List Of Gas Stations On Highway 50 in Nevada (What Towns?)

It is called the loneliest road. Even though Highway 50 has been known as the backbone of America, once it reaches Nevada its nickname changes to the loneliest road. The reason for the name change is that it is not a very high-traffic highway. In fact, you may be the only car on the road for hours.

Highway 50 goes from Ocean City, Maryland, and West Sacramento, California, and goes through thousands of rural towns. However, once it reaches Nevada, it only hits 7 major towns making it seem hard to find a place to refuel. But, there are fuel stops almost every 100 miles along this roadway.

To learn more about this stretch of road, just continue to read our article. It explores the nature of this road to provide you with the best possible information about where to fill up your RV or tow vehicle when you are running low on fuel.

List Of Gas Stations On Hwy 50 In Nevada


When you want to drive this stretch of highway, be prepared in your research for fuel stations to list every major brand of gas provider individually. Then put Highway 50 next to it so you can see if your favorite gas is and operates a gas station along this highway.

Also, be prepared when you go to RV discussion forums to receive the most frustrating answers to this very question. Some people put up the most ridiculous responses that make you wonder if they are just trying to have a laugh at your expense or if they are purposefully trying to mislead you for whatever sick reason they may have.

For example, one person said that there were no diesel stops after Sacramento on this highway. Yet Carson City is full of gas stations offering diesel and other small towns offer both gas and diesel at the few stations they might have.

The most frustrating aspect you will find beyond those answers is that the many websites talking about this road do not list any gas brands. They just say that there are 7 major stops, Baker, Ely, Eureka, Austin, Fallon, Dayton, and Fernley, and they all have enough fueling stations to meet your needs.

There is one place that is named and it is called Middlegate Station and it is in Fallon. Then we checked with the Mobile/Exxon website and they list one station in Ely.

But to get a comprehensive list means driving through the highway recording all the gas station names you come across and then hoping none go out of business like Chevron did. There is a Smith’s fuel center in Dayton and a Flying J at the intersection of I-80 and Highway 50.

You might find a Sunoco or a Sinclair gas station in one of the small towns but these towns are not large metropolis and gas stations do not last long. These types of lists are only valid for the year as one never knows what will happen to them in the next year or two.

Those experienced RVers who drive this route all the time, only say that there is a fuel stop about every 100 miles. That is it. Why they do not make their own list and publish it is beyond anyone’s guess.

What Towns Are On Highway 50 In Nevada?


When you travel this route, do not expect to find any hidden gem of a city that has 20,000 or more residents. Nor should you expect to find any real modern conveniences past the basics.

The towns you will come across, Baker, Ely, Eureka, Austin, Fallon, Dayton, and Fernley, usually have populations between a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand people at best.

The least you will find will be one gas station and possibly a general store as well as a roadside inn. The most you may find will be two or three gas stations and a little larger supermarket.

If you are the type of person who likes to get away from it all and not be bothered by neighbors or people in general, then you would move to these towns on Highway 50.

When you travel this highway, do not be surprised to find that cell reception is not what you would like it to be. Eureka is advertised as the friendliest town on the loneliest highway and that may be so. But it won’t offer much more than what other towns already offer.

With only roughly 400 miles to travel to cross Nevada, you may not need gas once you get to this town. It is possible to miss out on their friendly nature.

How To Find Gas Stations


When RV discussion forums fail and websites only talk about the history and folklore of this highway, there are more modern ways to get the names of gas stations along this highway. Here is a list of apps that may help you:

1. Gass Buddy- you can save a few cents per gallon if those stations accept the accompanying gas buddy card

2. Upside- you are supposed to also get cash back without changing payment plans

3. Checkout 51- you also get cashback here but in the form of a check

4. Google Maps- is supposed to give you the best prices in the area you are traveling

5. Drivvo- goes beyond finding gas stations and helps you maintain your vehicle and more.

Some Additional Words

From all our research you will find that there is plenty of information about this highway…except for names of gas stations. Sometimes that is just the way it goes.

To avoid being frustrated, just use a gas station location app to help you pinpoint the exact location of a gas station along this route. You do not have to worry, there are plenty of them for you to fuel up at.

It is just that people seem to like to keep their names a secret for whatever reason they may have.

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