Free Battery Check and Charge: Does AutoZone Test Batteries?

One way to protect your family is to make sure your car battery is fully charged and in top working order. There is not much effort or investment in doing this as you can get your battery checked in a variety of places. All you have to do is drive to them.

Does AutoZone test batteries? Yes, free battery testing is one free service that AutoZone supplies to its customers. It is a smart offer to take advantage of as you don't have to be a customer to utilize the offer.

To learn more about free battery tests and where to get them, just continue to read our article. It has the information on Auto Zone as well as other auto parts stores, so you can find the one that is the most convenient for you to use

Finding a Free Car Battery Test Near Me


This is not going to be difficult. For those men who work on their cars or have the work done, they already know where the best mechanics and repair shops are. You can just ask them for directions to the one they recommend.

If you do not know such men and do not know where there are repair shops near you, Auto Zone makes it easy for you. All you have to do is go to their website, click on the menu button and scroll down till you see find a repair shop and click on it.

Once on that page put in your address and in a few seconds, the screen provides you with your results. Or you can just click here to get to that web page. The good thing about AutoZone’s repair shop finder is that it finds actual repair shops near you no matter who owns them.

Then if you want the location of the closest AutoZone shop, scroll to the bottom of the web page and look for the words AutoZone locations and click on it. Then follow instructions.

Does AutoZone Test Batteries?

Yes, the company does test your battery for you. The good part of the test is that it is free. Having a little peace of mind is worth the effort and the drive to the closest AutoZone shop near you.

The employees should be parts specialists and know what they are doing. But that depends on the many factors. It is worth getting an idea of the condition of your battery even if you do not buy a new one. There is no obligation for you to buy a new battery if the test shows yours is on its way out.

You can wait and buy later but do not make it too much later if you want your car to start each and every time someone in your family drives it.

Is AutoZone Battery Test Accurate?

According to their website, the company’s battery test is supposed to be accurate. That may be a true claim but it never hurts to get a second opinion. Just like going to another doctor to get a second opinion on your medical condition, it is not wrong to get a second opinion on your battery’s condition.

If the second test confirms the first one, then you know you can trust AutoZone’s battery tests in the future. While many mechanics can be corrupt, AutoZone has a different attitude and wants your business. They also want you to be a returning customer so there is no reason for them to give you a faulty test.

There is no harm in getting your battery tested by professionals. There is also little loss, just some time, in going to their stores and testing your battery. It is worth the trip to make sure your car is performing at peak levels and it has all the electricity it needs.

O'Reilly Battery Test


O’Reilly is in the business to make money and bring customers to their auto parts stores. One way to do that is to offer simple tests that help potential and returning customers have trouble-free driving.

Yes, this company also offers free battery testing at its outlets. If their stores are close to you, it would not be an imposition to take them up on their offer. Part of car maintenance is looking after the battery and getting a battery test is simple, easy to do, and not time-consuming.

Their website also has a store locator system you can use easily. This link takes you to the first page in that system and you can check by clicking on the state you live in. Scroll down and you will find the words contact your local store and click on it to get the contact details of an O’Reilly auto parts store in your city.

Advance Auto Battery Testing

This company is the same as its competitors. It offers free battery testing and they make sure your battery is producing what it needs to produce. Like the other parts stores, you are under no obligation to buy anything to get the test done for you. it is just one way of providing good customer service.

Also, like their competitors, Advanced Auto Parts has a store locator system. With over 5,000 outlets in the country, you should be able to find one that is very close to you. They also own and operate World Pac and Carquest auto parts stores.

Click on this link to find one of those three outlets where you live. You start with a map so finding your state should be easy, then go from there.

Where Can I Get My Car Battery Charged?

There are those situations where, despite the thousands of outlets from all three companies mentioned so far, that have you living in a region where none of them are close to you. The following information is for those people who have little to no knowledge of car maintenance, etc.

Car part stores are not mechanics. They offer simple free tests to get you into their store and hopefully convince you to buy your other parts from them. That is business and nothing wrong with it. But if you want a professional opinion and a professional conducting the test, you go to your local repair shops or mechanics.

They will know more about a car, including yours, than the employees at an auto parts store. Your local gas station mechanic is a good place to go as well. There are no shortages of professionals near you except if you live in some very remote portions of the country.

Does AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free?


Yes, AutoZone offers free battery charging. They use the Duralast battery charging system which is supposed to be quite fast. Their website says it takes about 30 minutes to complete the charge giving you time to browse the store and do some impulse shopping.

Keep in mind that the 30 minute charge time frame is for most batteries. Some may be weaker than others and take longer to charge up. Others may not take as long. The good thing about getting your battery charged at an auto parts store is that if there is something wrong with your battery, you can get a replacement right away.

Like the battery test, you are losing nothing by going to this company to get your battery charged, except a little time.

Does O'Reilly's Charge Batteries?

On the O’Reilly website, there are two words- store services. You click on those words and a drop-down menu appears. On that menu are all the services that O’Reilly does for you. There is a section called Free Store services and when you look at what the company offers, you may be disappointed.

The reason we say that is because battery charging is not listed under that heading. We read their web page on this topic and it says the company will provide you with a free diagnostic test but nowhere on that page does it say it will charge your battery for free.

They do other tests for free but you may have to either pay for the battery charging service or go elsewhere to get it done. Unless they do that service without mentioning it and you can ask if you stop in there for auto parts, etc.

Does Advance Auto Parts Ccharge Batteries for Free?

Unlike O’Reilly’s Advanced Auto Parts doesn't have a drop-down menu that lists their free services. As we looked on their website, we found no indication or mention that battery charging is for free.

That may be because not all of their locations replace your old battery and install your new one, even if you purchased it at their stores. That free installation includes if you buy your battery online.

Not every auto parts outlet is equipped with mechanical services so you would have to ask the store before you go there if they will charge your battery for free. If not, you can then go to someone who does.

However, the company will test your alternator, starter, and battery for free so there is some advantage to going to these outlets when you need to know what is happening under your hood.

Does AutoZone Replace Batteries?


They will install batteries that you purchase at their store. It is part of their customer service program. They will not replace batteries that you did not buy at their store. By that we mean, if you bought a battery elsewhere, they won’t take out your old one and put the new one in for you.

They do have web pages teaching you how to replace your own battery and it is filled with some pretty good advice and instruction. Here is the link to that web page. There are also other good links to other web pages filled with instructions and information.

If there is a problem with the new battery you bought from them, you have 90 days to return it. You need to read the fine print as some restrictions may apply. Warranties are not always a blanket policy where no questions are asked.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

Yes, AutoZone will install batteries for free but you would have to buy your new battery from them to take advantage of that free service. That is understandable as they are busy people and do not have the time to install batteries other companies should have installed for you when you purchased it from their competitors.

There are a couple of catches to their installation program though. If the battery is in an awkward place, like a wheel well or under a seat, then chances are they will not install the battery. If the employee has to remove other parts from your car to install the battery, then no, they won’t do it then either.

It will have to be a simple battery exchange system before Auto Zone employees will install your new battery. There are liability reasons why those policies are in place. In those situations, it is best to have a professional mechanic install your battery.

Free Alternator Check

This is not going to be a difficult task to perform. Almost any mechanic can do an alternator test for you. The only question is if that test is free. Mechanics like to be paid for their services and their per hour rate is not cheap anymore.

If they do charge, you can always say no thank you as there is no obligation to pay for an alternator check when you can go a block or two away and get it for free. There are plenty of places, shops, and outlets that want your business and will go the extra mile for you to get your business.

The next section will discuss some of the locations where you can get your alternator checked for free. Just keep reading to find the answers you may already know about.

Finding Free Alternator Testing


The internet is full of websites that tell you how to do your own alternator test. Those are good if you are a person that is handy with tools. Those websites should provide you with all the instructions you need as well as what tools you will need to do the job.

But if you are too busy, not handy with tools, or do not like messing around with your engine, there are places you can go to get the check done for you. We checked the websites of all three auto parts stores discussed in this article and they all say they do free alternator tests.

All you have to do is pick the one you like and find their outlet that is closest to you. Then drive to them and ask for the test. While you are there, you should take advantage of all the other free tests they offer so you have a clear idea of the condition of your auto parts.

You can also try Walmart or Costo when their stores have a full-service shop attached to their retail outlets. We cannot say if they do those checks or not or if they are free or not. we have not checked their websites.

Your personal mechanic should be able to do the test for free for you but ask to make sure.

Does AutoZone Test Alternators?

Yes, AutoZone does test alternators. Along with batteries and alternators, they check starters and other parts for you as well. If there is a problem with those parts, the company may not fix it but they do have a loan a tool program for those specialty tools that are often required for car repairs.

That may be a good deal when the cost to repair the part is a little higher than you expected. All you have to do is ask them about their tests and their programs to see what can be done without having to make a trip to the mechanic or repair shop.

Before you drive into their outlets, make sure to call as not every location will offer every service. Some states may prohibit those services from being offered.

Some Final Words

When you are in a pinch and do not want to pay a professional mechanic for their work, you can always check with AutoZone. They offer many free services that will help keep your car in top shape.

Also, they have the parts right there if you need to replace something. With a little help, you can make sure your family is protected.

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