What Is The Smallest 5th Wheel With Front Living Room?

The smallest 5th Wheel trailer would be the Scamp 19-foot Deluxe model. However, in that small space do not expect to see a front living room. Despite its small size, it will sleep 6 people. But when you want a front living room, you may have to add at least 20 more feet to the length

So far our search turned up one and it is the Grand Design Solitude 346FLS. It stands 37 feet 11 inches in length and it comes with nice sized master bedroom at the other end. There may be smaller units but they have not shown up yet.

To learn more about this style of 5th wheel trailer, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic to get you on the right path when you want a shorter 5th wheel trailer while still being able to enjoy a living room area.

Shortest Front Living Room Fifth Wheel

It is a difficult search to make as this is not a very popular feature for most RVers. There seems to be some problem with having a front living room and it may be the stairs in some models or the fact that space is lost over the hitch.

The Grand Design Solitude 346FLS is said to be the shortest and in looking at its floor plan that space over the hitch is lost due to the theater seats being placed at the front of the trailer.

The other features, for example, the 16-foot awning, the 5 slide-outs, the sunken shower with skylight, and so on, just do not overcome that drawback. You do get a nice entertainment center with a cozy electronic fireplace to make it feel like home.

But that lost space still looms over all these top features. The only bathroom is huge so you may forgive Grand Design for this little error in judgment and design.

If you do not like that lack of space over the hitch, you may want to go about 2 feet longer to get the next shortest 5th wheel trailer with a front living room. Instead of losing that space, Keystone places the t.v. over the hitch.

Other Lightweight Front Living 5th Wheel Options

There are a few short 5th wheel trailers with front living rooms. However, short is rather subjective here. The next one in line to this model is the Keystone Cougar 354FLS and it reaches 39 feet 4 inches. But you may be hard-pressed to find anything smaller than these two models.

Living rooms take up a lot of space and are not a priority for many RVB makers. The demand is just not there for this type of floor plan. According to one former dealer, one model is made every so often but dealers cannot sell them.

This is in spite of the fact there are RVers who really enjoy a front living room in their 5th wheel. The advantage to having a front living room is that the bathroom is pushed towards the back of the trailer.

What that location does is provide more headroom. The front located bathroom has taller people sticking their heads into the skylight to be able to stand up when showering.

The rear located bathroom removes that problem and provides enough headroom so the skylight can be a normal skylight. With all of this said, here are some other front living room 5th wheel options.

1. Forest River Sabre 37FLL

This 5th wheel trailer measures 42 feet 9 inches and weighs over 11,000 pounds. It sleeps 8 but it has the stair problem that we just talked about. These stairs are not popular with many RVers as they are getting up in age and stairs are never fun for them.

It comes with 4 slide-outs and Forest River did place the entertainment center over the hitch. They also placed the fireplace there. This is a good location when it comes to wiring in the electronic equipment.

Another drawback would be the stairs in the rear leading to the washer/ dryer prepped area. Not the best idea yet.

2. Grand Design Momentum 376TH

A very beautiful interior is part of this package. This interior is very eye appealing. The trailer reaches 41 feet and 3 inches and weighs almost 16,000 pounds. It comes with 5 slide-outs to make sure you have plenty of living space inside.

This model doubles as a toy hauler as the master bedroom is attached to a bed lift. There is a ramp just outside the rear of this trailer. The same living room features are built into this model including the stairs.

The stairs are not wide so navigating them may be easier than some of the other models.

3. Forest River Sandpiper 379 FLOK

Just over a foot longer than the previous option, this trailer reaches 42 feet, 9 inches. The over the hitch design has the usual fireplace, the t.v. and the entertainment center. However, this model also comes with some front storage cabinets over the hitch.

There are 5 slide-outs, 6 if you include the outdoor kitchen and this trailer weighs a tad over 13,000 pounds. To get to the living room, you need to climb just 2 steps. Inside that room are 3 trifold couches to relax on.

The floor plan is well organized and you have a nice walk-in shower with a seat. Two entries make getting inside nice and easy.

4. Alliance Paradigm 385FL

This model comes with some nice master bedroom features including a private shower and toilet. In its 41-foot, 4-inch length, there are 4 slide-outs, and weighs just over 14,000 pounds.

The living room is designed like all the other models on this list, with 3 sofas, and an entertainment center at the front but no cabinets. It does have two steps to climb if you want to use the living room.

This trailer sleeps 6 people only but you have a great center kitchen with a floating dinette table on one side. One entryway completes this package but the 48 by 30-inch shower in the master bedroom makes up for that lack.

5. Keystone Montana High Country 377FL

Coming in at 41 feet, 11 inches, this 5th trailer seems to have it all. It can sleep 10 people and has a maximum weight of just under 13,000 pounds. Everything seems to be spread out inside giving you lots of room to maneuver.

The biggest drawback will be the number of stairways inside. There are the standard 2 step stairs to the living room, there are entryway steps, a solid state step system on the other side of the trailer, and steps leading down to the master bedroom or up to the loft area. It is hard to tell.

4 slides complete this package but it may not be for everyone, especially those that do not like stairs.

These are just a few of the front living room 5th wheel options out there. Other companies may make smaller ones but they are not popping up in our research.

We did find smaller 5th wheel trailers but none came with a living room in the front. That is where the RV makers placed the master bedroom or the kitchen.

RV With Living Room Upstairs Pros and Cons

When it comes to this type of list, you may not find any talking about a front living room. It is just not a popular feature and not really worth spending time creating lists. There are not that many models to choose from.

But the positive side of having this floor plan starts with you getting a great place to wind down and relax. There are comfortable chairs and sofas up front and you can enjoy a little TV or music, etc., after a hard drive.

Another positive will be the privacy you can get. Your guests can remain in the kitchen for a casual time or you can invite them up into your living room for more privacy.

The negative or con side of the discussion focuses on the stairs. While only containing about 2 steps, those two steps can be hard for some older RVs to navigate. Plus, if they walk with a cane or wheelchair, the front living room may be more of a burden than a great feature.

Just be careful. Some RV dealers will advertise a front living room but when you look at the floor plan, it is not. It is a rear living room.

Some Final Words

It may be harder to find a 5th wheel trailer that comes with a front living room. An owner's health plays a large role in the floor plan and this design won’t meet their needs.

But if they meet your needs, the above 7 should be worth considering. They are all great designs and have a lot of special features that make RV life more comfortable.

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