Jayco Camper Sink Cover: Finding RV Sink Covers For Sale

It is extra counter space. When you cover your RV’ or trailer’s sink, you get a little more space to work on. It may not be much but even that little bit helps. When you need the sink, you can easily move the cover to a new location until you need the counter space again.

Finding sink covers for sale is not going to be that difficult of a task to do. The good news is that your Jayco dealer may be able to order one from Jayco directly. The 2017 part number is #0243352 and the 2017 price was $14. Your order may be a little bit different.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can get your sink cover quickly. The only difficult part is where to buy and what type to buy.

Finding RV Sink Covers For Sale


The first place to look, and if you want an exact fit for your specific RV or trailer is your brand’s dealer. The RV makers may not sell directly to the public and the only way to get one would be to go through your dealer.

This is not a guarantee that they have them or can get them, it is just one possible solution. The next best place to try will be Amazon. That marketplace can either have a lot of variety on any product or they have none.

Right now, they have a lot of sink covers in different colors and designs, as well as shapes. The key to a successful purchase will be to decide what type of sink cover you need and measure the space accurately. Then pick the colors and designs that fit your tastes and RV decor.

You can try the different RV parts & accessory outlets like RV Parts Country. Their selection may be listed under cutting boards though and not sink covers. But that is okay as you will want the sink cover to do double and triple duty.

Then you can try the big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and others. They should have some selection available for you to look at. Walmart has about 3 at their online store listed under RV sink cover but try RV cutting boards or something similar to find some more options.

Jayco Sink Cover

Jayco seems to have different sink covers for sale and for their RVs and trailers. However, you have to go through your dealer to get one. The company does not sell directly to the public so buying it on your own is a waste of time.

To get one through your dealer, and be careful as some dealers may not want to make the order for you as they have an alternative product they want to sell. Stand fast and make sure you have your RV or trailer’s model and series number to get the right one.

Some Jayco dealers have gone to selling a universal model which may or may not fit your sink's design or your interior color scheme. If your dealer does not help you, try WorldWide RV.

This company advertises itself as the Jayco factory parts direct RV parts store. They claim to have over $600,000 in merchandise waiting for you to order at least one of them.

You can give them a call or you can send in the information they need to find the right part for you. That form is on their landing page. Just fill it out and wait to be contacted.

Roll-Up Sink Cover For RV


This isn’t going to be that hard to find either. We checked the Amazon website and found at least 10 roll-up sink covers on sale at that marketplace. The prices will vary depending on the style and type you want but they are all affordable and under $30.

There is one for $9 and it is a triangle design. His gives you a little bit of cover so you can use the rest of the sink for whatever purpose you need it for. We found one at Camping world, and believe it or not, this model was cheaper than the ones you can find at Amazon.

You will also find many at the companies that make components for RVs. We will get to a couple of those companies shortly. Check out the brand that made your RV sink and contact them directly.

They may sell to the public directly and get you a nice deal. We can’t speak for them of course but check them out and see what is available. Or if they have leads for you to follow.

Wooden RV Sink Cover Cutting Board

In our research, we found that this model is sold just about everywhere. That is a good thing as the more wooden sink covers there are on sale, the cheaper their price.

But to find this you should look under the search term, RV sink cutting board. When we searched under sink covers at some outlets, only cutting boards turned up. They will double as a sink cover as that is what they are made to do.

Some of these are made from some really nice hardwoods that will accent your kitchen area perfectly. Oak and bamboo seem to be the most popular and have the most selection out of all the possible wood materials you can use.

Even E-trailer has some on sale but their bamboo options may be a bit on the high side when it comes to price. Of course, if you cannot find one that fits the size of your sink, you can always buy some hardwood and make your own. It is not a tough project and that way you get an exact fit.

Do some searching so you can find the right one for your sink that is being sold near you.

Plastic RV Sink Cover


This may be a bit harder to find as plastic is not always popular or wanted. While they are made to be tough and can handle a lot of cutting action, plastic is not something people enjoy cutting on.

What makes it worse is that we have seen some plastic sink cover cutting boards more expensive than the wood ones. The plastic may be at the big box stores but they may be sold under a traditional sink label.

We are not sure as not many came up in our research. You will find that when you make your search, plastic sinks will pop up more often than the covers you are looking for.

Some dedicated RV parts and Accessory outlets may or may not have them in stock. We did not find any at RV Parts Nation but if you contact them they may be able to help you out.

Camco RV Sink Cover

This is one of the dedicated RV components manufacturers. They make a lot of parts and appliances for RVs and trailers. Sink covers are one of the accessories this company does include in its inventory.

While Camco parts are sold everywhere in the US, the company does not compete with its dealers. There is no online store or checkout that we found on their website. But they do have a where to find a dealer web page.

The company’s website is camco.net not .com so watch out for that little difference. They make wood sink cover cutting boards and roll-up sink covers. However, their selection is limited so you may not get the design you like.

A search only turned up metal and wood sink covers or cutting boards. No plastic ones were in the Camco lineup. Camco is so popular, they even have a dealer on Baffin Island in Canada.

Lippert RV Sink Cover


One outlet you can always try is eBay. They seem to sell a lot of sink covers or cutting boards that cover your RV’s sink. However, we found Camco on sale there but not Lippert. At least at this time.

We checked Lippert’s website and while they have a checkout system, they seem to go through Amazon for much of their sales. Our search for a sink cover was fruitless and we did have to go off site to find someone who dealt with this part.

High Sky RV Parts did list about 5 of these plastic models but under each one, the words ‘out of stock’ was printed. We do not know when they will get more.

Some Final Words

It is not hard to find a good RV sink cover. It will all depend on what type you want, the size you need, and if you want roll-up or the standard format. The prices all seem to be in the $15 to $30 range so the price is not going to be a big factor in your decision.

When it comes time to get a new sink cover, measure accurately. You do not want to go too large or too small.

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