Finding an RV Stove Cover (Jayco, Atwood, Dometic, Homemade)

You will find, if you do your own search, an endless supply of stove covers for RVs. They come in different shapes and different ways to cover your burners. The hardest part of this project is deciding which one to buy. They all look good.

Getting a stove top cover for your RV stove is not going to be hard. Amazon alone has more than enough of a selection to help you out. That selection comes from different brands, so you can find a brand you like and avoid the ones you don’t.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can buy the right cover for your specific RV or trailer. Many come with cutting boards so you can prepare your meals easier.

DIY RV Stove Cover Ideas


There are plenty of construction materials you can use. Some of the best ones would be metal as they are tough and can protect those burners while doubling as extra counter space.

Other materials you can use would be bamboo, plywood, vinyl, plastic, and so on. You are not going to be short any top construction materials that are tough. The key to your design will be the shape of your RV stove.

Some are 2 burners while others are 4 burners. Take some good measurements, then pick the material you like the best. The design is unlimited and you can be creative as well as innovative as long as the cover fits the stove and can be secured in place.

Decorating those covers is as unlimited as the designs can be. You won’t run out of ideas when you make your own covers. Just make sure not to damage the burners with your design.

RV Stove Cover Cutting Board

If you are going to buy a commercially made stove top cover, then you are going to find that you have a myriad of options especially when you want a cutting board included.

Some of these boards come with adjustable feet so you can protect those burners all the time. They will fit different RVs or trailers with ease. These covers are made from bamboo, wood, or heat-resistant glass. The one you get will depend on your preference and how it will look inside your RV or trailer.

Then there are those covers made from rubber that should double as a cutting board. The rubber protects against cuts, scrapes, scratches, and grime. When not in use, it can be rolled up and put away. Or you can hang it on the wall.

If you have a gas stove in your RV, etc., then you will have to wait till the burner cools before covering it with your cutting board cover.

Finding RV Stove Glass Cover Replacement


Not going to be a problem here. As we mentioned, Amazon has far too many options that may stop you from looking elsewhere. Their prices are very reasonable and a lot cheaper than Camping World.

Camping world has a limited selection of stove covers and most of them are either made by Camco or are a generic brand. Their prices may not be so reasonable but there is a good enough selection if you like shopping at that location.

You can check the different brands that make RV appliances and parts or accessories. They will have a good supply of stove top covers as they are easy o design and make.

If you need a specific type of stove cover, then make sure to have the part number ready. You will need it when you shop at the different RV parts outlets.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from replacing the branded stove cover with your own design or a generic model you bought at Amazon, etc.

Jayco Stove Cover

Jayco RV Parts is one location to go to if you want the same type of stove cover for your Jayco RV or trailer. You would just have to input the model number to get the exact same one if it is still being made today.

That is going to be a problem for those people who own an older model. The stove cover may not be in stock anymore. But it is okay to not buy a specific Jayco stove cover.

Some owners went to Camco and found the one that suited their needs the best. This company makes a universal stove cover so you should be able to fit your stove no matter which Jayco RV you own.

Grand Design RV Stove Cover

download (15)

This company has a web page called the parts locator or parts look up and you should be able to use it to find the exact match for your Grand Design RV, etc. All you will need will be the brand and model name as well as the floor plan you own.

It is a little time-consuming to use this web page as you have to fill in different categories to get to the area you need. Then you have to search through the long list of parts that show up till you get to your model and model number.

It may be faster to go through the dealer or an approved parts store to get an exact match. If you are not picky about the stove cover, we suggest that you look at some of the universal designs made by other companies to see if they will work for you.

Atwood RV Stove Cover

You can find some of these still on the market. Amazon has 2 models to choose from. There are different outlets that also carry this brand. The selection may not be that great since Dometic bought the company several years ago.

But you may still find some to replace the one that broke if you own an older RV or trailer. You can also try RV Parts Country or some Marine parts and accessories stores to find the Atwood brand.

There are not as many results for this brand so you may have to do some searching to find the right part. Always have the model number and your unit’s model number handy to make sure you can find the part fast enough.

It may be a more successful search if you went to Dometic’s website and tried them. There may be a compatible option under the Dometic name.

Camco RV stove cover

images (5)

This brand’s stove covers seem to be everywhere. They are almost exclusive at Camping World and they are in large supply at Amazon. The Camco website does have a link to its many different catalogs including an RV accessory catalog.

The problem comes in when you use the term ‘cover’ in your search. This is not specific to Camco’s website. When you use the word cover, you may end up with results for those vinyl covers that protect the entire RV from the elements.

The company has several catalogs to go through so you may find this product in a different one. It wasn’t listed in the RV Accessory catalog. The best bet would be to buy the Camco stove cover where it is on sale in a brick and mortar store or an online marketplace, like Amazon.

Dometic RV Stove Cover

The online store for this company had one stove cover you could buy. It was listed under accessories in the RV Kitchen section. However, you could buy several stove tops with covers if you need to replace your current model. Those were located in the cook top section.

Your search for this brand is going to be easier than it is for Atwood. Many stores carry different models and you will need your model number to match up with what they are selling.

Camping World seems to have only one but they may have more and Amazon sells one as well. These are the glass type so it may be best to go with a generic brand to get the cutting board feature.

The price of these covers will range depending on where you are shopping. There are some nice outlets that have them reasonably priced. You may be lucky to find one on sale that fits your specific stove top.

If you are not picky about the brand, you should find some good no-name or unknown brands that will work just as well.

Furrion RV Stove Cover

If you have the time, you can go to Furrion Global’s website and search their spare parts web pages. There are a lot of parts listed and it may take time to find the stove cover for your Furrion stove.

There is one model at e-Trailer. It comes complete with a stainless steel stove top and it is a bifold glass design. There are some owners who do not even search for one of these. They go to alternatives from other brands to protect their stoves including the raised ones.

One place we have not mentioned is e-Bay. You may be able to find a good selection on that marketplace.

Suburban RV Stove Glass Cover Parts

This company seems to be the best of all the brands. They have an online store and a parts page that holds several different models of stove covers. These models come in different designs so you can get the one that is most comfortable for you to use.

Amazon is another good place to look as well. Then there is an outlet called Suburban RV Parts that may have individual parts to replace any you have broken on your stove cover.

Suburban uses three suppliers for their parts so make sure you know the part number to get the right replacement. Don’t forget, you can always talk to your local RV dealers to see where you can find Suburban stove covers.

Magic Chef RV Stove Cover

download (14)

The best marketplace to search will be e-Bay in this case. There are not a lot of websites for RV parts and accessories that seem to carry this brand. One place that does is called Parts Select and you will need your model or parts number to find your replacement.

Another place to try will be Repair Clinic as they also sell quite a few accessories for Magic Chef stoves. They have covers but so far the images are missing.

Other places to look will be Whirlpool’s website as well as They have advertised that they handle spare parts for the Magic Chef brand.

This will be as tough a search as it is for Furrion and Atwood stove covers.

How To Remove RV Stove Cover

The ones that do not attach directly to your stove are easy to remove. Just pick them up and move them to another spot. These items are only used when you are parked and can easily hang on a wall when not in use.

The glass type will be a little more difficult to remove as they have a hinge attachment. You will probably have to remove the pin in the hinge or use a screwdriver to remove the hinge from the stove or the cover.

It will depend on how the cover is fastened to the stove top. Most of the metal and glass options have a hinge system and all you will need will be a screwdriver to remove them.

Some Final Words

You can buy brand-specific stove covers but that may be a bit more expensive than buying an after-market option. The after-market models are more prolific than the brand models and they can save you time and money.

In some cases, these covers may be available through the dealers only. It is hard to but due to the lack of options in the usual outlets, this may very well be the case.

Look around as the generic options give you a better look and probably a sturdier product to use.

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