Trade-In Boat For RV: RV Dealers Taking Boats as Trade-Ins

It may be more difficult than you think. If you thought trading an RV in for a car was difficult, then trying to trade a boat for an RV may take a lot of perseverance as well as patience. It is not going to go well in those landlocked states with few lakes within their borders to make it worthwhile.

This is a deal you could possibly do, however, finding RV dealers who are willing to make this trade may be very difficult. There are many factors involved that may complicate the transaction. It will take some research to find those RV dealers with an open mind.

To learn more about this trade-in option, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic to find the best information that will help you if you are in this situation. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you make this trade.

Can You Trade a Boat For an RV?


It is possible and it can be done as some boat owners have been successful in making this trade. We cannot attest to how much they got as a down payment or all the financial details, but like trading RVs for cars, the dealership needs a license to do the deal.

The license needed covers reselling and reassigning the title of the boat to another dealership or person. Not all RV dealers will have this license. Most likely, and we are speculating here, you will find those dealers in those states that have a large boating community.

Those states would include California and Florida. Other details involved in making this deal is that the HSMV82040 form has to indicate that this is a resale opportunity {a side note here is that the form may only be used in Florida}.

Each state will have its regulations governing trade-ins and what is acceptable and what items are not acceptable. It is best to check with your state licensing office and ask them what regulations are valid for your specific trade-in.

As we said earlier, finding a dealer that is willing to make this trade, maybe harder than finding a snowflake in July in the Mohave desert. It is called an unconventional trade in some areas but may be normal in others.

Trade-In Boat For RV


When you do your search, you may find lots of websites that say they will take a boat in trade. But when you look at the details of their claim, it may not be a boat for an RV type of trade. It may be a boat for boat trade.

However, we cannot speak for these companies and if you see them on the internet, you have to send them an email asking them if you can trade your boat for an RV.

Obviously, those dealers that restricted their sales to RVs only or boats only, may not have the proper license to do a cross-trade. You should only contact those dealerships that are labeled RV & Marine or something similar.

For the trade to work, the dealer has to have the right license and if you ask, they should tell you upfront. If they tell you one thing upfront and another when you get to the dealership, do not be afraid to walk away. Those dealers are not going to be honest in any deal they make.

As for any other vehicle or item, boats have to meet certain criteria before the dealer will accept them. One of those criterion will be the value of the boat. If you are not sure of the value of your used boat, you are in luck. There are at least 3 legitimate websites offering blue book values.

Kelly Blue Book is not one of those three. You can check each one out at the following links: NADA, Boat Crazy, J.D. Power. Just remember that, like used RVs and other vehicles, what the dealer will offer will meet their top wholesale value they feel they can give.

Don’t be insulted if their offer is too low. Negotiate for a better deal.

RV Dealers Taking Boats as Trade-Ins


We have to put a caveat here as we can only go by what the websites claim. We cannot speak for any of these dealerships and their policies may have changed at any time without changing their websites.

These dealerships are placed here as a starting point only. They are to help you get started on your search. Make sure to check your local area to see if this type of trade is possible.

1. General RV Center- they have a web page that records your personal information, information about the boat, a section for any lien information, and one telling them the type of RV you want.

Then you need to wait till they contact you to see if you can make a deal or not. There will be a variety of reasons why they may not make the deal. The same will go for all dealerships in this list.

2. RV Smart Guide- asks if you want to trade a boat for a camper. They do not provide any other details on their landing page so contact them for more details.

3. Factory Direct Marine & RV- says it takes all vehicles and many boats in trade. How they do those trades depends on their procedures. You will also need to talk to them about the details and restrictions on the type of boats you can use for a trade.

4. Bretz RV & Marine- is similar to the previous company. You will have to contact them to see what they will and can do when you want to get an RV for a boat. They say they will pay top dollar and even buy your boat, etc., if you do not buy from them.

5. Atlantic RV & Service- their website said they will trade for anything and that leaves a very big opening for some creative deals. We are sure they have restrictions and do not expect high trade-in value.

However, this company does not list a category for boats in their trade-in selection so be careful.

6. Ron Hoover RV & Marine centers- The link takes you to the web page with a form you have to fill out. It asks for the usual personal information, boat information, and more. Again, you have to talk to them about trading a boat for an RV as they have their own policies to follow.

That is something you have to consider. While one of these companies may have liberal trade-in policies other companies may have more restrictive policies.

Make sure to ask your questions and get clear answers before heading to their dealerships.

Can You Trade in an RV For a Boat?


This is possible and you should talk to the dealerships we linked to above. The key is to know your RV’s value, age, model, and other important details that will help facilitate the trade.

Like other dealerships, you should first search for those who are willing to make this trade. This goes for private deals as well. If they are not willing, do not waste time trying to convince them.

Then before you go and make a deal, get as many trade-in offers from a variety of dealers. This will help you pick the best deal and get you the boat you want.

You do have to have an idea of the type of boat you are looking for. There are several types to choose from.

The same works in reverse if you want to trade a boat for an RV. You need to know what type of RV you want, size, floor plan, features, and more to get the right vehicle for your new lifestyle.

Alternatives To Trading a Boat For an RV


Trading in your boat can be a complicated process. There are different rules and licenses involved that make the deal go slower than most normal trades. For example a boat for a boat or an RV for an RV.

But you do have options and one of those options is to put your boat or RV on consignment. This may cost you 15 to 20% of the sale price but the dealer does all the selling work for you.

Or you can sell it yourself and put up with all the non-serious buyers who call you on the phone. The difference these two options have over a trade is that you could get more money for your boat or RV. It is something to think about.

Some Additional Words

Yes, you can trade your boat for an RV but it may be difficult to find a dealer near you willing to make the trade. Don’t get upset if they refuse the option because there are different rules in play that you may not know about. Do some research to make sure you can make this trade.

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