How to Use an RV Sewer Donut (What Does It Look Like?)

When you do not have a threaded connection. There are many RV parks and campsites that do not have a threaded sewer connection. The threaded version comes in handy as it makes a nice tight and secure seal. When it doesn’t have this style, you will need to use a doughnut. It is law in some states.

How to Use an RV Sewer Donut: Just place the tapered end in the campground sewer hole and then place your waste pipe inside the other end. This round, rubber-shaped device seals off any gaps and keeps odors from escaping and annoying those around you.

To learn more about these sewer doughnuts, just continue to read our article. It explains what they are, how to use them, and if they are required or not. In some cases, you only need to have them on hand whenever a campground does not have a threaded connection

What is a Sewer Donut For RV?


This is the device that goes into the campground’s sewer hole. When you do a straight connection between that hole and your black water sewer pipe there can be air gaps. When there are those gaps, the odor, etc., escapes and makes the surrounding area unpleasant.

Once you place the doughnut in the sewer hole and then your connector on the waste line, those gaps are supposed to be sealed and no more foul odor escapes. These doughnuts are round, made of rubber, and have a tapered end so that they will fit into any waste hole you encounter.

The good news is that they are not that large or heavy. They can be stored away easily and do not add anything to your weight limit. Many people have them but with recent upgrades to different campgrounds, they are rarely used anymore even though some states have passed laws making their use mandatory.

How Does a Sewer Donut Work?

Unless you are sight-impaired anyone can use these sewer doughnuts. The only real requirement is to make sure you get the tapered end inside the campground’s sewer hole and not the other way around.

There are no motors, no controls, no buttons to push, or codes to remember. Operating this sewer doughnut is as old school as it gets. Just take it out of its storage spot, place the tapered end into the hole, and then your waste line on the other side and you are done.

Just make sure to give it a rinse or two to make sure there is nothing left on the rubber to smell up your RV storage area. When you are done, you just put it back where you got it from.

What Does a Sewer Donut Look Like?


We have used the old spelling of the word donut so far and no matter how you spell it, the sewer doughnut will look like an edible donut you get at your favorite donut outlet.

The only real difference between the two is that the sewer donut has one tapered end. Real donuts do not have that feature. Unless someone baker is trying to think outside the box a little.

That is why it is called a donut. It looks like an edible one but serves a different but healthier purpose. The seal the donut creates makes sure nothing escapes during the dump time and you can breathe fresh air without being offended.

Usually, you need to use the sewer donut when you are at a full-service campground. It blocks the odor from coming back out allowing all campers to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery without a problem.

How To Use an RV Sewer Donut

If you are fully modernized, you may be a bit confused about how this low-tech item can operate. The device is not hard to use and it just takes a little common sense and logic to figure out which end goes where.

The tapered end goes into the sewer hole firmly, then you insert your waste hose and make sure the connection is tight and secure. That is it. if you are at a full-service campground, the key to using one of these items is to remember to pick it up, clean it off, and put it back into storage before you leave for your next destination.

While they are not expensive to purchase, it is an extra expense you can do without. Cleaning it off helps keep your storage area smelling nice and be germ-free.

RV Sewer Donut Options


There are a lot of different designs for these sewer donuts. We have just talked about the simplest one and it is the easiest one to use. One model comes with threads in case your sewer connector does not have the needed threads and the campground’s sewer hole does.

other designs combine plastic with rubber. The plastic is for strength while the rubber collar creates the seal that is required at many campgrounds. Then, there are those 90-degree designs where one end is not threaded and the other is.

The non-threaded end slips into the campground’s sewer hole and creates the seal while your hose connects to the threaded side. Then some are just basic plastic rings with a little taper to create the seal everyone wants.

All you have to do is find the one that suits your needs and budget and you are ready for those campgrounds that require a donut when connecting to their sewer holes.

Camco Sewer Donut

This is one brand of sewer donuts you can buy. If you go to Amazon, you will see that most of their selection is from this company. Camco also males a variety of shapes and designs to meet your waste hose and sewer hole connection needs.

They range in price with the basic models going for less than $10. Even their flexible sewer donut is under $10 so having a couple of different designs in storage is not going to ruin your budget.

This company also makes these donuts out of different materials so you can go for looks or just function. It will be your choice as they all do a good job. Plus, they should last you a long time.

Sewer Donut With Clamps


There may be some of these models available but so far, in all the websites we checked, none were on sale or being sold. Every model was either a simple basic rubber or plastic design or one with a threaded end.

None of those models came with clamps but they may be on sale at some RV parts and accessories store or in some obscure outfit that specializes in unique products. Amazon certainly didn’t carry any no matter which brand we looked at.

There are models with thread on both ends and are made from flexible plastic for easier connection but that is about as sophisticated as these items get.

RV Sewer Donut at Walmart

You can buy at Walmart if you want, just be careful of which one you buy. The Lippert model was selling for $22 approx. through the Walmart website. Why this is so we do not know.

We checked another Walmart web page and you can get the basic Camco model for under $4. That is quite a difference. we did not see too many models or brands at Walmart.

What was kind of interesting was when we searched for sewer donuts, Walmart’s website put 2 pictures of real donuts as the first two selections. Just so you know $22 was not the most expensive sewer donut you can buy at that outlet. Some other models were on sale for over $30.

What Size is an RV Sewer Connection?


This will depend on the campground you stay at. For RVs, the universal size is 3 inches in diameter for the hose but it is hard to say what the size of the sewer hole is at the campground due to different regulations in different states.

Thus the tapered end on the basic sewer donuts. You can get a tight fit no matter the size of the sewer hole. Sometimes your RV may have a 4-inch diameter hose. If this is the case, you would need an adapter first to connect the hose and then find a donut that will fit the sewer hole on the other end.

Some Final Words

Every little aspect of RV life has a device that helps make that life a little easier. The sewer donut is one such device and covers a very important area. Their use is often mandated by the States to make sure foul odors do not escape during the use of the sewer hole and hose.

The good news is that most models of these donuts are not expensive and can be found in many retail outlets for under $10.

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