Finding Thor Parts Catalog List (Where To Buy Online)

You won’t find it at Thor. The company is said to be not a factory direct retailer. We checked their website and they do not offer any parts for sale to the public. To get Thor parts you need to go through an authorized Thor dealer or parts company.

One place we found that sold some Thor parts was Amazon. The selection was limited. What hampered the search were all the non-RV companies named Thor that sold parts directly to the public. It may be a difficult search to perform.

To learn more about this problem, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about in case you own a Thor RV. Keep in mind that this company owns 17 RV manufacturers and parts will be listed under those individual brands.

Thor Parts List


This may be done on an individual search basis. By that, we mean that you may only find Thor parts lists through approved parts companies like RV Outpost Supercenter in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Or you can try the RV Parts Center, however, they do not list their parts by brand names. You may have to contact them to find the part you need for your Thor Motor Coach.

You can try the Thor Motor Coach website. They offer owner’s manuals and a dealer locator if you really need the part in a hurry. Talk to them to see where you can get replacement parts.

To be fair, Thor Industries may not have taken the time nor spent the money to get the proper license to sell directly to the public. There are government regulations to meet and Thor is taking the best route for them.

Thor Motor Coach Parts Catalog


If you find done online, you are lucky. Thor Motor Coach does not sell directly to the public. That is why it is very difficult to find a parts catalog anywhere. If you call the company, they will refer you to your closest Thor Motor Coach dealer which you can find on their website.

Some Thor Motor Coach owners have said the company has sent them parts directly when they requested them. However, that is only done when the RV you own is under warranty. Any other situation and the company will refer you to their dealers.

That means you will have to pay the markup price many dealers set for their involvement and work ordering the part. If you want cheaper parts, you may have to search the junkyards for damaged Thor RVs and get your parts from those businesses.

Thor Freedom Elite Parts List


We checked the Thor RV discussion forum directly and it seems buying this top of the line RV is no different from buying parts for any Thor-made RV. You need to go through the dealer to get the part or parts you need.

Or you can go through the authorized parts outlets like Total Value RV in Elkhart, IN. Or you can use the many RV parts Outlets that stock parts for a variety of RV brands. Just let them know what part you need, make sure you have the model number, and let them do the searching for you.

In the end, they may have to order directly from Thor as Camping World does. It has been said that this model of RV was built for Camping World but we have not verified that information yet.

The best advice that can be given is that you talk to your local RV parts businesses and see what they say. Going to the dealer should be the last resort due to their mark up habit.

Where To Buy Thor Parts


Out of the 17 RV brands that Thor Industries owns, so far only Thor the parent company, and Thor Motor Coach have you going to the dealer for your parts or to different RV Parts Stores.

We can conclude that the other 16 brands do the same. This may be a liability issue, a shipping issue, or a license issue. Or the company does not want to compete with its dealers and that is a good business habit.

What we are saying is that while it is inconvenient for Thor RV owners, it makes good business sense not to sell directly to the public. And that there are good reasons for this method of selling their spare parts.

The only outlets we found that sell spare parts are the ones that fall into those categories. We have not seen any parts catalogs for sale for any model year either. It is just the business model Thor has chosen to use.

Thor RV Parts Online


First off, if you need a part for your RV’s chassis, you may have better luck going through Ford. Thor uses the Ford chassis and getting spare parts from Ford may be easier than going through a Thor dealer.

Second, the best thing to do is do an internet search for a qualified RV parts outlet near you. There are many of them throughout the nation and we can’t link to them all.

They may be able to order parts directly from Thor or have them in stock already. Just make sure to have your part number ready when you contact them.

Then if you want to deal with your dealer, then the website has a find a dealer locator that will find one near you for you.

Some Final Words

Finding Thor RV parts is not that hard if you go through a Thor dealer or Thor-authorized parts store. Other than that, you are out of luck. You may not find a parts catalog online either.

Just so you know, Total Value RV is now owned by Lazy days RV. The ownership change is not going to change the selection or service of the company.

The Thor websites do have dealer locators to help you find a dealer near you.

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