Do It Yourself RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas and How To Guide

Do It Yourself RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas and How To Guide

Innovation can make your RV experience better. You can drive down the road with pride knowing you contributed your skill to upgrading your RV.

Do It Yourself RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas: One great idea is to take a vinyl fence post and a gutter shaped piece of plastic, attach it to your RV frame and have it slide out whenever you need to use your sewer hose. You can divide it into sections to make sure you have room for connectors and adapters.

To get more great ideas and the details on how to put them on your RV, just continue to read our article. We have explored the RV world for great do it yourself sewer hose ideas. At least one of these ideas will be a great fit for you and your RV.

How to Make an rv Sewer Hose Storage

To make the above sewer hose storage you only need a few tools. A tape measure, pencil, drill, screws, hack saw and pliers are the main tools you will need to complete this job.

For materials you are looking at a 5 by 5 inch hollow 8 foot vinyl fence post. 2 fence post caps, 2 hinges, 4 1/2 inch half round vinyl gutter and 3 end caps. Screws and a locking latch. All of this should run you about $80 and should only take you a day or two to complete.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Find the appropriate RV frames on each side of your RV
  • Attach the hollow fence post to the frame using the straps and screws
  • After attaching the fence post, attach one post cap and secure it shut. YOu attach it to the end that is furthest away from your connections
  • On the other end, attach the latch, and hinges to the other pole cap and then secure it to the fence post. Make sure the door opens and closes correctly
  • Now slide your vinyl gutter piece inside the post. Mark the gutter where it is about 1/2 inside the post.
  • Remove the gutter and make the cut.
  • After you have done this, attach the gutter cap at the far end of the gutter. Next attach the next gutter cap on the near end. When these are done, install the third gutter cap inside the gutter leaving you enough room to place sewer hose accessories
  • Place your sewer hose and accessories inside

There are fine adaptions you can make to this basic set of instructions. The key is to make sure your design fits the design of your RV. The other key is to make sure the vinyl gutter slides in and out easily.

RV Sewer Storage Tube

RV Sewer Storage Tube

There are a lot of sewer storage tubes on the market. They are sold at almost every RV accessory or parts store around the nation. Yet they all seem to have a common problem.

They do not fit your sewer hose when all the accessories are attached. It seems like a waste and it is. But there is one way to solve this dilemma. Make your own sewer hose tube storage.

It is not hard to do as the myriad of plumbing supplies have a variety of PVC and other tubes in various sizes. You just need to pick the type of material you want and measure to make sure the diameter will be wide enough to hold your sewer hose and connectors.

To close the ends, there are also a variety of end caps you can choose from. Just seal one end so the hose doesn’t slide out the wrong way. Then by a cheap chain to hook to the cap on the other end. This will make sure you do not lose the cap.

The last thing you need to be concerned about is where to put the tube. Your RV’s back bumper is the simplest location to attach the tube or you can take the time and find a way to attach the tube to the frame underneath your RV.

RV Sewer Hose Storage in Bumper

There are RV models that come with a hollow bumper/. This design is done so you have a convenient and safe place to store your sewer hose. These are not a bad place to store your hose except there are a couple of problems.

The end caps do not stay on and the interior of the bumper may rub holes in your sewage hose. One solution to the loose end cap issue is to use some tough and long enough screws to hold one end permanently in place.

Or you can drill a 1/2” hole in each end of your bumper and place a long clevis pin inside to hold the hose in lace as you travel. Another way to seal those rubber stoppers is to drill smaller vertical holes and use smaller rods to hold the rubber stoppers in place.

To keep the stoppers from disappearing, add a chain to them and lock them to the bumper.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Bag

It is a smart idea to keep your sewer hose from touching other hoses or RV. Protecting yourself from toxic waste particles, bacteria and other germs means isolating your sewer hose from everything else on your RV.

You may not be able to implement the storage ideas mentioned above but a you can use a good sewer storage bag. These bags are easy to use, come with closures to make sure nothing falls out at the wrong moment and they can isolate your sewer hose so your RV stays completely healthy.

They are not hard to find. These bags can be found on Amazon or in your RV parts store. Or, you can save a little money and use another bag from another product. If you have purchased a foam mattress recently, you can convert the zippered bag it came in to a RV sewer hose storage bag.

These bags are made from durable plastic, have handles to make carrying them easy, plus they can fit into your RV storage compartments easier. The zipper closure makes sure everything you put inside stays there.

Sometimes the simplest do it yourself fixes are the easiest to do and the very inexpensive.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Pvc Pipe

RV Sewer Hose Storage Pvc Pipe

PVC pipe is everywhere and this accessibility makes it a good option when you are looking to store extra sewer hoses. Also, PVC pipe is not that expensive so it makes for a great choice when you need to do a quick storage fix.

All you will need is the appropriate length and diameter of pipe. Make sure to measure twice before ordering so you do not short yourself on materials.

Then buy 2 or 3 stainless steel straps that have enough length to go over the pipe diameter and gives you about 2 to 3 inches on each side to secure the straps to your RV frame

You will also need some good screws to attach thew straps

Find the right location for the PVC pipe and attach one side of the straps first.

Once those are in position you are going to need an extra pair of hands to hold the pipe while you secure the other side of the straps to your RV

When this is done, you can drill one hole on each end of the pipe and slip a threaded rod through the holes. Attach the rods to the pipe with a nut. This will keep your hose from sliding out

Under RV Sewer Hose Storage

As you have already read this is one of the more popular places to store extra sewer hoses. This location keeps the sewer hose out of the way while still being very accessible. The do it yourself ideas do not take a lot of time or money to complete but this depends on how extravagant you get with materials and options.

There are also a variety of ways you can do the under RV sewer storage. You can use vinyl fence posts, some metal straps and a vinyl gutter to slide the hose in and out of its safe place.

Or you can use a length of PVC pipe and keep your costs down. How you store your sewer hose under your RV is up to you. The trick is to make sure it is stable, secure and won’t fall off when your RV hits the slightest bump.

The other trick is to make sure your sewer hose does not come in contact with other hoses, etc., Instead of using a simple bolt to hold the hose in place, you may want to use a sealed cap with chain to make sure the wind doesn’t blow contaminates all over your RV.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Solutions

RV Sewer Hose Storage Solutions

There are those RV sewer hoses that do not allow for the 90 degree connection assembly to detach from the hose. This situation can cause a lot of problems when it comes time to store the hose till the next time it is needed.

#1. The way to solve this problem is to get some PVC pipe and cut a little notch in one end. The handle of the 90 degree connection can slip inside that a notch and keep the connection from being broken, etc.

Then attach a carabineer or D clamp to the strap holding the pipe to your bumper. Give yourself enough chain or wire to make sure the carabineer can be attached to the handle of the 90 degree connection securely. This will hold the connection in place when you do not need to use it.

#2. Another solution is to buy a pre-built ABS storage pipe . These usually come with mounting brackets already attached to the pipe. That makes attaching it to your RV’s bumper simple and very easy to do

One model can be found at this link This option should save you a lot of time.

#3. The next solution would be a simple pivot storage tube. These tubes connect to your black water holding tank and then pivot out when you need to dump. They come with a 10 foot hose that compresses down to about 38 inches in size.

Everything you need to secure the pivoting holder and connect it is included in the kit. You can view a few of these models at this link

#4. If you really want to be innovative, here is a link to a plan that helps you store those hoses that do not allow you to disconnect the 90 degree connector from the hose.

This creative way to store your sewer hose may inspire those who have difficult RV designs to work around. There is not going to be a one size fits all RVs for most innovations.

Sometimes inspiration is all you need to make sure your sewer hose can be stored properly without contaminating the rest of your RV equipment.

Some Final Comments

Storing your sewer hose can be quite a problem, especially when you have to store extra hoses to fit all your dumping situations. What seems to be the easiest do it yourself fix is to attach a good PVC pipe or pre-built model to your rear bumper.

You do not have to crawl under your RV to attach the piping or make the needed adaptions. The next most convenient location would be underneath your RV. All you have to do is use sturdy metal straps that won’t rust to hold the vinyl fence post or PVC pipe in place.

The only real trick to this option is finding the right spots on your frame. The pivoting hose storage is a good way to store the extra needed hose. It stays attach to your connections and swings out into position with ease.

You can have your extra feet of sewer hose already in place and use your regular hose to meet any distance requirements.

How you do it is going to be left up to your innovation and RV design. Just draw a little inspiration from these examples to help you solve a common problem.

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