Thor Vegas Problems (Windshield, Battery, Fridge, Swivel Chair)

It is just the build quality that contributes to the problems Thor RV Vegas owners encounter. Sometimes it is the weather, the road conditions, the vibrations as well and picking the wrong roads to travel that help the Vegas have a lot of problems.

One of the biggest problems you will run into as a Thor Vegas owner will be customer service/warranty coverage. It seems that is the category that received the lowest marks even when someone is giving it a 5-star review.

To learn more about the Tor Vegas and the problems it has, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this RV model is right for you or not. Every RV will have problems at some point in time, some just experience those issues sooner than others.

Common Thor Vegas Problems


With customer service and warranty issues as one of the biggest problems you will encounter, it stands to reason that there would be other common problems Vegas owners will encounter.

The next biggest issue would be construction quality. This category covers a multitude of issues. One owner made a list of his problems and they include the following issues:

- cabinet faces fall off

- Toilet broke from base/floor

- Bathroom sliding door guide screws pulled out from the hollow wall (allowing the door to swing to/fro--hitting the wall while driving)

- Bed falls during travel—hitting TV and wall

To just list a few. Another owner gave the Vegas high praise and felt it was a great RV to live in. That is until he started listing the problems he encountered:

- fresh water tank hole shavings plugged the screen at the water pump

- kitchen faucet hold-down ring broken

- outside decals that split and crack within the first year

- kitchen cabinets that won’t stay shut around a corner

- wallpaper in the bathroom that peels up at the first shower

- The vertical projector headlights at 3-inches in diameter

- 2-inch fog lights

Another owner echoed these complaints while giving the Vegas 5 stars for the floor plan. His issues included the cabinet problem, the bathroom door falling off, and a host of other construction issues. He reported that out of the 61 construction problems, only 2 or 3 were fixed.

This is in addition to the normal RV problems like electrical issues, plumbing problems, Air conditioning problems, loose sewage pipe that fell off and emptied the contents on the road, and more.

In spite of all these problems, the owners still liked the floor plan, the livability, as well as the drivability of the Thor Vegas. If you are considering buying this model, Thor may have made improvements over the years but go through the RV with a fine tooth comb.

You never know what might pop up on your physical inspection. Some dealers will say that they will fix the problems under warranty but that is not a well-kept promise.

One last common problem would be the cargo capacity. It has been reported that you may only be able to put 1500 pounds of supplies, etc., inside this RV.

Problem Swivel Chair Thor Vegas 24.1


It seems that this has been a common problem for quite some time now. One Thor RV discussion forum has said that there may be a thousand threads just on this problem alone. That gives you an idea of how widespread this issue is.

The problem seems to be that the driver’s seat cannot rotate far enough for the occupant to sit comfortably facing the cabin or use the middle table. The person ends up sitting at an angle or side-saddle to achieve this positioning.

Part of the problem is when a Vega owner tries to rotate the chair in its all the way back position. It just won’t work. You need to go only halfway to get the chair to rotate better.

One solution offered was that some RV owners removed the left side arm rest to get more rotation. This can be done but is not always necessary. Another suggestion was that you could move the arm rest up so you can rotate 90 degrees and use the small table.

However, to go further, you would have to do something about the steering wheel. With some finagling, you should be able to rotate the seat to roughly 115 degrees so you can face the rear and move into the back of the RV without worrying about the table.

But it takes some work and here is one sequence of steps you can try:

1. Tilt Wheel up

2. Arm rest down

3. Tilt Seat fully forward

4. Rotate the Seat and slip arm rest under the steering wheel

Thor Vegas Battery Problems


The battery issue for power, etc., will be the same here as it is with most other self-drive RVs. You just have to watch the demand to preserve the battery and make sure to recharge it before too much power is lost.

Also, make sure to know how to use your battery disconnect switch. Many owners either do not know how to use it or they forget which position it is in and they have no power.

The unique battery problem for this specific RV is how to get it out when the chassis battery has gone bad. One person found out that he had to remove the computer desk and cut through the plywood to get enough space to remove the battery.

The plywood is supposed to be perforated so you do not have to cut all the plywood out. Or he was left with the option of removing the driver’s side wheel to get enough space to remove the battery.

The position of this battery is going to be your most challenging problem. The other electrical issues are a snap to repair compared to this problem. Other owners found a different exit strategy for their battery even though it was the same year as the one we just described.

His exit strategy was to remove the passenger-side dash panel. What made this design extra unique was the black duct tape that covered the hole where the battery had to come out.

These are the little surprises you run into when you own an RV no matter who makes them. Other than that, the only electrical complaint was that the chassis battery drained its power rather quickly even with a low load.

Replacing the chassis battery is a good idea though as it seems that Thor cuts a couple of corners with the brand and model they install at the factory.

Thor Vegas Norcold 2-Door Refrigerator Problems


This could be a combination of companies and not just a Thor-related issue. The reason that statement was made is that it could be the design of the cabinet causing the problem or the 2-door fridge being the problem.

The design of the cabinet can create a vacuum blocking any airflow that helps the fridge cool down and operate normally. That would be a Thor-related issue and you would have to talk to them.

If it is a cooling problem where the fridge works when the RV is stationary but won’t work when in motion, then it may be a NorCold issue. It is a hard problem to diagnose as some service centers found the fridge to be normal when they checked it.

However, the fridge won’t run even with the generator turned on. One suggestion was that the road vibration damaged some components but there has been nothing posted to say what the problem is.

Another source could be that the fridge was not installed correctly and the cabinet was not insulated properly. The solution to this problem is to remove the unit and reinstall it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

One owner with this airflow issue tried to install fans to see if that would clear the vacuum and let the fridge draw air. He did not report back to say that was the solution though.

The consensus on this fridge model seems to be the lack of air flow. You may have to do some adapting of the cabinet to resolve this problem. Any other problems you may have with this model may be standard fridge issues NorCold refrigerators come with.

Thor Vegas Windshield Problems


There is a documented issue with the Thor Vegas RV. It seems that in the first two years of production, Thor designed the windshield to be a few inches taller than later models. This large size created too much stress on the windshield if it was installed improperly.

You did not have to do anything to the windshield to get a stress crack. One owner found this out when he was at his dealer for another problem. He parked his RV, went in to do the paperwork and when he came out, the windshield was cracked.

Thor confirmed it was a factory installation mistake and replaced the windshield under warranty. But this issue lasted for the 2014 and 2015 models until Thor redesigned the windshield and made them a few inches smaller from 2016 on.

The other main problem with the Vegas windshield is the cost to replace them. Some owners are reporting $4000+ and $5400 estimates. They are also reporting that many RV repair shops will handle warranty work except for replacing the windows.

The replacement time is where the expense is as one owner said it took 10 hours and another said it took his dealer 2 days to replace the windshield. Once you find a shop that will do the work, you need to prepare yourself for the sticker shock that will come right after.

The Thor Vegas Specs


The following information will be for the 25.2 model and it is an interesting description of this RV.

First, the engine powering the Thor Vegas is the 6.8-liter Ford Triton V10 making 305 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. The outside dimensions do not include the AC unit or the antenna and measure 11 feet 3 inches high. The interior height is 6 feet 10 inches.

The exterior width is only 7 feet 10 inches which does not leave a lot of interior room once the cabinets and appliances are in. The frame etc., are placed on a Ford E450 van chassis and there are 6 floor plans to choose between.

Almost every person who reviewed the Vegas models said the floor plans were top-notch and almost always gave them 5-star reviews. This model can sleep 6 with the master bedroom queen-sized bed in the rear, the fold out sofa, and the bed above the cab.

One of the most talked about features was the bathroom. The negative issues aside, it is said that the bathroom is quite large in this RV model. It is supposed to be a very relaxing room because there is so much space once you get inside. More space than Thor’s competitors provide.

However, despite all these pluses, there were some other issues that overshadowed the design. It seems that if you used the turn signal, the CD player would be silenced. Plus, the buttons on the stereo were far too small to use easily.

The back up camera and screen were not the best quality either. The price at the time was just over $110,000 and at that price, one would expect better quality.

Some Additional Words

No matter which brand of RV you buy or which model you select, you will always run into problems at some point in time. The issue is not so much the problems but the hassle of getting them fixed.

It is said that Thor makes 1 of 4 RVs built in the country so they may not be too concerned about losing business due to poor construction quality. Just make sure you spot the problems before you drive off the lot and see if those issues change your purchasing decision.

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