PB Blaster vs WD40 vs Penetrating Oil: Is PB Blaster Better?

All of the products you find on the hardware store shelves that say they loosen bolts etc., are considered penetrating oils. They are basically all the same with the same purpose. The biggest difference may be in the price and how long they have been on the market.

Both WD 40 and PB Blaster have been on the market since the 1950s. However, the company that makes the latter penetrating oil claims to be the best-selling penetrating oil since 1957. But is it the best option to use?

To learn more about these penetrating oils, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic and provides you with the best information on them all. In the end, you won’t lose out if you pick one over the rest in this comparison.

Is PB Blaster And WD-40 The Same?

PB Blaster-vs-WD40-vs-Penetrating-Oil

Yes and no. PB Blaster is supposed to be a water-based penetrating oil that has different oils, solvents, and other additives in its formula. WD 40 is a petroleum-based product with probably the same oils, solvents, and additives in its formula.

They both do the same work, work on multiple surfaces, and do a variety of other tasks over loosening stuck nuts and bolts. PB Blaster is supposed to have a non-corrosion additive as well as a non-evaporating lubricant inside.

{One side note- the same source reversed the water and oil-based description but we checked the WD 40 can we own and it does not list any water-based description on the can}.

Despite that discrepancy, and WD 40 may be water-based, the two products do the same thing so there is little difference between them. While PB Blaster claims to be the top-selling penetrating oil since 1957, WD 40 has been used in 4 out of 5 homes and in over 80% of the professional shops since 1993.

Is There a Better Lubricant Than WD-40?

Again the answer would be yes and no. WD 40 is one of the top penetrating oils you can buy but it is not without equal. There are many good penetrating oil brands that would be just as good or even better than this product.

What WD 40 can do is as follows- protect a bird feeder, separate stuck glassware and stuck ring, remove chewing gum from hair and other surfaces, clean toilet bowls and license plates, remove tea stains, clean guitar strings, loosen zippers, shine winterproof boots and shoes, and degrease your hands; and the list goes on. Not to mention loosen bolts and screws, etc.

It is a very versatile product but again, it is not alone in the versatility category. PB Blaster and other brand-name oils can do just as much or almost as much as WD 40. This product is good but it does not always hold the top spot when it comes to these different tasks.

Plus, it does what PB Blaster does but without the harsh fumes. That is one of the drawbacks of PB Blaster. It smells bad and can harm your lungs if you inhale it.

Is PB Blaster Better Than WD 40?


This will depend more on subjective results than actual comparisons. Sometimes PB Blaster will do the job that WD 40 can’t and vice versa. One of the key factors in the answer to the question is how harmful is the product.

WD 40 is supposed to be a very safe product to use even though it is highly flammable. PB Blaster has harsh chemicals in its formula requiring you to wear safety breathing equipment when you use it on a large scale.

Some say that WD 40 is not as powerful as PB Blaster and that would be due to the chemical formula used for both products. It is possible to make one penetrating oil a little stronger than the other giving it the edge over its competition.

But the drawbacks will play a large role in determining which one is better. Plus, it would depend on your usage and need. WD 40 is better with some applications while PB Blaster will be better with others.

If price was considered PB Blaster would lose as it is more expensive than WD 40. But your actual cost will be determined by the outlet you shop at and the volume you buy either product.

What is The Difference Between PB Blaster And WD40?

It is hard to say as WD 40 is said to have a secret formula whose contents are not divulged in public. We looked at the can we own and the company does not place all of its ingredients on the can.

So it is hard to say what the difference is when it comes to formulas. The biggest difference between the two may be that PB Blaster is a bit stronger and may work a little faster in some applications.

In other applications, WD 40 will work better and faster. One head-to-head comparison has said that WD 40 will all dirt, rust, and grime while PB Blaster does not come close to performing that duty.

Then people do not like the fumes that come with PB Blaster. This seems to be no matter where you apply it. But with WD 40 those fumes only come when it is applied to polycarbonate or polystyrene surfaces.

Then WD 40 is supposed to be designed to meet multiple needs at different levels. This is not a positive aspect of PB Blaster. But this difference does not overcome PB Blasters' strength. It is just a stronger product of the two.

What is PB Blaster used For?


Its main purpose is to loosen up frozen or rusted metal parts. In most cases, it has a limited application and is not good for some situations or applications. This product is also good to use in marine, plumbing, industrial, and other industries that use metal equipment.

But you cannot use it on rubber or plastic products or machinery. This product can cause damage to those items made of those construction materials.

This limitation is why more people may opt to buy WD 40. It has a wider application and can solve more products no matter the construction material. The construction materials WD 40 is safe to use are- rubber, wood, metal, plastics, and others.

While PB Blaster may be stronger and works well on metals, it is not an all-around product you can pick up and use on everyday items that freeze up. The versatility of WD 40 makes it a more popular penetrating oil that anyone can use.

PB Blaster may be best for professionals and some DIY handymen. It is not a product for everyone.

WD40 vs PB Blaster Pros And Cons

1. WD 40 pros

- has moisture displacement properties

- does not contain toxic or harmful chemicals. It is very safe to use

- it removes all dirt, grime, and rust from any surface you apply it to

- protects against corrosion and moisture

- does not have fumes in moist situations

- it is very affordable

2. WD 40 cons

- it does create fumes in some applications, usually with plastic materials

- may contribute to the deterioration of car polishers and unsealed bearings

3. PB Blaster pros

- helps prevent rust

- protects against moisture

- helps keep the luster and shine of many metals

- eliminates rust and cleans up corrosion very well

- it is a very strong penetrating oil, one of the strongest

-can last for a very long time

4. PB Blaster cons

- generates hazardous fumes that are harmful to your overall health and lungs

- you need to wear protective gear when using this penetrating oil brand

- it costs more than WD 40

Why is PB Blaster So Good?


Some people think it is really good and their reasons are that it is long-lasting. It won’t evaporate as quickly as other penetrating oils may do. Another good reason is that it is a very strong product that works in tough situations.

It is hard to beat this formula as many reviewers called it one of the strongest penetrating oils you can find. But even with these attributes, it may be necessary to leave PB Blaster in place for a very long time before you start seeing any results.

That length of time may be longer if you used a competitor’s penetrating oil. Then people like this product because it is well made and performs up to and beyond expectations. That is a key reason why PB Blaster is so good.

The problem with this product though is that it is very dangerous to your health if you inhale it. This is a weakness that the manufacturer has not overcome as of yet. Not everyone should be using this product because it is easy to ruin your health with long-term unprotected use.

Penetrating Oil vs WD40

This sub-section is a bit mislabeled as WD 40 is also considered a penetrating oil. One would have to pick another brand before they could make a proper comparison.

Some users may disagree with this statement but it is how the product is described- “A fast-acting penetrant with capillary action to penetrate deep into crevices, threads, and seams to break the rust bonds that hold stuck parts together” (source)

There are lots of top penetrating oil brands that work just as well or almost as well as WD 40. In some top best lists WD 40 is listed higher than PB Blaster but lower than Kroil or Liquid Wrench.

What makes WD 40 slightly better than penetrating oil is that it can be used for far more applications and surfaces than most other penetrating oil brands. That versatility is what makes WD 4o so popular.

Plus, the fact it does not create fumes when you spray it. Some of its qualities are:

- penetrates up to 2 times faster than its competitors

- helps prevent rust 10 times longer than its competitors

- is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

While it is affordable it is not the cheapest product you can buy. Some penetrating oil brands are a lot cheaper and easier to use. But you may find WD 40 in more locations than other penetrating oils.

One Final Comparison


What probably makes WD 40 the more frequent choice for most people is that it is not a one can or one product penetrating oil. The company over the past 70 years has continued to develop its product to make it wide-reaching.

It comes in several different options including- Protective White Lithium Grease, the Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor, the Rust Remover Soak, the Rust Release Penetrant Spray, and the Water Resistant Silicone.

While PB Blaster only has 3 options for its product- Penetrant, Multi-Purpose Lubricant, and Corrosion Stop. Those three options are said to be stronger than all of the WD 40 products but you cannot use them for every situation.

The wide range of WD 40 products makes it more convenient, easier to find, and better to use. But in the end, which product is better will depend on your purpose and experience.

It will also depend on if you like petroleum products or water-based products for your situation. Not everyone likes petroleum-based products or wants to use them.

Some Additional Words

WD 40 and PB Blaster are good penetrating oil products. They are well-known, do their job better than expected, and can be available in a variety of locations. PB Blaster is more expensive than WD 40 and that may make all the difference in which product you buy.

As we said in the beginning, you are not going to lose out if you pick one product over the other. They both work well, it is just that PB Blaster is more limited in applications than WD 40.

Pick the one you like best as they will get the job done for you.

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