How To Fix a Sleep Number Bed Deflating On One Side (Guide)

It is easy to spring a leak. There are so many places where even a pin prick can cause a loss of air. These sources can be very hard to find. But when you do find them, a quick fix may be all that you will need.

One source will be the hose connection. If you do not tighten it all the way then air will leak out very quickly. Just wiggle the hose and if it moves a lot then you need to tighten it up. That simple fix may solve the problem.

To learn more about how to fix different leaks, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible to solve your leak issue. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you sleep better.

Why Does One Side Of My Sleep Number Deflate?


There are several sources for this problem. The first will be your standard run-of-the-mill leak that happens to all air-inflated items. The way to fix this is to inflate the chamber to 15 points higher than normal.

You should be able to hear the air leak out. Once you find it you can patch it. Another source would be the hose connection. If the hose is loose, tighten it up and then sleep on the mattress for one night. If the air remains inside, you have fixed the leak.

If it doesn’t then you should contact the company for further instructions. The third source will be the firmness control center. If the leak is there, you have to pull the hoses off the inlet valve and cap the valve off.

The caps come with your bed and should be stored somewhere inside it. Just be quick so you do not lose too much air. The final source will be internal. The bed chamber may be damaged in some way that allows the air to leak out.

When it is the source, you have to contact your local Sleep Number store and talk to them. Special tools and parts are needed to make the repair.

Sleep Number Bed Deflating On One Side

One more possible source would be the air pump. If the hose has become disconnected from the pump, that hose will provide an avenue for the air to escape.

What you need to do in this case is to check the hose to make sure it is secured tightly to both the bed and the pump. If it isn’t, then you just secure it in place and test it out. If the bed stays inflated on the flat side then you solved the problem.

Sometimes, there may be a little piece inside the bed or system that comes loose. It is a small piece and it can get lost very easily when it is loose. The way to find and fix this problem would be to take the bed apart and then shake the bed till that little piece appears.

After that, you simply put everything back together with the little piece in its place and the problem should be solved. That is the experience of one owner but she did not identify the little part that had come loose.

How do You Fix a Sleep Number Bed That Loses Air?


The first step is to look for those little air leaks, like pinpricks, or other holes. If they are there and you find them all. Just patch them up using the correct patch and glue for the material on the bed chamber.

If that is not the problem, you can go to the troubleshooting web page on the Sleep Number website and follow their instructions. The company has placed videos on these web pages to help you solve your leak problem.

The third way is to get help from someone who is a good handyman and knows how to work on these types of devices. Or you can contact the store and they may only turn you over to the customer service department which takes you through the videos.

But before you contact anyone else, follow the steps we have already provided in the previous sections. Except for interior leaks, most leaks are easy to fix once you find them.

The fix will depend on which part is failing on you. If it is a hose, pump, or control center, tighten the hoses first to see if that stopped the problem.

Sleep Number Bed Won't Inflate On One Side


According to the company, this situation’s source is usually the air tubes. They can be loose or they may have a crack or been damaged in some way. While you can tighten the air tubes if they are loose, you will have to replace them if they are damaged in some way.

If it isn’t the tubes, then it is possible the remote is bad. For some reason, the pump and the remote lost connection and you would have to re-connect the two. The batteries may have lost power and if not then you would have to get a new remote.

Next, you can check your Bluetooth connection. You can reset it if it is off by turning the Bluetooth off and then on again. Finally, check the pump to see if that has failed in some way. If it has, you will probably need to get a new pump.

Some Additional Words

Sleeping with a partner is never easy. Not every couple shares the same preferences and regular mattresses won’t work. Sleep Number comes to the rescue with its twin bed chambers.

This company has designed a product that helps both parties sleep better. Unfortunately, the above problems can put a kink in those plans and you will have to do some troubleshooting.

The fixes are simple and you just need to know where to look to solve the problem.

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