List of Toy Haulers With a 22-Foot Garage For Sale

It may be an impossible search. There are some people who need more than the standard 10 to 14-foot garage space many production toy haulers come with. While the toy haulers with larger garages are called open floor plan models, those do not seem to meet the 22-foot requirement.

We have looked at both the traditional RV toy hauler makers and custom ones and the closest we were able to get to 22 feet was an 18-foot garage that needed modification to reach that length. We are still looking as we write this article.

To learn more about this type of toy hauler, just continue to read our article. It should have all the information you will need to find a toy hauler with a garage in the size you need. We will not promise any positive results though.

Toy Hauler With a 22-Foot Garage


The longest toy hauler with the biggest garage that we have found so far is the Momentum 30G by Grand Design. Its garage reaches 20 feet 7 inches but that is by removing most of the living space in front of the 13-foot traditional garage.

When that living space is removed, you get an additional 7 feet 4 inches of length to add to the existing garage. The drawback, however, is that the width of the garage narrows during that final 7+ feet. The original garage measures 6 feet 7 inches wide and the addition measures 6 1/4 feet wide.

You will have to make sure you take an accurate measurement of your toys to make everything fit in that smaller space. We checked RPM Sundowner, a maker of toy haulers with different floor plans to choose from.

The largest that we saw according to their floor plan drawings was 16 feet. They may be able to add to that length if they revise the living area but you would have to talk to them.

Their trailer widths range from 6 feet 9 inches to 8 feet 6 inches and the inside height of their trailers range between 7 and 9 feet. There is the Showhauler company that makes some nice toy haulers.

However, their largest garage measures only 18 feet 6 inches. Finally, the Vengeance Rogue Armored 383 garage only reaches 15 feet 6 inches. If you really need a 22-foot garage, we suggest talking to one of the many custom trailer builders in the nation.

They should be able to accommodate your request but do not be surprised by the cost when you talk to them

Toy Hauler With a 24-Foot Garage

We searched the tri-axle toy hauler as they usually have larger garages. But those models do not get to 20 feet or barely get to 20 feet. You probably will not find any with a 24-foot garage.

When you think about it, asking for a 22 or 24-foot garage is asking to have at least half of your trailer taken up by the garage. Not many people have a need for that size of parking space.

You can try searching for ‘open floor plan’ toy haulers or trailers but nothing came up in our searches when we used that search term. You can try other options. One would be an office trailer.

The largest one we saw was 20 feet long inside and it came with a garage-style rear door. Others have suggested looking at racing trailers as those are made to haul long toys. But their living space is very small. That is if they have any living space at all.

We checked one company and they made just trailers with no living space. Just a cargo area where you can store extra parts. It would be nice to have these extra-long garages in a toy hauler but they are not practical and are only needed by a very small segment of the RV community

Who Makes Toy Haulers?


One of the best ways to find a toy hauler with an extra-long garage would be to go to those companies that already make this type of trailer. This list is made up of mostly Traditional RV makers that you probably already know.

If they do not build one with a garage that is 22 or 24 feet in length, they may have heard of a custom company that does.

1. Forest River

2. Winnebago

3. Keystone RV

4. Jayco

5. Thor

6. Grand Design

7. DRV- they specialize in full-time living RVs and toy haulers.

8. Dutchman

9. Heartland

10. Crossroads

We listed a couple of custom companies earlier, so finding someone who does make a toy hauler with a garage that large may not be impossible. It may simply be difficult.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list.

To Buy Used Or New?

This is a good question. Buying new is a good choice as you get everything inside untouched and unused. Everything is ready for you and if built right, in top shape.

But the cost of a new toy hauler is often outside of many people’s budget. For example, while some smaller toy haulers can cost as low as $20,000, most do not. Their top price is around $200,000 with the average at $90,000.

This purchase can be a budget breaker if one is not careful and does not go for all the bells and whistles that can be included. When you compare the average price of a toy hauler with a new 5th wheel average price, $75,000, and a new travel trailer's average price, of $29,000, you can see that reaching for a new toy hauler may not be practical or even reasonable.

But if you buy used, you do get the advantage of the 20 to 30% depreciation that has taken place once the new owner has towed his new toy hauler off the lot. What that means is that if you buy a 1 to 3-year-old toy hauler, you are getting a nice price discount.

Then if you shop around, you can find some in very good shape at even lower prices. The only drawback to buying used is that you may be inheriting someone else’s problems.

What To Look For In a Used Toy Hauler


When you go this route, there are some things to look for to help you find the right model for you.

1. Brand name- the best toy haulers are not always made by the most famous RV brands. Those can be good but often a custom-made one is built better. Don’t count the famous brands out as they have decades of experience so pick a brand you like and start there.

2. Time of year- There are good times to buy and bad times to look for any type of RV including a toy hauler. The off-season is the best time as prices are generally lower at that time.

The demand is down. But if you wait till the warmer months come around, then the demand goes up as do the prices. Pick the colder months or the end of the season to start your search.

3. Size- toy haulers are generally trailers and that means you have to tow them where you are going. If you are not comfortable with towing a large trailer, then look for something under 25 or even 22 feet long.

It does take nerve to tow those larger 30 to 45-foot toy haulers and if you are not up to it, go smaller.

4. Amenities- pre-owned toy haulers will only have the features the original owner wanted. Make sure you can live with those features before buying. The toy hauler may be missing an item you can’t live without.

If you need a second bathroom because you entertain a lot, make sure one is already installed.

5. Garage size- know how much space you will need before you go shopping. Remember that, the longer the garage, the shorter the living space. You will need to make sure you can live in that smaller space without getting on each other’s nerves.

6. Condition- Unless you are in the market for a fixer-upper, avoid any toy hauler that needs a lot of repairs and renovation. Those efforts can cost a lot of money.

Check everything out, from the water pump to the batteries and so on. Make sure the toy hauler is in top condition before you agree to buy.

Also, there may be some motivated sellers out there. If you can come across one, the price may sound too good to be true but check it out anyways. You never know when you will come across a legitimate to good to be true sale.

Just go in with both eyes open and watch for any red flags. If you see one or more, leave. Also, the location of the toy hauler for sale will play a role in the price. Watch out for the more expensive regions of the country.

You will pay more for the trailer being sold in California or New York than you would pay for the same trailer in Montana or South Dakota.

Toy Hauler Storage Costs

Not everyone has room to place their new to them toy hauler on their property. Or they may live in an HOA and are not allowed to place their trailer next to their garage.

Those situations dictate that you need to find a good and secure RV storage facility. Those places, if you do not have relatives with large properties, can be expensive.

To get an exact price for your model of toy hauler, you need to contact the storage facilities directly. Some do not advertise their fees and what you pay will probably depend on the size of the trailer.

Each facility will have its own pricing guide so it is best to talk to the one in your area, to see if this is a feasible option or not. This fee is something you need to investigate before you buy. It is an added and known expense and you need to make sure you have the budget for it.

Toy Hauler Insurance


This will just give you a rough idea of what it will cost to insure your new to you, toy hauler.

1. Criteria for the cost of insuring a toy hauler:

- The toy hauler’s make and model

- The trailer’s dimensions

- The trailer’s age and condition

- The deductible you select

- The insurance coverage options available to you

Some insurers may go as low as $48 but they can also go as high as $500 per year. The rule of thumb to guide you is to calculate $6 for every $1000 of trailer value to get to a ballpark figure. Each insurance company will be different.

2. What does the insurance cover:

- Replacement of total loss

- Replacement cost for your personal belongings

- Coverage for liability

- Coverage for emergencies and breakdowns

- Windshield deductible exception

- Medical expenses for recreational vehicles

These are here just to give you an idea of what is covered. Your insurance agent will be able to give you specific details of what is or isn’t covered. He or she will also tell you how much deductible you will have to pay and so on.

Make sure to get all the coverage you need, including protecting personal items inside the toy hauler.

Some Final Words

If there is a 22 or 24-foot toy hauler garage out there somewhere, it is not well known. Talk to a custom builder if you really need a garage that size. Or adapt your plans to the best size you can get.

Larger is not always going to be better as you will lose living space the longer you go. Think about if you really need a 22-foot garage or not. It may be almost impossible to find.

But give it a good search anyways as you may find one that we could not.

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