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Finding Authorized Forest River Service Center (Warranty)

While Forest River does not sell parts or send out diagrams for its RVs, they do have a lot of service centers in both the United States and Canada. However, some models can only be serviced in specific locations and those locations may not be near you.

According to one authorized Forest River service center & dealer, there are 2400 other service centers located in Canada and America. But if you did not buy at some local dealers, they will refuse to work on your RV so all 2400 will not be useful or helpful to you.

To learn more about this topic and where the different service centers are, just continue to read our article. It has as much information that is possible to help you find a service center near you. But be careful, you may have to drive a long way for some models to get worked on.

Finding an Authorized Forest River Service Center


This is a complicated issue when it comes to Forest River and its subsidiaries. The company may state that they have 2400 service centers and dealers but that does not guarantee you will get warranty work done at all 2400 when you are in the area and in need of warranty work.

Here is what Forest River has to say on the topic and this needs to be placed here before you get to any locator services that will find a Forest River service center or dealer near you:

- Dealers in our Industry are not franchised like automotive dealers and therefore not obligated to work on your product when it is not purchased from them.

- Our Dealers are independently owned and operated businesses. Service and scheduling are at their discretion and priority is commonly provided to customers that purchased from their dealership.” (source)

We have 2 dealer or service center locators for you to try. We cannot guarantee that the results will be favorable but these are the options that turn up in a variety of searches. The first option needs a zip code only to get you some results:

#1. link &

#2 link The second link will require you to put in the specific brand of your RV but do not worry, the locator web page provides the list for you. What we quoted above is also found underneath the dealer locator when you go to that web page.

The list of items includes the following, which seems a bit contradictory:

With one of the largest North American Dealer Networks, Forest River is committed to helping customers with service when they are in transit and far from their local dealer.”

We should point out this little tidbit of information. Double-check it for accuracy before you buy as you may not want to drive 1000+ miles to have service work done on your RV:

Many customers mention the fact that they purchased their Forest River RV in the Midwest and transported it back home, only to find out that their RV can only be serviced in the Midwest once more. This is an unfortunate part of the warranty and manufacturing process, especially when you consider how large of a company Forest River is.” (source)

List of Forest River Warranty Repair Locations


We have to do what you have to do and use the dealer locator to find service centers. For the area code 90210 (Beverly Hills) there were only 2 results and they both went by Family RV. Their locations are:

1. 85 Auto Center Dr.

Pomona, CA 91766


2. 1510 Auto Center Dr.

Ontario, CA 91761


For zip code 08840 we again found only 2 and we should mention the results may differ for each zip code region due to the Forest River RV brand you own. 08840 is near New York City

1. Susquehanna RV

158.4 miles away

560 Montour Blvd.

Bloomsburg, PA 17815


2. Meyer's RV Sales

143.4 miles away

7301 Allentown Boulevard

Harrisburg, PA 17112


For 33122 which is near Miami Florida and we used the Alpha Wolf brand this time, we have two more. It seems the dealer locator page may not provide more than 2 results but we shall see

1. Sun Camper

135.6 miles away

3462 N US Hwy 1

Fort Pierce, FL 34946


2. Camping World RV Sales - Fort Myers

145.9 miles away

4681 Waycross Rd.

Fort Myers, FL 33905



For Yuma Arizona, where we know a lot of snowbirds travel to, the service centers for the Alpha Wolf are a lot closer:

1. Bobby Combs RV Center

13.7 miles away

4710 East 32nd St.

Yuma, AZ 85364

2. Hava Style Recreation

169.3 miles away

1750 Kiowa Ave.

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


Then for a Cedar Creek brand and in Elkhart, Indiana, we had these two results:

1. International RV

3.1 miles away

2300 S. Nappanee St.

Elkhart, IN 46517


2. Krenek's RV Center

66.3 miles away

6542 Ryno Rd.

Coloma, MI 49038


We cannot provide an exhaustive list here because there are so many possibilities throughout the country and Canada. To find a dealer/service center near you we suggest that you use the Forest River dealer locator page and use your zip code.

We did check out one of those websites, International RV, and it did have a parts & service option in its navigational bar at the top of the page. You can buy parts or schedule an appointment but if you do the latter keep in mind the words from Forest River above.

We checked out the Forest River website and they may have more information in their FROG program or on their owner’s page. We cannot access them at this time. They also have a Roadside Assistance program which may be of better help to you.

That roadside assistance is found at this link. Under the picture of the mechanic they have these words- “Dealer Locator Services

Assisting customers to the closest qualified service facility when they’re in unfamiliar territory.”

Below these words, they have 2 phone numbers you can call. One is for those owners who made their RV or trailer purchase prior to 1/1/ 2019 and one is for those owners who made a purchase after 1/1/ 2019

Forest River Service Locations


If you are in or near Goshen, here are the directions to find one in that city- “I assume you want the service center in Goshen. It's on the west side of Century Drive (which is full of Forest River plants) just north of Eisenhower Drive. If you're coming in from US33, turn east on Eisenhower Drive at the traffic light by Arby's, then left on Century Drive, and the service center will be on your left.” (source)

If you are having trouble finding a dealer near you that will service your RV, Forest River may be of some help. One owner bought his unit in Chicago but lived in Napa CA.

He contacted Forest River and they located 3 dealers in his area that were willing to do warranty work on his RV even though he did not buy it from them. There is another option if you do not like going to dealers for repair work.

You would need pre-approval to do this but you can take your RV to a non-Forest River repair center and get the warranty work done. You would have to pay for the repairs, parts, and labor, upfront and then get reimbursed.

To get reimbursed, you will need all receipts, etc. And submit them to Forest River. The turn around time for payment is unknown and depends entirely on Forest River management.

There is one more option that may or may not apply to your situation. The Ford F53 chassis used on many Forest River RVs, etc., are usually covered by a Ford warranty.

You can go directly to one of their repair centers to get warranty work done on your RV’s chassis. But the situation will be the same. It is up to the individual Ford service centers to decide if they will do the repair or not.

Double-check this information before traveling to a Ford repair center. It is just a possibility when you are having trouble finding a Forest River repair center.

By now you should have guessed that there is not a list of Forest River repair centers. You have to go to one of their dealers to get warranty work done if they will accept the work.

One thing to keep in mind, and we are not dispensing legal advice here, it is supposed to be illegal for Forest River to force you to use one of their repair centers for service work.

You can call Forest River and ask about the process involved when you go outside of their system to get the work done. If you have a trusted mechanic, you should be able to use his shop and services and still be covered.

Double-check the information so you know what to do when the time comes.

Some Maintenance Tips For Forest River RVs


While you cannot completely avoid any warranty or other service work, you can follow these tips to delay visits to your Forest River service center.

1. Carry extra light bulbs for all light fixtures- this is a handy habit to get into for when you are on the road, you may not be close to a city or town. Or the different shops may not carry those specialized light bulbs.

2. Carry extra fuses- this should be done for all your electronic components. Make sure you have several for each level of fuse your RV and components use. These are small and light so they won’t take up a lot of room in your toolbox or add to your weight issues.

3. Buy a multi-meter- this will come in handy when you are having electrical problems on the road. It helps you diagnose the problem and lets you know which part needs to be fixed.

4. Create maintenance checklists- this will speed up your work and help you find parts that may need lubricating, greasing, or tightening. Have a checklist for different areas of your RV including the interior.

Screws and other fasteners can get loosened when you travel. Checking on screws, etc., helps keep everything inside your RV secure and avoids bigger problems down the road.

Make sure to check the furniture, cabinets, etc., as you do not want them to come loose or get damaged.

5. Do routine inspections- this should be done prior to hitting the road. Check out all your parts to make sure everything is in top working order. Repairs on the road can get expensive so make sure you fix any problems before you leave and when you are in friendly territory.

Check all seals, both internal and external. Also, check your battery to make sure it is charged up and recharges just fine. Don’t forget to check the inverter or converter to make sure it is not starting to fail on you.

These inspections can save you a lot of money when they are done on a regular basis and you address any issues before they get worse.

Some Additional Words

Forest River is one of the more difficult RV companies to work with when it comes to service centers and parts. Their customer service is also hit and miss but their dealer and service locator should help make finding warranty work a little easier.

This search can get frustrating as dealers are free to turn you away if they want to. But you do have options and can use your favorite mechanic as long as Forest River pre-approves the work and you keep all receipts.

Don’t forget to do routine maintenance so you can delay this frustrating time a little longer. When you go to the company’s website, make sure to read their warranty page.

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