12-Volt RV Ceiling Fan Buying Guide (Best RV Ceiling Fans)

When you want to install one in your RV or trailer, it will take some time to find the best of the best. Ceiling fan makers do make 12-volt models for RVs and trailers. They are not as large as the regular ceiling fans, but they work just as well.

To find the best 12-volt ceiling fan, sometimes it is better to go by brand than anything else. The top brands usually make better fan models with lots of interesting features. These fans are also reasonably priced as well since they make so many of them.

To learn more about finding the best 12-volt ceiling fan for your RV or trailer, just continue to read our article. It contains the best information possible so you have the right information to guide your search. Brands are just one criterion you need to use.

12-Volt RV Ceiling Fan Options


The options you have to choose from are more about the features the ceiling fan makers build into their products. There is not too much creativity allowed in this product due to the purpose of the ceiling fan.

The first option would be the number of blades the device will have. You can find these ceiling fans with 3, 4, and up to 6 blades and any number will be good for your RV, etc.

The next option you will have will be to buy one with a light, or lights or not. Since there is not a lot of space your ceiling fans with lights are not going to be as extensive as traditional home ceiling fans. Most come without lights and others only have one.

You may not see a set of lights on these models for space and power reasons. Then you can select single or dual-powered 12-volt ceiling fans. The latter gives you the option to use the AC side of your RV and keep the fan running when you are plugged into shore power.

Finally, you may find ceiling fans with pull chain operation or remote operation. These are just some of the options you have available.

Best RV Ceiling Fans

The first thing that makes a ceiling fan the best is that it fits into the space you want to put it. It does not hang too low and does not create any walking or other activity inconvenience.

Then, for 12-volt fans, there are a myriad of top best lists on the internet. Those lists will provide you with some great brands that make top-quality ceiling fans. Also, the best will come in the color that matches your decor and you can get up to 4 or more blade colors to work with.

Some of the top brands for a 12-volt ceiling fan include RecPro, Way Interglobal, Camper Comfort, LaSalle, and Global Electric. But the list of manufacturers is quite long.

Each of these companies makes a variety of ceiling fans for RVs so you will have more than enough models to choose from to find the best for you. Keep in mind what looks good in your friend’s RV may not work in yours.

RV Ceiling Fan With Light


Amazon has a selection of 12-volt ceiling fans with a light. But not that many. The brand names are not well known for these models though and may not be the real brand name but the name of the vendor selling them.

But two did stand out, the Orison Low Profile Ceiling Fan which does come with 8 blades but is a self-enclosed unit with a ring light around its outside diameter. It uses LED light bulbs and has 6 speeds.

The other model is Roomratv Quiet Ceiling Fan which also uses LED lights and 3 blades. We liked it because of the unique short design. There is a single light in the center to help illuminate the room.

The first option costs $169 while the second ceiling fan only costs $70. The models we saw on the top best lists did not have a light attached to them. Again, that may be because there would not be enough headroom if a light was added.

The limited allowable space would influence the design of these fans and make it hard to pair a light with them.

Small RV Ceiling Fan

Some of the nicer looking small RV ceiling fans were USB powered. They did not need to be permanently mounted to your RV’s ceiling either. What is good about these fans is that they are portable and can be moved to different rooms, wherever you may need them.

Other positive features of these fans are that they have inline controls, use very little wattage, and they do as good a job as the bigger ceiling fans. One unit came with 6 blades and 4 speeds so you know they are up to the task of moving the air out of your RV.

Another model comes with a 9-foot power cord and it screws into a light socket. That keeps it out of the way and only uses 10 inches of space in diameter.

These units may be found in greater numbers than the ceiling fans with lights as so many people own smaller RVs and trailers that larger units won’t work for them.

When you do a search for these fans be careful Often you will get vent fans mixed in with your search results. Plus, many of the top best lists include vent fans in their rankings.

The ceiling fan term covers a lot of ground so be careful when you look at your results.

12-Volt RV Ceiling Fan With Remote


There are some of these units as well. They may not be as numerous as one would like or they may be more numerous as not all websites advertise this feature. We found a few on Amazon and again, roof vent fans were mixed in with the results.

BJs RV and Marine lists at least one ceiling fan that comes with a remote. It is 36 inches across and there are 3 base and 8 blade colors to choose from. The cost of this fan will range between $150 and $163 approx.

At Amazon, the fans that came with a remote were similar in design to the Orison low-profile model we mentioned earlier. The light is on the outside diameter and the blades are enclosed in a little grate.

Those fans come in a variety of sizes including 15, 18, and 20 inches in diameter. The brand names are not familiar to us. The other small model we mentioned earlier, also comes with a remote.

The remote may be standard for the majority of ceiling fan options which would explain their not being highlighted in many ads. You can check the top best lists to see if any other more famous brands are listed and get all the specs for those models at the same time.

AirrForce RV Ceiling Fans

This brand may not sell directly to the public. We cannot find a website for the company and we are not the only ones. 6 years ago some Montana trailer owners did a search for the company and came up empty as well.

The best we found was the e-trailer selling parts for this brand and the youngfartsrvparts outlet selling one ceiling fan made by this company. This model is a 3-speed fan with cherry-colored blades.

Or you can choose the maple color if you want. The housing is brushed chrome and its size measures 42 inches. The outlet is saying that the model is new/used which means it was purchased by a customer but never taken out of the box.

If you need screws for the blades, then take one out of the blade and go to a good hardware store to get a match. You won’t find that many spare parts on sale on the internet.

You can also find light domes, and other parts on sale at e-trailer but no complete ceiling fans are in stock. As we said at the beginning of this section, this may be a company that only sells its fans to RV-making brands.

Ceiling Fan For RV Awning


The traditional home style and the regular 12-volt type of ceiling fan will not work with your awning. There is no way to attach it to the awning and the weight would be too great if you could.

However, you are not without options. There are the lighter USB driven ceiling fans that can be hooked to different spots on your awning. They should be lightweight enough and small enough for that small section.

They also do not use a lot of power when you hook them up. There are a variety of these fans available at a price that is less than $50. If you do not want to go that route, there are camping fans you can buy that will hook you to your awning.

These camping fans are multi-speed, lightweight, built to handle outdoor weather, and compact in size. They also come with lights and are rechargeable.

The brand names to look for are as follows:

- Rechargeable Camping Fan with Lantern {sold on Amazon with no real brand name}

- KITWLEMEN Rechargeable Camping Fan with Lantern

- Odoland Portable Fan with Light

- O2Cool by Treva

- Coleman CPX camping fan

- VENTY Foldable Fan

These will get you started in the right direction when you need a fan for your awning. The big box stores may have several varieties in stock or check them out at Amazon.

Buying an RV Ceiling Fan Replacement

Not a problem and we can say that because there are more than enough ceiling fan makers that make a wide variety of ceiling fans for your RV or trailer. You can search by brand name, do a generic search or visit your local outlets that sell a lot of ceiling fans.

Once they are mounted and in place the first time. It is less work to replace a worn-out model. Upgrading to a better model is just as easy as all the mounting and wiring are done already.

What To Look For In a 12-Volt Ceiling Fan


The first thing to look at would be the price. If it is too expensive then move on to your second choice. The bottom line is always a factor and you know your budget limits so be careful when you shop. Other guidelines are:

1. Brand name- sometimes those off-brand Amazon vendors sell good products. But if you do not trust them, stick to the top brand names as they usually make top-quality products you can trust

2. Durability- you will want a ceiling fan that is not made cheaply. Get one that is strong and made from tough construction materials.

3. Looks- you do not want just any ceiling fan in your expensive RV or trailer. Make sure to pick one that not only looks good but fits the space you intend to put it. You do not want it to clash with your current decor.

4. Features- plain Jane fans are nice for those low-tech owners but there is something about a ceiling fan that comes with lots of nice features. Remote controls, reversible directions, multiple fan speeds, and lights.

5. Ease of use and installation- do not overthink this purchase and try to avoid hard to use and complicated to install ceiling fans. Easy and simple is better.

Some Additional Words

When you decide to buy a ceiling fan for your RV, take some time to shop around. While you shouldn’t really go with a model that is designed for traditional homes there are some great 12-volt and portable options that will work.

Figure out what you need and want the ceiling fan to do and look for one that meets those objectives. Then check the price to see if it fits your budget or not. Ceiling fans do help you save money.

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