Dog Crate In Back Of Truck: Can a Dog Ride In The Back?

Most dog owners are forever grateful for the benefits their dog or dogs bring to their lives. It is no wonder many truck owners want to bring their pets with them on vacation. But where to put their dog is an important question especially when there is little room n the truck cab.

Know the laws of the states you are driving through. Many states have made it illegal for unsecured dogs to travel in the back of a truck. If your dog is properly secured, it is okay for them to ride in the back but that properly secured is more than just attaching the leash to a line.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It does the research for you so you have the best answers on this topic. Take a few minutes to see how safely securing your pet in the back of your truck keeps it alive longer.

Can a Dog Ride In The Back Of a Truck?


Yes and no. There needs to be some qualifying statements made to get a clear picture of this situation. First, some states have not made it illegal for unsecured dogs to ride in the back of a pickup truck.

If you train your dog to stay while moving, your pet should be fine in those states. But cross the border into a state that has made it illegal to do this, and you could be facing a fine or worse.

Not all states allow for dogs to ride unsecured in a back of a pickup truck. But all states will be fine if you secure your pet properly. One of the reasons for these laws is that there seem to be over 100,000 dog deaths due to truck accidents when they are not secured.

That is a statistic no one wants to see grow. If you weren’t aware of it, some states also make it illegal for you to have your smaller dog in your lap as you are driving.

The best thing to do would be to check with the laws of your state and the states you will be driving through. We doubt this will be a case where if it is legal in your home state it is legal in those states where it is not allowed.

Your dog is a treasured family member so take the right precautions and keep your pet nice and safe.

Can You Put a Dog In a Crate In The Back Of a Truck?

People do weird things. Some dog owners have been known to put their dogs on the roof of their vehicles, in the trunk, and in other locations, they would never place a child or themselves. Don’t be like them.

It is perfectly okay to put your dog in a crate in the back of your truck. The only caveat here would be the type of crate you use. If you are like those weird people just mentioned you may be tempted to use a wire crate.

That is probably the worst option as the wire crate does not protect your pet from dirt, debris, weather, or even an accident. They are just too weak and too porous to do any good.

The best crate to use would be an aluminum dog box. These are strong, can be locked, are well-ventilated, and protect your pet from both the weather and accidents.

The second best option would be an airline dog crate. While not as strong as an aluminum model, this option does much the same thing. Of course, you may want a crate cover to help keep your pet warm as you drive. Just do not cut off its ventilation.

But if you are like most people, putting your dog next to you in your truck’s cab is the ideal spot for transporting your pet. It is just the better way to look after and transport your pet.

Dog In The Back Of a Truck In a Crate


If you have no other option, this is the best way to keep your dog safe. Of course, there will be those accidents where nothing is safe no matter what you do. You just have to trust your driving ability to make sure both you and your dog arrive at your destination safely.

The thing you should not do, even though it is faster or more convenient, is to tie your dog’s leash to a rope strung across the truck bed. There are just too many risks and issues with this method and your dog is not going to be safer.

It just won’t be able to jump out at the wrong moment. One owner stated that he treats his dog as a member of the family and he would not put his family members in a crate in the back of a pickup truck. So he would not do it to his dog.

Instead, he buys vehicles that allow for all family members including his dog to ride in the cab of the vehicle. Others have said it is okay to place your dog in a crate and put the crate in the travel trailer.

That option may be a bit safer than the back of a pickup truck but not all pet owners agree with that move either. Then some owners use a collapsible crate. These are fine for the most part except they may not be strong enough to protect your dog in the case of an accident.

Dog Crate For The Backseat Of The Truck

There are a variety of crates you can look into and see if they will fit your traveling needs. Here are 6 options to consider:

1. Midwest Side-by-Side SUV Crate- Fits in the back of an SUV or the back seat of your truck. The coated metal is safe for your pet and allows for plenty of airflow. It also protects the metal from rust.

For greater safety, the doors can be locked. The size you get will depend on the size of your pet.

2. Gunner Kennels G1 Dog Crate- this option is probably the one you are most used to seeing. It is made with a hard plastic shell with a metal-coated front door that can be locked.

These crates are very strong and give 260-degree protection without cutting off any airflow or fields of vision for your pet.

3. Lucky Duck – Lucky Kennel- this is another plastic dog crate made for the back seat. It provides a nice comfortable place for your pet to rest as you drive. It keeps your dog nice and secure and prevents them from rolling off the back seat when you brake sharply.

The plastic door is reversible so you can open it in the direction that is most convenient for you.

4. One for Pets 2-in-1 Pet Kennel- this is a fabric dog crate that may take up your complete back seat. Whether you have one or two dogs, this crate allows your pet to be able to move freely without losing any security.

If your dogs are not that friendly, a removable divider helps keep both pets separated until they get home.

5. A4Pet Pet Car Travel Crate- another fabric dog crate hat should be comfortable for your pet as long as you buy it in the right size. It fits in the back seat.

The top can be strapped in so the crate does not move at any time. An interior leash holds your dog where you want him or her to be.

6. Swihelp Dog Car Seat Crate- this is an open top dog crate that allows your dog the freedom to sit and take in the sites. It straps to the rear seat making the crate immobile.

Your dog is safe and comfortable in this padded dog crate. Before you purchase any of these crates, make sure you crate train your pet. That will ensure a distraction-free drive and keep everyone nice and safe.

How To Secure Dogs In a Truck Bed


One method not mentioned so far is a dog box canopy. If you have not seen this option before, it is a very expensive method to secure your dog in the back of your truck bed.

These are very heavy-duty but large boxes that fit inside any truck bed. They are well-ventilated by they look like a contraption where you would be transporting Hannibal Lector and not a dog.

If padded correctly, your dog should be comfortable and well-protected in case of an accident. Your dog should not be stolen from one of these canopies either.

A last resort would be to tether your dog to the truck bed. But this should be done with your dog wearing a harness and not a collar. Using a harness prevents your dog from accidentally choking.

But you have to be careful about tethering as it is the least safe method you can use next to letting your dog roam free in the back of the truck. If you go this route, you should use 2 tethers to make sure your dog is secured from both sides of the truck bed.

The place you have to really watch where and how you secure your pet in the back of your truck is California. There are some horror stories where the SPCA in that state has stolen dogs from the back of a truck because they think you did not secure your pet very well.

How Do You Keep a Dog Warm In The Back Of The Truck?

It is impossible to do if you are going to let your dog roam free or be tethered in some way. The wind will just whip over their bodies and keep your pet too cool. Plus, they will not have any rain or snow protection either.

The best way to keep your dog warm in the back of your pickup truck is to use a crate and make sure it is well-insulated and padded. The least you will want is a blanket on the floor of the crate.

However, you need to be careful when weatherproofing the crate so that you do not cut off any ventilation your dog needs. But keeping your dog warm is not going to be as difficult as keeping your pet cool on a very hot day. Overheating is as much of a threat to your pet as letting them get too cold.

You need to make sure your pet remains well-ventilated and cool without letting them get too cold. At least one owner found this out when they moved from the Midwest to Florida one year.

It is easier to keep your dog warm in cold weather than it is to keep them from heat stroke under the hot sun which can have devastating effects within 10 to 20 minutes.

Look for ways to keep your dog nice and cool first, then worry about if it is going to be too cold or not.

Watch Out For Smart Dogs


There are those dog breeds that are very intelligent or they just do not like to be locked up. These dogs have been known to be very persistent in their attempts to escape their crates or tethers.

When you crate your dog in the back of your truck or use a tether make sure that the locks and knots you use are dog-proof. Your dog has nothing but time to work on both and if they are determined, they will find a way to get loose.

Some Additional Words

3 things to watch out for when you travel with your dog in the back of your pickup truck. One will be the local laws. The other two will be the SPCA and PETA.

These are rabid members of society that have no respect for the property of others. Many dog owners have suffered financial and dog loss because of their illegal actions.

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