Septic Tank Lid With RV Adapter (Add RV Dump To Septic Tank)

These may not be in public use places. Most septic systems do not come with an RV adapter because they serve other purposes first. Then if the manhole cover is made from cast iron, you can’t add an adaption to it. It is best to keep looking for one or find a nearby dump station that is compatible with RV sewer hook ups.

One option is when you are parked at home, just install a clean-out on your sewer line and use that. Or build a second septic system for your RV or trailer. You probably won’t find too many manhole covers with RV sewer adapters attached to them.

To learn more about this problem, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find the perfect place to dump your black water tank. If it is your property, you have a few good options to consider.

How Do I Hook Up My RV To My Existing Septic Tank?


There are different possibilities and what stops you from using many of those options is that your city, county, or state may not allow you to hook up your RV to your septic tank.

You have to check the law first before doing this. The best option to use is to search for your clean-out. This is sort of a trap door-type box that gives you access to the septic system when there is a blockage, etc.

You can run your sewer hose to the clean-out and then dump your tanks into the clean-out. The fluid will flow to your septic tank from this spot. The problem with lifting the lid of the septic tank, if you do not have a clean-out, is that the exposure to the outside air may kill the natural bacteria that get rid of your waste inside the tank.

Then you have to dump into the side that holds the solid waste away from the wastewater for this to work. There are more issues with this method.

Septic Tank Lid With RV Adapter

This is a bit more complicated than you may realize. While we found no septic tank lids with built-in RV adapters, there may be some available at industrial plumbing outlets. You are probably not going to find one online.

What we found when researching this topic is that there are plenty of adapters available but you have to drill a hole in your septic tank lid to install them. That is if the lid is made of plastic. Good luck if the lid is made of cast iron or concrete.

The best advice that can be given is to talk to a plumber as they may be the only ones licensed or approved to handle this installation.

How To Add RV Dump To Septic Tank


This is one of the options you have when you cannot find a septic tank lid with an RV adapter or can’t build one. All you have to do is install a ‘T’ to your current septic line and then add another line to your RV.

This RV line will be connected to your septic inlet line. Then your RV line should extend to your RV’s permanent storage location when you are not out on the road.

This work may take approval from your city or county offices. That means you may have to hire a licensed plumber to do all the work and get inspections. This can be a costly process so think about it first. The cost will depend on the length of the new line to the septic inlet line.

One way to save on your total cost would be to dig the lines yourself and let the plumber make all the connections for you. The biggest drawback to this plan would be if you have the space or not to build.

Some properties do not have the space and the septic may be placed in a very inconvenient location. It takes planning to build an RV dump and connect it to your current septic system.

Talk to a plumber who specializes in septic systems to see what can be done about the challenges on your property.

RV Dump Cover Options

There are plenty of these RV dump cover lids and adapters that you can buy. They range between $30 and $35 at Enviro Design Products. But they are adapters that need something to attach them to. The good thing is that they come in different colors.

Amazon sells caps but you would need to find the right adapter to go with those caps and buy both at the same time. The caps range in price from about $3 to over $20.

But to find the best parts you should use, you probably should talk to a good plumbing supply outlet. One that sells to the public. These stores should have everything you need and you probably won’t find them listed on the internet.

Walmart has the same types of caps that Enviro and Amazon have on sale so you can check their online store to lower your costs.

How To Use a Home Septic Tank For a Dump Station


The first step is to make sure it is legal to use your home septic tank as your dump station. If it isn’t legal, then you would be risking some fines if caught. The second step would be to check the capacity of your septic tank.

You may be dumping in more waste than your tank can handle and that back up will cause you some problems. But if these two issues check out and it is safe and legal for you to dump your RV waste into your septic system, then use your clean-out.

That is the best option and involves little money to adapt it to your RV sewer line. All the work is done and your only drawback will be where the cleanout is located. If it is located in an inconvenient spot, then consider building the RV dump.

If you are going to use your current home septic tank system, there is something you should be aware of. Once you make the connection, you need to stop using chemicals in your RV waste system.

Your home septic system relies on natural bacteria and other organisms to empty the waste out of its tank. When you dump chemicals into your home system through your RV’s sewer system then you will destroy that natural balance.

When that happens, your current septic system will get damaged and you will have more problems on your hands. Before you make the connection, talk to septic professionals about what you should be doing once you connect.

Build Your Second Septic System

This is always a good option to consider. It may be more expensive than tapping into your current septic system through the clean-out or RV dump. But it will protect your current system from any possible damage due to chemicals, overfilling, and so on.

If you have the space, you can build that RV only septic system not far from where your RV or trailer will sit when it is not in use. That will help cut the cost somewhat. It is a very viable option to consider when your city or state, etc., does not allow you to connect to your current septic system.

There are lots of articles online that will provide all the needed instructions and materials list you will need. Those web pages are not hard to find and one of our articles on this topic can be found at this link DIY redneck septic tank.

What Happens If You Overfill Your Septic Tank


This is a real problem that you may encounter if you do not plan your septic use properly after adding an RV to the load. When you add wastewater to your septic tank, the wastewater that is already there gets pushed out.

However, if you put too much wastewater into your tank, the excess pushes sludge into your leech lines. When that happens your lines will get clogged and you will need to hire someone to clean out those clogs a lot more often.

Other possibilities include contaminating the ground and water surrounding your drain field as well as backing waste up into your home. That is not a pretty sight.

Some Final Words

Septic tank lids may not be adaptable to fit RV sewer lines. This is something you would have to talk over with plumbing experts and see what they say. Then finding a septic lid with an RV adapter is next to impossible and you may have some extra work on your hands.

The best solution is to either build an RV sewage dump or build a second septic system for your RV. The key to using your septic tank at home is to make sure you do not overfill it.

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