GM Navigation Hack: Do You Have To Pay For GM Navigation?

Many issues come with using a navigational system and GM’s product is not immune to those issues. One of those issues is you do not have to pay for the upgrades to a paper map but you usually do with a GM Navigation system update.

From what we understand, the GM navigation system’s cost is built into the price of the vehicle you are planning on buying. It is the updates you need to pay for and those may not be that cheap. One reason is that the original system could not be modified.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can see if the upgrades are worth buying. Sometimes you are paying for something you will never use

Do You Have To Pay For GM Navigation?


In one way or another, you will end up paying for the GM navigation system. If not directly, by buying and having the unit installed, then the cost will be indirect.

That means that you will pay for the feature through the overall price of the car or truck it is installed in. Once you made your purchase, you will be paying for the different upgrades that come after roads, addresses, and other geographical locations change.

Then you will have to pay a subscription fee if you opt to install the GM Maps Plus system. To get this navigational system, you will need to have to pay at least $15 per month to access it.

This plan is associated with OnStar and is connected to some of the plans that are sold by that company.

Can I Upgrade My GMC Infotainment System?


Yes, this is possible but the cost may make you hesitate. One upgrade for the 1019 to 2020 Silverado and Sierra trucks can run you about $1000, and the 2019 to 2022 option can run $1800+.

GM cars have upgrades available and they are running from roughly $400 to $2000 depending on the system upgrade you choose. If you go through Apple Store you may only pay between $100 to $200 depending on the upgrade.

The thing not to do is try to make any changes to the system yourself. One owner did and it ended up costing him about $2300 as the repair was not covered by the warranty.

What you will pay will depend on the GM vehicle you own and the type of system you have in your car. The problem you will have is that you may end up paying for a feature that will never benefit you.

GM Navigation Hack


There are different YouTube videos and website posts that talk about getting the updates for free. That is the maps and other updates will not cost you anything if you follow their instructions.

They make the claim that all you need to do is burn a GM DVD to a new disk or make a copy after downloading it from a torrent file on someone else’s computer. You can do this. GM is not stopping this from happening.

But this may not work as everyone who buys the system and updates, needs to register their purchase. That registration includes the car’s VIN and the GPS system’s ID number.

So even if you follow their instructions, it may not be possible to upload those updates and get them for free. If you can’t register the updates, you can’t activate them.

After registration, you get a unique passcode to input into your GPS system that starts the download and installation process. Of course, if you use the torrent download option, you may be downloading a ton of viruses, scams, and Trojan horse issues.

GM Infotainment Hack


People have tried this but if they were successful, they are not sharing their technique with the public over the internet. That may be content you have to go to the dark web to get.

One person was said to have hacked his infotainment system, but when he posted his remarks he did not say what he did either. Other people warn those who ask that it is risky to hack the system simply because of the defenses put in by GM and other makers of infotainment features.

Ford and Volkswagen’s systems may be the most vulnerable to hacking but the information we got was 2 years old and those companies may have strengthened their systems to close that vulnerability.

Jailbreak GMC Intellilink


There is a company that offers this service, and there may be more than one, but their technique will cost you about $330 to try and see if it really works. You can click on this information at this link.

That is about the best we can offer here. If it is illegal or violates copyright or patent, we cannot provide information to help you do those activities.

GMC Intellilink Mods

The way to get any modifications or updates is for you to own a smartphone. The more modern infotainment systems put out by GM require that device to give you the best service.

The Intellilink system first appeared in 2012 and has been gradually updated and improved over the past 10 years. Part of its charm is that you can use your voice, phone, or satellite navigation system to operate the Intellilink system.

More information on this system can be found at this link.

Some Final Words

While technology strives to make driving life a little easier, it seems to become more complicated and more expensive. These systems are great for some people who thrive on using technology every hour of the day.

But is the cost of upgrades worth it? Not always as some owners say. You will have to decide if this system and its costs are right for your driving style. For us, we prefer paper road maps. No thief wants one of those.

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