camera model.

If the two won’t pair up, then you may have a problem with the camera or the monitor. That requires going to a Furrion technician to get help. Or you have too much interference in the area for the pairing to take place.

Furrion Backup Camera Troubleshooting


The first thing to do is check your monitor and see that it has power. Make sure all cables are connected right and that it is receiving 12 to 24-volt DC power. If it is still not working try turning it off and then on again to reset the monitor.

If you have a weak signal, look for any interference. That could come from electronic devices inside your RV or trailer, power lines overhead, or large objects between the camera and monitor.

Make sure the antennas are connected properly as well as fitted securely in place. For blurry images try cleaning the camera lens or removing the plastic off the lens or monitor.

Page 34 of the manual has all the troubleshooting tips you will need to fix basic camera operation problems.

Furrion RV Backup Camera no Signal

This is not a major problem as some of the sources are very easy to fix. The first step to take is to follow the steps above to re-pair the two devices. Make sure to follow all pairing instructions to get the signal back again.

Another source will be a lack of power. Make sure all connections are working and that the right style of power is flowing to the monitor and camera. Or large objects are in the way of the two devices. If possible, move the objects.

Then another source of this problem could be interference. That interfere3nce can come from power lines or other electrical devices nearby, including inside your trailer or RV.

Finally, your camera or monitor may be broken. It does happen and it is a possibility for your situation as well.

Download Furrion Vision S Manual


The best place to go is this link. That link will take you to the Furrion web page that has all the Furrion Vision S models and manuals. It will have other models as well so you get everything you need with one click.

On that web page, you will get to download the spec sheet or the manual, whichever you want. We tested it and it worked fine for us. The download came quickly and was very easy to read once it loaded up.

If you do not want to use the Furrion website, then there are other companies that will have a copy of the manual. This one just happens to be free.

Some Final Words

With today’s RVs and trailers, you really need a backup camera to help guide you. The sizes of many of these vehicles make it impossible to see behind you without this aid.

Having a good backup camera is essential as you need to have a clear view of what is behind you. Unfortunately, Furrion products only seem to work with other Furrion products.

You will need the brand’s monitor and camera to use this system. That is the price you pay when you want the best system possible.

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